Sunday, April 13, 2008

High School Tease

High School tease was written after "Amber" and was written from may-november and contributed as ten consecutive posts. High School tease is significantly different from "Amber" in that it had a longer and more complex story with women who had more distinct personalities. With High School Tease I attempted to give the protagonist a more humorous and relatable role. One thing that I liked about the story is his relationship with Melissa, his best friend. Their relationship puts a twist on the very common dominant woman/submissive man we see so often in many stories. And of course, Kelly and Emily fulfill that role appropriately.

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High School Tease by begger
Chapter 1

The teacher went on and on about physics. Sure, I should have been paying attention but let me ask you something. What would matter more to you in the last period of the day, the horizontal velocity of a projectile…or the stunning goddess in a miniskirt sitting only a few seats in front of you?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I noticed her the first day of school and had been admiring her ever since. She was amazing, stunning, beautiful. All those adjectives everyone’s heard before and more. She was wearing a tight, low-cut, white tank top with only a black bra under it. What else could I do but stare? The fact that her black skirt was high on her legs and that was an understatement even when she was standing up. Everything she did made my mouth water with lust. The way she twirled her pencil in her fingers, the way she chewed her watermelon gum in her mouth, the way she crossed and re-crossed her legs, the way she took off her shirt in the middle of class. Fine…that last one never really happened, or at least not anywhere but my mind!

I watched as she wrote down notes from the board. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her! This never happens to me. Well ok, not usually. At least not this far into the school year.

The girl next to me was one of my long-time friends. I had known her since freshmen year, 4 years ago. We hit it off right away but never went further than a hug. I don’t know what it was about us, we just never took it any further.

Not to say I wouldn’t want to. She was attractive.

What? Did you want me to use more explanation? Oh, ok.

Gorgeous, breath-taking, good-looking…what else? You get the point.

The fact is after four years I didn’t look at her in the way I looked at the goddess in front of me. But I suppose the term ‘goddess’ is only relative. Back in freshman year, I would have told you the same thing about the girl next to me that I had just told you about the girl a few seats in front of me. But after four years…you get used to it.

No, that doesn’t mean I don’t sneak a look at her cleavage every chance I get. In fact, I take every opportunity I can and I think she full well knows it. I glanced over in between the stares I gave the girl in front of me. The girl next to me was wearing a tight pink shirt which was where my eyes were right now. Her large, firm breasts were what made her popular with the boys and not to mention the subject of many of my ‘late-night dreams’ if you know what I mean. Her tight short shorts went well with her top and rode up her leg.

It’s hard to tell with her though. Even if I were lifting her skirt up I don’t think her demeanor would change. That of course didn’t stop her from commenting when I looked at others.

“Ugh, boys.” She whispered under her breath. She had been watching me every day for the past month that I had been looking at this beauty in front of me.

“What?” I asked innocently. “I was paying attention.”

“Yeah just not to what the rest of the class was.” She said with a crooked eyebrow.

Did I forget something? I did. The girl next to me was Melissa. She was my ticket to Kelly Gaden, the girl a few seats in front of me. They knew each other, or at least that’s what Melissa told me.

“No comeon, I just glanced over.” I pleaded my case, hoping to recover some respect. Not likely.

She looked over to my lap and then back up to me in sort of a “what about that?” look.

My cheeks turned red. I had grown an excessive boner since I had first sat down in the beginning of the period and it was quite obvious. There was nothing I could say to her, she had me pinned. The only thing I could do was that shuffle all guys do to make the lump just a little less obvious.

“Why don’t you just ask her out?” She whispered to me. She had been asking the same question for a month now. I had sent Melissa to find out everything she could about her. She was smart, good personality and best of all, she was single.

“I…don’t know.” That had been my response for the past month as well.

I didn’t have to look at her to tell Melissa was rolling her eyes. What? How could I just go up to her and ask her out. Kelly didn’t even know me.

The bell rang and everyone stood up, grabbing their books. The teacher wished us good day.

“Ok, ok I’ll ask her out.” I said. And no, I had no idea what I was saying either.

She crooked an eyebrow, an expression I was well familiar with. “Right.” She responded sarcastically. It wasn’t the first time I had ‘promised’ to confront my fear.

“No, really I will.” I said quickly. I needed to learn when to shut up, there was no way I could go through with this.

“Go ahead then, just make sure to keep your hands in your pockets.” She said with a giggle at both my predicament and my red cheeks.

Whether or not she was joking, it was good advice. I put my hands into my pockets much to Melissa’s humor and walked over to Kelly. She had just said goodbye to her friends and was getting ready to leave.

“Um…Kelly?” I said, cracking my voice several times. I think I heard Melissa laugh.

“Yeah?” Kelly said turning around.

“I…uh…was wondering” This was going great, I thought to myself, she probably thought I was an idiot.

“What is it Jeff?” How did she know my name? Who cares, she knew my name!

“I was wondering if you’d like to do something with me…some time” I said cringing inside at my word choice.

A small smile appeared on her face “Sure, what did you have in mind?” She said yes? I wasn’t prepared for this. Think…fast. Not one of my specialties.

I mumbled something about a weekend or something. Fortunately she saw my weakness and swooped in with a saving response. “What are you doing after school?”

I didn’t have to think. “Nothing!” I squeaked. How could anything be more important?

“Sounds good, Jeff. I’ll meet you in the commons, I just need to get some stuff out of my locker.

Fine, yes, good, great. All of those I wanted to say but all I could think of was an awkward noise. Something like “uhh-hhuuu.”

She smiled with repressed laughter “See ya there.” She said with a seductive wink.

I stood there stunned for the next millennium. Well, until Melissa came over.

“Well congrats, Jeff, you accomplished a simple task.” She said smartly.

“Yeah, yeah.” I said. I was proud of what I had done. Even if it was simple.

Melissa and I walked to our lockers and I hurried to the commons. Kelly was leaning against a table with her backpack at her feet. I walked up to her in a daze as we both greeted each other.

“Did you have anything in mind?” She asked me. Other than passing out?

“Not really…” I said, trailing off trying to look deep in thought. What’s a good first date activity? You’d think I would have thought this through a little bit more. Dinner…downtown…movie, yes movie! That’s good, not much pressure, little opportunities to make a complete fool of myself.

“How about a movie?” I asked, surprised at my confidence in the question.

She smiled, good, I thought to myself. “That sounds cool.” Great! I said to myself. Small talk followed but I couldn’t tell you what it was about. We walked out towards my car, got in and headed away from school.

Ok, let’s get one thing straight. When I said movie, I meant theater, dark, quiet and not too much contact. Not that I didn’t want to be with her but anything more than a theater would be way too much for me.

So when Kelly pointed at the nearest video store, my mind immediately responded with “No way, absolutely not!” But what came out of my mouth was a nervous “…ok.”

Picking out a movie was tough. What kind of movie did girls like? Probably the ones I wouldn’t have given a second thought to. Good plan, I thought to myself. I picked a movie up, an obvious chick flick. Try to impress her with your sensitive side, that sounded like a good idea.

“You don’t really want to see that.” She said over my shoulder.

What was I supposed to say? “Yeah it might be all right.” I muttered. She took it from my hands and put it back on the shelf. In doing so, I could feel the distinct feeling of a woman’s form on my right side as she moved against me. I almost shuttered at the feeling. Her hand was placed across my back on my left shoulder as she nudged closer to me. I almost passed out there.

“How ‘bout this one?” She asked, referring to the movie in front of me. I expected to see another chick flick, you know the type, the ones girls claim not to be chick flick but guys know they are?

Well it was just the opposite. In fact it was the last movie I’d expect her to pick out. It was a movie that depicted a love triangle between two under-dressed women and one man. I read on. Lots of sex, nudity and adult situations, my kind of movie. But how could I watch it with her? So now what? I had to think of something clever to say such as ‘I like the movie and the concept of sex doesn’t bother me.’ But what did I say? “…uhhhh, sure.” Smooooth, I thought to myself. She laughed and took my hand to the counter.

We checked it out, and got into the car. She detected my uncertainty.

“How about your place?” She asked.

“Yeah sure.” I said, a little less awkwardly.

I drove home. My parents weren’t expected to be home for awhile, until around 11:00pm. I hurried to get the movie in right away. The less time we spent talking, the less time I had to make a fool of myself.

We both sat on the couch. She sat down first and once again a seemingly easy decision became impossible. I had to guess at the distance I should sit from her. Too far and I would seem like I wasn’t confident, too close and, well that could be disastrous. I sat what I felt was a happy middle.

Apparently she disagreed. She scooted closer to me, so close I could feel her entire right side against my left. The movie started up. We were silent for the first 30 minutes of it. That’s when it started to heat up. Hot girls taking their clothes off plus a teenage boy can only mean one thing. A very squirmy teenage boy with a growing issue in his pants.

After a good 5 minutes of the two actors doing what they do best, my erection was difficult not to notice. I couldn’t very well stand up, readjust myself and sit back down. She seemed to snuggle herself closer to me as I got harder, which wasn’t making the situation at all easier. She leaned in a way where I could feel her right breast against my ribs. It felt amazing, so firm and yet soft all at the same time. I could feel my cock get rock-hard and I think she knew it.

The movie was at the part where the two actors were in the moment of passion. At each thrust of the actors, I felt Kelly breathe in and out. She was really getting into this, really getting into this. Her rising and falling chest meant her breasts were pressing into me. I was getting incredibly horny. My breath grew sharp and raspy. I felt my throat closing on me I was so nervous. I had never even made out with a girl before. Maybe a kiss goodbye here and there but that was it. Now I was closer to a girl than I had ever been.

The actors had finished and the scene changed to the morning after.

“That was great.” I heard whispered into my ear. It was so quiet and sensual I thought I had imagined it. My mouth was wide open.

“I’d ask you what you thought but…” She placed her right hand on top of the lump on my pants. The stimulation made my body tremor. “…I think this speaks for itself.” She finished with a giggle.

I gave a quiet moan as her fingers slowly, very slowly moved across my crotch. Her hands moved to a full-palmed massage. It felt amazing!

“Getting a little tight?” She asked as I felt her warm breath on my ear.

“…Wh—what?” I mumbled, dazed.

“Your shorts, getting tight?” She said, emphasizing ‘tight.’ I didn’t have time to make another mumbled statement. “Why don’t you just…” She trailed off, undoing the button.

Our eyes met. Her brown eyes melted my own. She bit her lip as we leaned in for a kiss. Our hands caressed each other all over. I took her waist and continued. I was making out with a girl! I yelled to myself. I never thought it would be this great, especially with such a bombshell.

She pulled herself away and looked at my wryly. Taking my wrists she pressed my hands against her breasts. My heart skipped a beat. Well, several beats. To be honest I had no idea how long it was until my heart restarted or my breath continued.

She guided my hands to a fondling motion, manhandling her own globes. My cock throbbed and twitched. If I had moved myself only a little bit I’m sure I would have exploded.

“You stare at them everyday; you might as well touch them!” She said, taking me by complete surprise. She didn’t even know I existed! At least, that’s what I thought up untill now.

“You didn’t think I noticed? I love looking back at you, just to see you glance back down at your books, thinking I wouldn’t catch on.” She was laughing in a sexual way. “I wanted to see what you were all about…” She squeezed our hands onto her firm breasts making me cough out with pleasure. “And when you asked me out how could I resist?”

I was speechless. This was a girl I thought was way out of my league and what she was saying completely contradicted that.

“Hehe, you can take your hands off now.” She said, almost having to peel my hands off of her breasts.

The fact that my hands left her chest didn’t mean she was done seducing me. She placed her left hand on my right thigh and bent over in front of me. She smiled as she watched my eyes lower to her cleavage. Her black bra did an amazing job of pushing her breasts out. My cock throbbed and twitched in anticipation. Her eyes never left mine as her right hand moved over to unzip my shorts.

A slow metal on metal noise seemed to last forever as she dragged the zipper down. I let out several grunts as I felt her finger tips trace the shaft of my throbbing cock.

She slid the shorts off of my legs and onto the floor, her eyes finally left mine to gawk at my solid member through my boxers.

“You’ve developed quite the hardon.” She said looking me over. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, it’s been like that all afternoon.” She laughed and once again she was a lot more observant that I had thought.

“What’s this?” She asked with fake cluelessness. Her finger traced my shaft from my balls to my head across the fabric of my boxers. She stopped at the large wet spot at the top of my boxers. “Quite impressive Jeff, you must be really horny.” She said, tempting me. She took the top elastic band of the boxers and pulled it down slowly. Her eyes widened at my stiff cock, the head covered in shiny precum. Yeah I’ll admit it, her gawking raised my confidence a bit. I’m not one of those guys who likes to brag and boast about my size but I will say it’s large. Well, all depending if you call 8in large or not.

She tucked the elastic band behind my balls which produced a small ache and a drop of precum that added to the pool under the head of my cock.

Even though my cock was at the brink of explosion, her hand wrapping itself around the shaft of my cock hadn’t set me off, to I’m sure, both of our surprise.

I had realized the movie was still playing as I glanced over at the TV. It was at a part where the female actress was giving a rough handjob to the male actor.

“Mmmmm” Kelly began. “What a coincidence.” She said smirking.

No way. That was what I had been repeatedly saying to myself for the past few moments. I went from being the kid in senior year that hadn’t gone anywhere to getting a handjob from this goddess!

She was definitely taking her time. The tempo was the complete opposite of the movie as the female actress pumped at the over-sized cock like a wild-woman. Kelly however, much against my wishes, was giving me painfully slow strokes. Those slow, tormenting rubs that keep you on the edge and match the rate at which I was calming down.

I groaned out half in an aching pain and half in anticipated pleasure.

“Oooh look.” Kelly remarked, drawing my eyes away from her cleavage to the TV. The camera zoomed in on the actress’s naked breasts. Three quick strokes gave the man all he needed to shoot huge globs of white cum all over her breasts. They both moaned out in pleasure as the girl rubbed her cum-covered breasts together.

She gave me an upward stroke and my knees lifted to the air. I was right on the edge and I couldn’t wait for the pleasure to come!

A downward stroke and my knees shook in place in the air. My eyes shut as I waited for another stroke.

Another upward stoke. Precum leaked out of my cock and dripped, yes dripped, down to my stomach. I groaned out. “Ughhhhhh.” I let out waiting for that last stroke to set me off. My knees quivered, my body shook and I was breathing hard waiting for that incredible pleasure! She held my cock poised and leaned in with her lips. I felt them an inch away from mine and the warm air from her nose. I shut my eyes, waiting but nothing came.

“Not on a first date.” I heard. No that can’t be what she said.

She let my cock plop down with a splash in my precum. “Wha……what?” I pleaded.

“Not on a first date.” She repeated herself as if it was quite obvious.

“…Why?” I begged after a few moments had past.

“Did you really expect me to give you a handjob on our first date?” She asked appalled.

“well…no…it’s just that…”

“Just that what?”

“I was so close.” I said, trying to help my cause.

She looked at me with pitiful eyes. “Well I’m sorry if I mislead you but I just don’t understand why you wanted me to make you cum, we barely know each other.” I opened my mouth but she went on. “You don’t mind do you?”

Heck yeah I minded! My balls were killing me and precum was still making its way out of my cock. But what did I say?

“No I don’t mind.” I said with half as much confidence as I felt.

“Ok, so you’re not mad?” She asked seriously.

“No, I’m not mad.” I said, downtrodden.

“Great!” She gleamed. “It’s getting late though I should probably get home.”

“Sure” I responded dryly.

She stood up and grabbed her purse. The movie still played but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Well, aren’t you going to walk me out?” She asked.

“Oh, right.” I said. I stood and began to pull up my boxers. She walked over and took the elastic band to my knees, fully exposing me. My cock was only halfway stiff. I waddled over to the doorway with her and I knew she was repressing a smile. She put her back on the door and looked at me. My eyes were down her shirt. She took her index finger and pushed my chin up until our eyes met.

“Thanks for a fun night Jeff.” She said sweetly.

“Yeah, thanks…Kelly.” I blurted out.

She turned around to leave but hesitated at the door. “One more thing Jeff.” She said, turning to face me.

“Could you not um…um” She itched her ear nervously and smiled. “You know…” She rolled her eyes and looked into mine.

No she couldn’t mean…no she couldn’t.

“What?” I said stupidly.

“Comeon, don’t…you know.”

“You don’t mean.”

She nodded slowly but quickly added “Just for tonight?” As if that was any consolidation.

“Kelly, I can’t. There’s no way I can’t.” I said firmly.

“Please, for me?” She said charmingly.

I was willing to do a lot of things for her but this crossed the line. My balls were aching terribly and I had no idea how she expected me to “not do it.”

“I…I don’t know.”

“It’s just one night.” She said oversimplifying my predicament. “You‘re not telling me you can’t handle one night are you?”

“I don’t think I can handle…”

She cut me off “C’mon,” She started, fondling my groin, “You’re a big boy.” She said with a self-indulgent laugh.

“I guess…”

“Promise me.” She said sternly.


“Go ahead.” She said, cupping my balls. “Say it.” She was enjoying the control she had over me.

“I…promise.” There I had said it…what had I done?

“Promise what?”

“Promise…to not…”

“Jackoff.” She said as if she enjoyed the word.

“Jackoff” I repeated, embarrassed at this first grade lesson.

“Say the fullll thing now.” She said, emphasizing ‘full’ by giving my cock a full stroke.

“I promise not to…jackoff.” I blurted, in a daze.

She smiled. No, not smiled, grinned. She tasted the control she had and she loved it.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She said, giving me a kiss. And before she left, she took her hand to my cock to bring it to the edge one last time tonight and in her words,

“Something to remember me by.”
Chapter 2

I must have stood there staring at the closed door for the next 5 minutes. What had I gotten myself into? I asked myself, contemplating my predicament. I looked down at my aching cock; it stood straight up with a drop of precum at its head. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. Anything to stop myself from reaching down and bringing myself to orgasm right here and now.

I pulled the boxers up from my knees to my waist. Even the slightest feel of the band against my shaft made me shutter and reminded me just how close I was to explosion.

It was 10:30 and my parents would be home soon. I rushed over to the floor and grabbed my shorts, and put them on. I looked up at the TV screen. The movie was almost over. Apparently, the two women decided to share the man as they both were with him together in bed.

I had seen enough. I needed to keep my mind off of sex. Much easier said than done taken that my huge boner nagged me at every step.

Walking into the kitchen, I took an icepack from the fridge and brought it with me to my room. I stripped down to just my boxers and lay down in my bed, ready to go to sleep. Lifting the waistband of my boxers, I saw my cock red and throbbing and watched as a drop of precum leaked out of the head. I groaned out as I felt the ache coarse through my shaft and down to my balls. I took my scrotum in my left hand in pain. It didn’t help. I felt my balls ache even more so and nothing was going to help. I took the icepack in my other hand and gritted my teeth.

It was agonizingly cold. The bitter ice against my red-hot shaft was excruciating but I managed to calm myself down. My cock minimized in size and softened to its flaccid state. My breathing slowed as I felt myself go numb. I took the ice away and left in on the night-stand next to my bed. As the cold faded, my balls started to ache even greater than before its ache rose to my stomach. The scrotum was about twice its normal size and it felt like it was going to burst.

I lay my head down and shut my eyes. All I could think about was Kelly. I could already feel the blood returning to my flaccid shaft. This was going to be a long night.

Aside from the many times I woke up during the night with an un-controllable urge to relieve myself, I finally awoke to my alarm.

I looked down just as I had the entire night at the huge lump in the sheets. I was horny and the worst part was it would have been so easy to relieve the ache in my balls. Why had I agreed to this awful torment?

I stood up at the edge of my bed and walked to the bathroom. A cold shower was a necessity to keep my erection down. I shivered in the frigid water as it ran down my body and yet still, all I could think about was Kelly and her amazing cleavage in my face, her soft hands on my cock. All of these thoughts kept me stiff however, despite the cold water.

I dried myself off, giving up on the idea of calming myself down. I put on a tee-shirt, jean-shorts, socks and shoes and headed out the door to my car.

You’re probably asking yourself how I was supposed to go through school with sex on my mind and a raging boner in my pants? That’s funny because I was wondering the same thing.

I couldn’t tell you what happened in my first 4 periods. Literature, math, biology, gym were a blur, all I could focus on was the night before and how amazing it was.

All of the girls in the hallway were just walking breasts and ass. Either I was staring at the bouncing behind in front of me or a girl’s low-cut top to the left of me.

“Ugh, Jeff, stop it!” It was 5th period and I was sitting across from Melissa at lunch. It was probably the fourth time she caught me staring down her shirt. And yes, I used the words ‘probably’ and ‘caught.’

“Sorry…I really didn’t mean to.” I said it with all earnestness but my eyes drifted back down to her cleavage. I truly couldn’t help myself and she wasn’t making it very easy. She was wearing a low-cut V top that revealed her cleavage incredibly well at the angle she was sitting.

“Well cut it out.” Melissa said but she didn’t make any effort to cover herself or sit at a less-revealing angle. I had a hard time believing she didn’t want me to look at her.

“What’s wrong with you today anyway?” She asked, taking a bite out of her sandwich. “You’ve been acting like you haven’t cum in a month.”

It sure felt like it! I said to myself. “I just didn’t get too much sleep.” Which wasn’t a lie but it also wasn’t the sole reason of my demeanor.

She smirked “Did you and Kelly go at it all night or something?” She said laughing.

Well yes and no. We didn’t go at it all night but the effects did. But all I did was laugh “No, just a lot of homework.”

“I see.” She said, finishing her sandwich. My eyes went back down to her cleavage but Melissa didn’t say anything about it this time.

“How was it by the way?” Melissa asked.

“It was all right.”

“Did you make any moves on her?” She asked smiling.

I choked on my bite a bit “No…not really I just kissed her goodbye.”

“Why not? I think she really likes you.”

“I don’t know, maybe next time.” We left it at that. The rest of the period we talked about the same stuff we always talked about except this time I was staring down her top the whole time.

Physics finally rolled around and I realized I hadn’t seen Kelly all day. She was almost late to class. My heart was pounding a mile a minute as the clock got closer to the bell. I was afraid she wasn’t coming today. She entered in a quick-walk and set her stuff on her desk but not without bending over to do it, something she had never done before and I doubted it was a coincidence. I think she even winked at me but it was hard to tell.

She wore a lime-green tank top and black pants. Both of which were more revealing than anything I had ever seen her in. I felt my already-stiff cock grow rock hard and nearer to the edge.

The teacher began but I sure as hell wasn’t listening. I think I stared at Kelly the entire fifty minutes, ignoring all the taunts Melissa was giving me about the obsession.

The bell surprised me and I almost jumped out of my seat. I ran over to Kelly.

“Hi Kelly, how’s it goin?”

“Fine.” She said sweetly.

“What are you doing after school?” I asked, I sounded like I had just gulped a gallon of caffeine.

“Hmmmm, I think I’m busy right after school but I’m free tonight.”

How long was I going to have to wait? I asked myself. “You…wanna do something?”

“Of course, how about my place this time.”

“Great!” And I meant it too.

“Ok, be over at 9. That’s ok isn’t it?”

I would have preferred her to get down and give my cock right in the middle of the classroom but I said “Yeah 9 is ok.”

“Great, I’ll cya then.” She said, kissing my cheek and walking out the door.

I waited for Melissa and we walked out the door together. She waited until we were out of earshot to ask “Have you been hard all day?”

I thought it was incredibly frank but I answered “It’s been up and down.” I said, lying, it had indeed been rock hard since last night and was showing no signs off going down.

“Did you forget to jackoff in the past week or something?” She really was serious about her question and I didn’t blame her.

“No, I guess I’m just not that focused today.” And with that we left for our lockers.

I couldn’t believe I had to wait until 9 to see her. I was uncontrollably horny and all I could do was homework to keep my mind distracted but it didn’t help much.

9 finally rolled by. Ok fine, 8:15 but it was close enough! I drove as fast as I could to her house and arrived at about 8:35.

“You’re a bit early.” She said, after we greeted each other. “It’s ok thought, my thing ended early.”

She was wearing a pull-over sweatshirt and sweatpants made for lying around the house. I wished she had stuck with the revealing tank top from before. I walked in, following her.

“Don’t worry my mom isn’t home (her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother) she’s away until tomorrow afternoon.”

“That’s good.” It was an understatement. She turned and got close to me, putting her hands on my shoulders. “Of course it is.” She said with a seductive tone. She took my by my shirt collar to her couch. I sat down and she sat so close she was almost on top of me. She was smiling and I’m sure I was beaming. She was on my left again and her left hand reached over and landed on my crotch.

“Wow, you are really stiff.” She moaned out, massaging my aching cock through my shorts. “Did you keep your promise?” Kelly whispered in my ear.

“…Yeah” I moaned out “I did…it was awful.”

“Jeff, it’s ok, you don’t have to lie to me.” WHAT? I yelled inside my own head. I was unbelievable to even imagine what she said. My balls were aching like crazy and I had been hard the entire day.

“Wha—what do you mean?” I groveled.

“Comeon, you really didn’t hold back last night did you?” Was she serious?

“No…really I did!” I countered.

“I told you Jeff, you don’t have to lie to me, I’m not that mad at you.”

“But I really didn’t!”

She didn’t respond. I couldn’t believe it, I went to further object but she silenced me with a finger on my lips and a hand undoing my shorts. She slipped her hand into my boxers and felt around. I moaned out in pleasure as she stimulated my cock. She pulled my shorts off to the ground.

“Ooooh, quite a bulge you’ve got there.” She said seductively, placing her hand on my boxers. “Take them off.” She said.

I slipped them off to the ground and heard her giggle as my cock flopped out, leaking out a small drop of precum. Her open-mouthed smile was an obvious indication of her pleasure. Her index finger of her right hand drifted on top of my shaft. My whole body shuttered in pleasure. Precum came out uncontrollably, much to Kelly’s happiness. Her finger lightly touched my cock all the way from the head to my balls. She took the sack in her hand and gave it a light compression, enough to increase the ache I had felt since last night and also enough to shoot out a load of precum. She laughed out loud at my groan of frustration. Her finger drifted back up to the head, already red and throbbing.

“I’m going to make you sooo horny by the end of the night.” She whispered.

“Please, I need to cum so bad!” I begged. She took the shaft in her hand and stroked slowly. “Awww, Jeff, I know you do but just think how incredible it will feel tonight.”

“No, Kelly I can’t wait!” Her strokes were driving me crazy! Each one was so incredibly slow it felt like I had reached the edge and fallen over, only to be grabbed by the wrist and pulled back up as I fell. I took my hands from my sides and went right for my cock. I needed relief now or I was going to burst! Just as I was about to touch myself and reach heaven I was stopped. My hands were grabbed and thrown to the couch unable to move. She was surprisingly strong as her hands held down my wrists to either side of me.

“That wasn’t a very nice thing to do Jeff.”

I humped the air with shut eyes in frustration. “But I need it!”

“If you’re going to act this way I don’t think it is going to work between the two of us. You need to learn some self-control.” She said sternly and seriously.

“But I waited all night and all of today. You have no idea how horny I was.” I pleaded.

“Enough with that Jeff, I don’t want to hear it anymore and if you lie to me one more time then you’re out of here.” I sunk in my seat, embarrassed. Why didn’t she believe me?

“Plus” She started “I think I know what will make you feel a lot better.” YES! She was going to let me cum. I relaxed slightly in my chair from my tense state but her hands didn’t go down to my groin. Instead she went to her waist and grabbed onto the bottom of her sweater shirt. Pulling it up left me stunned. It was the green tank-top from before in all its glory. And even better she was wearing it bra-less! My cock exploded with a few short loads of precum as I stared at her. She smiled at me, obviously happy with her appearance and what I thought of it. She took my wrists again and pushed them down to the couch. It was a smart choice form her point of view because just then, I had no idea how I could have stopped myself from giving myself relief.

Not to mention of course the angle of which she presented herself. I got a straight shot down her top to her gorgeous breasts, dangling there, inviting my eyes. She held my wrists down firmly as I wriggled in my seat. She looked down and laughed as she watched my pitiful cock bob around and twitch spewing precum. I groaned out as I felt my balls tighten up and ache. It was almost unbearable and I had no idea how much more of this I could take.

“If I let your hands go, do you think you can keep yourself controlled?” She asked sweetly.

“I…don’t know.” I responded uneasily, my hands were still squirming under hers.

“At least you’re honest.” She responded, but still disappointed with my lack of self-control. “What do you think we should do?” She asked, looking for an answer.

“Let me cum?” I said in half-seriousness, knowing full-well her answer

She laughed “Your funny, but seriously if we can’t keep you controlled the only thing left is tying you down.”

Was it a joke? I couldn’t be sure. I gave an uneasy laugh.

“Come with me.” She said, taking my hands and pulling me towards her to a standing position. She switched her hands so that I was following behind her, my right hand in her right and my left in hers. She pulled me to the kitchen and told me to stay. She got right up to me. I could feel her firm breasts on my chest, almost bringing me to orgasm and her sweatpants were a centimeter away from my aching, throbbing cock.

“Before I do this.” She trailed off. She brought my hands to her breasts, a surprising move. Surprising but also amazing. She let her hands loose but kept them on my wrists. “You won’t be able to do this for awhile.” She commented. I fondled her amazing breasts. They were incredible! Even better than before now that she was not wearing a bra. My cock dripped precum. It flowed all the way down my shaft and dribbled down from my balls to the floor. They were firm and soft all at the same time. The time felt way too shot but she took my wrists away and down to my sides.

She took my hands above my head and left them there long enough to pull my shirt over my head. She ordered me to remove my socks and shoes. I stood before her completely naked, exposed.

She took my hands behind my back but not without rubbing the front of her body against me to get there.

“Stay still.” She let go of my hands for a few seconds and I felt plastic wrapping around my wrists as they were pushed against each other behind me. I heard the familiar sound of plastic wrap enclose my hand as she wrapped several layers until it was thick enough that I would need scissors to get out of it.

She went to get paper towels and came back in front of me to wipe the precum off the floor and even went so far to wipe the precum off of my cock, sending me to the very edge and inciting a groan from me.

This time, instead of the living room we went to her bedroom.

I was once again going further with a girl in a day that I had in a lifetime. Opening the door revealed a normal teenage girl’s room. Posters of female singers, pretty little doodads covered the surfaces. She led me over to a bed, its comforter was pink cloth which she drew back and sat me down on her sheets in a sitting position with my back against the headboard. She came in front of me and sat in between my spread legs. She rested her hands on my thighs to look at my cock. She bit her lip in obvious enjoyment. I was staring down her top, which I’m sure she was fully aware of, and this, plus my denial made quite a water show.

Her head tilted back and forth and she raised her eyebrows every time my cock shot another load. My balls tightened as I continued staring and I moaned out in agony.

She took one hand off of my thigh and took her index finger to my shaft. She took the finger to the side of my shaft and pulled it to one side as if starting a metronome. It followed its path, keeping the beat, wagging back and forth. She giggled at the situation and kept my cock going, giving it small, light taps to keep it in its back an forth motion.

She was laughing quite hard now, especially as I moaned out in frustration. She gave the cock a last bat, which sent a huge load of precum flying to my stomach.

“Wow! That was amazing, that was a gigantic load.” She took her batting hand to my balls and gave them a slow massage; I assumed it was to feel how full my balls were.

“Oooh. You must really need to cum.” She taunted as she took her other finger to the load on my stomach. Her wet finger touched my shaft. My whole body quaked and shuttered at her touch but she continued on, running her wet finger up and down my erect cock.

This incredible stimulation, combined with her other hand working my balls resulted in an incredible pain in my balls. A giant load of precum went to the bottom of my rib cage and my balls felt like they had gotten kicked by a feminist soccer player. She didn’t seem to notice the glass-shattering painful yell I screeched out, instead she moaned in pleasure and cupped my balls.

“Ooooh, that load was even bigger…and just look at your balls!” Her voice was sincerely in amazement. I looked down at my sack in shock. My eyes opened wide and my mouth was open. My balls had turned a light shade of blue and Kelly was playing with them, bouncing them up and down off of her palm, enjoying my predicament.

“Blueballs!” She gleamed “I bet your balls must really ache.” I groaned out in pain.

“Please, you have to let me cum, I feel like I’ve been kicked in the nuts.” I begged.

“Awww, poor thing, but you need to show me you can go one night without cumming.”

“But I…” I trailed off, I knew she wouldn’t be happy if I claimed I had held back last night again.

“Yes?” She asked, knowing full well what I was about to say.

“Nothing.” She smiled at the control she had over me.

An odd silence filled the room and her hands were still all over my groin.

“It’s getting late.” She commented. It was after all 11:30. “We should get to bed.”

My eyes were still shut from the pain but I heard her. She continued “And I know I can’t let you go home, so you’ll have to spend the night with me.” She said, very happy with the idea.

I gave a fake smile. Not that I didn’t want to spend a night with her but right now I was feeling nothing but pain.

She dragged my feet to the bottom of the bed until my head rested just below the headboard. She put a pillow under my head. Walking to the other end of the room she stood where I could see her and pulled her sweatpants down to reveal not the black pants I had expected but a pair of black panties. Another load shot out of my cock to my stomach and she laughed. She turned off the light and snuggled up next to me in the bed.

“Try to get some sleep; I know it’s hard with those achy blue balls.”
Chapter 3

My eyes opened, I realized I had been sweating and moving in the night. It was still dark and I couldn’t see anything. My mind focused on what was happening although it took a minute to comprehend. The sheet that was on me when I fell asleep was pulled down to my thighs and I felt a tantalizing stimulation on my cock and a sharp pain in my balls.

It was Kelly, some people wake up thirsty, some hungry, Kelly I guess woke up horny in the night.

“Did I wake you?” She asked in a low voice.

“Yeah. I whispered.”

“Sorry, go back to sleep, I was just playing with your cock.”

“Why?” I asked, puzzled not by why she wanted to play with me but rather why she felt like increasing my torment.

“I just got a little horny that’s all just relax and go back to sleep.”

It seemed to take forever to fall back to sleep, especially when all I could think about was cumming. I knew it wasn’t going to happen until we woke up in the morning so I tried my best to fall asleep, despite my urge and the pain in my balls.

I awoke again, this time it was lighter in the room as the sun crept through the blinds. I stirred enough to wake Kelly up. “Morning.” She said, yawning.

The plastic wrap was still under me, keeping me immobile. She turned on her side, facing me.

“Wow, that’s some morning wood you’ve got there.” She remarked, looking at the giant lump in the sheets. Her hand moved over to it and prodded it, sending me into a full-bodied spasm.

“You must be really horny. I played with it all night.” She giggled in enjoyment, reaching under the covers. I moaned out as she gave it a small stroke. She pulled the sheet back slowly. I felt the material rub softly against my shaft and every inch brought me closer and closer to the edge. The sheet was brought to my thighs and Kelly gawked.

“Wow, look how hard it is.” She poked my cock as it responded with a drop of precum. “You must be really close.”

I groaned, I was beyond close. I could have cum with the smallest bit of wind and I had no idea how far she was going to take me.

She got off on her side of the bed and walked over to mine. She moved my body until I was in a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

She took me to a standing position and walked me over to a chair that faced her dresser. She sat me down on it so that my wrapped hands went behind the backrest so that getting out of the chair would have taken quite a bit of effort. She bent slightly as I looked down her shirt to kiss me. She turned and walked over to her dresser, her back facing me. To my surprise she took off her tank top right in front of me. I felt my balls tighten as I looked at her but I could only see her back and her cute butt shaping her tight panties.

She pulled out her drawer and made a point to look at the clothes at the sides of the drawer to give me a view of the side of her breast between her upper arm and torso. She took out a shear, undersized black bra and pushed it against her breasts. It was frustrating the hell out of me that I couldn’t see her front.

She turned around and asked “how’s the black one?” As she said it, she dipped her body slightly to clasp her bra. It hung loosely in front of her breasts and I could definitely see the upper half of one of her nipples. A rather large load of precum, stockpiled from seeing her change, landed on my stomach. She turned back to her dresser with a wry smile on her face, not needing to hear my answer. Her bra had no vertical straps and pushed her breasts up and out and if she had gotten closer I would have had a clear view of her nipples through the sheer fabric. She chose a white top that was made to have an undershirt under it. Without it, the white shirt was extremely revealing, making the point of wearing it questionable. She pulled up a pair of royal-blue short shorts.

She strutted over to where I was sitting and put her hands on her thighs, bending down. She looked down at my cock as does a mother bird to her chicks. “You’re coming along nicely.” She let out passively and rubbed my balls back and forth. “They’re not blue anymore...” She commented. She sounded disappointed to me. I would have said something but I was way too focused down her shirt, which I’m sure she was fully aware of.

The phone rang and Kelly picked it up and answered “Yeah?” I had a feeling she knew who was calling. She conversed with the person on the other end, giving mono-syllabic answers. She twirled the cord around her finger eyeing me and smiling every now and then.

“Sure, of course we’re still on for tonight.” She said into the phone and listened. “Don’t worry, I’ve got one of my own...yeah I got one Wednesday...ok your place tonight? Great.”

“Who was that?” I asked curiously.

“I suppose I should tell you now. She said casually and glided over to the chair I was sitting on. I exhaled as she cupped my balls.”

“How are these holding up?” She cut my answer short with a loose squeeze that made me choke on my own words.

She sat on my lap and pushed her right breast in my face, an action that immediately sent my cock twitching. She took her hand to my cock and gave it slow light stimulation only on the upstroke, enough to keep me just on the edge.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you since we’ve met.” I didn’t like where this was going. “A few friends of mine have this thing every Saturday evening...” She trailed off a bit just enough to give me a painful full-handed stroke.

“We, the girls and I, all take our...boyfriends and have a little contest.” Her words were spaced out, she was taking her time to find the right words the same way anyone would when they try to break bad news to someone.

She put a suspicious spacing before boyfriends too but I was more concerned with the contest. “What do you mean, contest?”

“Well, you know how I didn’t let you cum last night?”

No, please explain Kelly, it hasn’t been the one thing I’ve thought about since Wednesday, I thought sarcastically.

“...Yeah?” I responded uneasily.

“Well, I have to admit something to you, when I said I didn’t believe you about not cumming on Thursday, I really knew you were telling the truth.” She said it as if something was humorous about this.

“Then why didn’t you let me cum!?” I yelled in frustration.

She put a finger on my quivering lip, “I’m getting to that. Anyway, the girls and I have a contest based on how frustrated our...boyfriends are.”

“You mean?” It was starting to dawn on me.

“Yep.” She said smiling, once again as if any of this was humorous. “I don’t plan on letting you have any relief until tonight, and even that’s questionable.”

“Questionable!?” I bellowed.

“Yeah, questionable, depending on whether you win or not.” She said as if it was clearly obvious.

“What do you mean win?”

“Haven’t you been listening, win the contest.”

She was avoiding the details of the contest on purpose and I didn’t like it. She covered my mouth with her finger and gave my aching sack a painful massage. I groaned out. “And when I mean painful, I don’t just mean from the aching denial,” she was working my balls roughly, sending pain through my stomach.

“Oooh, your balls are probably extra sensitive huh?” She said curiously.

No kidding.

She put a palm over my mouth to muffle my screams as she tightened her grip. “I bet this is really going to hurt” she said as she rolled my testicles around playfully, giving off short, quick laughs at my short, quick screams. She squeezed the two balls together giving me an incredible sensation of pain. I was desperate to get out of the chair and I squirmed ecstatically.

“Settle down Jeff, you’re never going to win if you don’t learn to take this kind of pain.” She said sternly. Her hand clamped harder sending my pelvis out into the air. She gradually loosened her grip as I set myself back down into the chair. My breathing was rapid and hoarse.

Her hand finally let go and moved up to my soft shaft. She pushed both of her breasts against my face and gave my cock pleasurable strokes. I moaned out in pleasure but the pain still remained.

“Feel better?” She asked, giving me the last stroke that brought me to the edge. “I’m not trying to be mean to you, you just need to know what it feels like.”

It didn’t seem like much consolidation. My balls felt terrible and not even the feel of her wonderful breasts against my face made it any better.

She got off of me and said “stay put, Ill be back.” I hung my head and listened at her distancing footsteps. I heard a drawer opening and then her footsteps back to me.

The continuing pain had made my cock go soft again.

“Your cocks in the way.” She said with her hands behind her back and noticing my hanging shaft covering my balls. “I think I know how to fix that.” She bent over and I stared down at her unbelievable cleavage. She smiled “I love seeing aching cocks grow hard for me. Especially when they’re attached to horny boys who cant stop themselves from staring at my breasts.” My cock rose to full mast only to be met with a wooden ruler on my balls and a screech in pain from my mouth.

“That one looked like it hurt.” She said unsympathetically. Her voice even had a hint of arousal in it. A loud SMACK echoed in the room as another blow landed on my balls harder than the first. She moaned out, it was definitely pleasure she was experiencing. Her left hand gripped my shaft and gave it quick strokes until it became fully hard. Another blow from the ruler and she kept stroking. She went back and forth, every 5 strokes another whack, each harder than the one before.

I was screaming in pain when she stopped. Pain was in my stomach and was slithering through my body like a snake. I inhaled and exhaled sharply with shut eyes.

I opened my eyes slowly to see her standing in front of me. It was obvious she had brought herself to orgasm, maybe even two. She propped my balls up with the ruler and bounced them up and down on the wooden surface. I moaned out on each bounce, the small amount of pain felt terrible to my already-injured balls.

“How are they holding up?”

I didn’t have the ability to answer. My throat was dry and I felt numb.

“That’s too bad; I didn’t even hit you that hard. Your poor balls are going to have to take a lot more ballbusting than that tonight if you think you’re going to win.”

After about a minute of silence I finally got up the strength to speak

“What happens if I lose?”

Here. She took a knife to the saran wrap and undid my arms. We both knew I didn’t posses the strength to bring myself to orgasm.

“Lemme explain the game to you Jeff.” She began “you’ll be put through a few competitions with 3 other guys. Each one tests you on a different aspect, pain endurance, how full your balls are and self control. The beauty of it is, the more you excel in one aspect the worse you’ll do in another. If your balls are all achy and blue you’ll definitely win the denial contest but you’ll probably lose the endurance. And of course there are rewards and punishments for each place you fall into. 1st place of course is cumming with a few other rewards and all the rest are a lot less gratifying.”

“Hang on.” I said, bewildered by all of this new information. “What if I don’t want to participate?”

“Then you don’t get to cum.” She said simply. She didn’t need to give any more reason than that to convince me.

I sighed; I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. It was just my luck too, the day I finally bring up the courage to ask out this goddess, now playing with my aching cock again, she turns out to be a dominating nightmare.

“Hold still, I’m trying to give you blue balls.” She said as if it was a chore. She gave my cock amazing strokes and just as I felt the cum rise out of my balls, I felt a hand grab my sack and pull down roughly, squelching the feeling, leaving me with a terrible pain that boiled throughout my groin.

“Ahhh, that hurts so much!” I yelled.

“Good, that means you’re getting close. Tell me when it feels like you’ve been kicked in the nuts.” She said, just as a doctor says to a patient.

She tugged on my sack again, producing an extreme pain. She made sure to squeeze my balls at the bottom of the tug, as if that was necessary.

The amount of precum I produced was enormous, she used every bit to coat my cock and make the sensation all the better. Each stroke felt amazing, better than anything I had felt in my life. It didn’t end in a mind-shattering orgasm like it should have. With this round, Kelly took my sack and twisted it around and about, all the while tugging and crushing. I screamed out in pain. And then another scream came, this one louder than the all the rest. I felt it, much, much worse than before. A feminist soccer player was terrible with excruciating pain. This felt like the whole team had their turn on me along with the coaches, soccer moms and all of their friends. The scream became inaudible, a hollow screech. The last thing I heard was “there we go, nice and blue,” before darkness covered my vision.

“Hey, wake up.” My eyes opened a crack and I could see through blurred eyes Kelly looking me over. “Don’t tell me you passed out.” She sounded impatient as if what I had done was on purpose. I couldn’t make any noise, I couldn’t even move.

“What am I going to do with you? If you can’t take blue balls you’re never going to win.” I didn’t see why winning was so important to her. What did she care if I came or not? She certainly didn’t care the last two nights.

“The competition is in an hour by the way.” She said sternly.

An hour? How early did they start this thing? More importantly how long was it going to take?

“I’m going to give you some last-minute preparation then we're going to leave and Ill go over more ground rules on the way there.”

The next half-hour was filled with constant strokes and she gave my balls slaps every now and then to constantly remind me of how much pain I was in. Her hand left my cock. “Ok, its time to get ready, I’m going to need you soft so you might as well get a head start while I grab a few things.”

How was I supposed to do that? She took about five minutes to gather a few oddities that I was too distracted to identify. I was slightly softer than when she left but all of that changed when I saw what she had changed into. Her black bra and panties remained (I assumed she didn’t change her panties) and she was wearing a tight black miniskirt and a swooping top that only covered the front of her torso and not much of that. No matter how she stood you could see a lot of cleavage. My cock shot straight up and twitched in place. She rolled her eyes and muttered “guess were going to do things the hard way.” She set the items down below the chair and took my balls in her hands.

“Can’t we just use ice!?” I yelled quickly.

“We don’t have time for ice.” She responded impatiently. Plus, it’s not nearly as much fun. With that she squeezed hard on my balls giggling as she watched my stiff cock wither to its flaccid state.

With my cock hard and her still suppressing her happiness, she took a plastic device up and held it in front of my face.

“See this, it’s a cock cage. I’m going to put you in this until we arrive. This will make sure you don’t get a hardon.” She slipped the device over my cock. I looked down to see a plastic banana-shaped tube that fit over my cock and locked behind my balls. “Also it will make sure you don’t touch yourself, but I know you wouldn’t do that anyway because you’re a good slave.”

I was about to question her use of slave but she had me standing and slipping on a pair of bikers shorts and a white tee-shirt. The biker shorts barely fit and showed the lump of the cage far to well for my desires.

I followed her to the car outside. Fortunately she parked close and there weren’t too many people around and those that were focused more on Kelly’s unbelievable attire than my own.

The car ride seemed to last forever. The pain in my balls still remained and I could barely focus on what Kelly was telling me.

“When were there you will be addressing me as mistress Kelly but you can shorten it to just mistress if you’d like. You will be referring to all of the other girls as mistress as well but I’d advise against referring to them at all. You will make no contact with the other slaves and I don’t see why there would be any exceptions. We have the right to punish you anytime for any reason and there will be no arguing no matter how cute I think it is. You will obey us at all times no matter what. Do you think you got all that?”

I nodded uneasily.

“Good, now come with me, I’ll introduce you to everyone.” I followed her to a house in the middle of the suburbs. Opening the door, I saw three girls inside and three half-naked boys below them each one looking more miserable than the next.

As I stepped inside I was greeted by the last person I expected. It was Melissa! My mind went swirling. What the hell was going on here?
Chapter 4

With a hand against the small of my back, I was led into the house. My eyes wandered about the room. Two girls and their slaves beneath them were chatting and making eyes at my arrival. I didn’t recognize either of them, or the boys underneath them. Melissa left the boy at her side to greet Kelly and I.

“Hey Kelly, I’m so glad you could make it. I was worried you wouldn’t have him ready in time.” Melissa mocked.

Kelly shrugged. “You know me, I’m a speed-teaser.” She said with a wry smile. They both laughed but I didn’t find it funny.

Melissa added “I think we have some things to discuss.”

“Definitely.” Kelly said quickly but formed the word slowly. “Jeff, will you excuse us?”

“Yes…mistress.” I said, almost forgetting to say that last part.

Kelly led me out of what I had assumed was the living room to another room adjacent to it. It was a smaller room that housed a small two-seated couch, A TV, a bookshelf, and a side table with a light on it. The light itself didn’t give the room much ambience, only enough to see what was immediately in front of you.

Kelly sat me down on the couch and said “Melissa and I have some things to discuss before we get started. I’ll be back in a while.” She made sure to wiggle her ass as much as possible, which not only caught my attention but didn’t help the ache in my balls.

There were so many questions that I had but she had already left. I let my body recline into the seat. What had I gotten myself into? I asked myself. I was going to be at the mercy of all of these girls and there was nothing I could do to get out of it. Even if I could escape, where was I to go? The cage around my cock kept me enslaved to Kelly and it wasn’t like I could avoid school forever. I ran my hands through my hair, asking, once again, what had I gotten myself into?

The door opened after a good five minutes. This time it was Melissa. I was too overwhelmed before to notice her in detail. However, now, it was impossible to keep my eyes off of her. She wore a black, shiny leather outfit that barely covered from her waist to the very bottom of her breasts, just enough to cover her nipples. The top reminded me of something Wonderwoman would wear, if she was a cock-teasing superhero. Covering her legs were extremely tight pants made of the same material. My body shuttered when I saw her and I could feel my cock press against the cage.

She placed her hands on her hips and smiled at me. “How does it feel?” She asked seductively, stepping closer to me and looking down to me. I groaned out, her question reminded me of the ache and pain in my balls. Around her neck were two keys. She took one and bent over in front of me. Her top didn’t pretend to cover her cleavage. In fact it almost seemed to push it out and reveal as much as possible. As she bent over, my eyes went down and were transfixed at her firm breasts. She giggled at my fixation and pulled my biker-shorts down, revealing my caged cock.

A smile went across her face as she was obviously enjoying my entrapment. She lifted the shirt over my head and smiled, stating “I can’t believe I’ve never seen you naked before” she said jokingly “…well except that once.” She was referring to the time when we were at my house. I had gone up to change in my room when she walked in just as I was pulling my boxers off. She covered her smile with her hand and made no effort to leave. I as extremely embarrased and rushed to pull my boxers back up. An event I didn’t like to remember.

She took a pair of handcuffs from the side table drawer. I imagine that every drawer and cabinet in this entire house had some kind of toy in it. She reached behind me and handcuffed my hands together behind my back.

She unlocked my cage and slowly slipped it off of my ever-hardening cock. It flopped out and throbbed and twitched, free to grow fully hard and erect.

Melissa moaned softly and bit her lip, gawking at my erect cock. “I love stiff cocks, especially aching, throbbing cocks with a big full set of balls.” She said softly, giving my shaft a few tantalizing strokes.

“Oooh, you have such a nice cock, you know that?” She said confidently, gripping my shaft firmly. “You’re so stiff and I never knew you were so big. I mean, I had an idea, but now I wish I had gotten to you sooner.”

I was a little bit flattered. Hearing a girl compliment my cock was a definite turn-on and an ego boost. Melissa bent at a sharper angle.

“You really like my breasts don’t you?” She asked rhetorically, as my eyes had been focused on them since she came in the door. “I can’t blame you though” Melissa began and took my balls in her hands, giving them a painfully aching massage. “You must be soooo horny” She said, moaning out and gripping my cock. Then, as she gave me a slow stroke “…oh my!” She exclaimed as her eyes widened. My cock shot a huge load of precum all over my stomach, I groaned out as I felt my balls tighten and ache.

“That was amazing!” Melissa said “Kelly must have really done a number on you, your balls are just so full.” She took them and gave a little squeeze. “Let’s see if I can make an even larger load come out, I might even make your balls blue again.” She taunted, massaging my balls again.

I hadn’t mentioned that Kelly gave me blue balls. So the fact that’s he said ‘again’ made me feel that Kelly was telling Melissa way more than I wanted her to know.

This time she took my shaft and gave it loose strokes. She was careful not to touch the head and kept her hands loosely on the shaft. My balls felt terrible. I could feel my sack filling with cum, as I would if I going to cum but I felt very little stimulation and I wasn’t getting any closer to explosion.

Just then, Kelly walked in. “How’s he comin?” Kelly asked.

“Not at all.” Melissa responded with a giggle. “I was just about to give him blueballs, would you like to do the honor?” Melissa offered.

“Sure.” Kelly responded with a seductive tone. She crept over and knelt beside Melissa and took my balls in her hand. Melissa’s hand remained on my shaft as they worked it together.

I gritted my teeth. Kelly was holding back, making sure the aching pain lasted as long as it could. It was awful and I couldn’t stand it. I squirmed in my seat and howled in pain. Kelly finally gave my balls a final knead and my body collapsed in pain. My balls felt terrible. If I wasn’t watching I would have been sure they had both kicked me in the balls, I was in that much pain. A tremendous load launched from the head of my cock and landed on my chest. The clear liquid slowly oozed down my chest to my stomach. I looked down to see my balls in terrible shape. They were a dark blue and both girls were too shocked for words as they gawked at my balls and the even more fascinating glob of precum on my chest. Melissa exclaimed “He’s amazing, I’ve never seen so much precum in my life.”

“No kidding. I’m so glad you recommended him to me.”

My head was bent backwards and my eyes were shut as I tried to cope with the pain. What they said brought me out of my trance.

“What?” I asked.

“That’s right Jeff.” Melissa began. “I told Kelly about you ever since you laid eyes on her. Once her previous slave was…dismissed, she asked if you were available. Since you were too much of a wuss to ask her out I needed to egg you on until you did.”

I was stunned. Melissa was my friend from Freshman year and I had no idea that she was into this, not even an inkling.


”But why did I want you to ask me out?” Kelly asked. “Because I wanted a boy who had the balls to come up and ask me and those same balls are going to win the contest tonight.” It seemed to be all about winning to her. I had no idea why it was so important.

“But enough about that. The first event is going to start soon.” She said excited, wiping the precum off of my front. She held up the cage and said “I need your cock soft.” She didn’t pretend to imply she wanted me to go soft on my own. She and Melissa took my sack in both hands and squeezed. Pain shot through my body as I felt my aching balls being compressed. My cock slowly lowered into a soft position. Even though it was flaccid enough to fit into the cage, they kept squeezing. I screamed in pain and they laughed, looking at each other in pleasure. They finally let go and slipped the cage on my soft cock and locked in. Melissa gave Kelly back her key.

“I need to talk with Jeff for a minute Kelly, go on without me, I’ll be right there.” Melissa said, looking at me.

“Ok sure, make sure you explain the rules to him, we’re going to be starting soon and I won’t have time.”

“Sure.” Melissa said offhanded. She sat next to me, close enough that I could feel her breasts against my side.

“Jeff, did you ever imagine when you met me that this would happen? I’ve always fantasized about it but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. You’ve always been there for me and I didn’t want you to think of me as your mistress. But when Kelly needed a slave, well I guess I got to have my cake and eat it too, huh?”

She was smiling at me, I had a look of despair. “I think you’re going to make a wonderful slave, Kelly really seems to like you.” She placed a hand on my thigh warmly. “What do you think of her?” She asked curiously as I felt her hand get closer to my balls.

There was no doubt in my mind that my answer was going to be repeated to Kelly. And there was no doubt in my mind my answer would be twisted so that I would receive more ball busting, or and even worse case of blueballs.

“Well?” She asked impatiently. What was I supposed to say? She was nice? She was attractive? It was a touchy situation to say the least.

“I like her.” I said, choking on my words. And no, it wasn’t the best choice of words.

She rolled her eyes, she was looking for me to say something more embarrassing. “Do you think she’s hot?” She asked with a smile.

“...Yeah.” I said uneasily.

“Liar.” She said quickly, giving my balls a playful slap. “Tell me what you really think of her.” Although she had an amused smile on her face, she held my balls tightly, as if threatening me to give her answers.

“I think she’s really hot.” I said, trying to make up for it. She gave my balls a tiny squeeze. “Keep going.” She said, trying to literally squeeze the answers from me.

“I like her...breasts a lot.” I said, coughing on the pain. She let her grip loose a little, but still firm enough so I could feel it.

“That’s what I was looking for. Kelly tells me you stare at her breasts all the time, I don’t find that surprising, she’s got really big boobs. Did you get to feel them?”

I felt like she already knew the answer to that. “Yeah I did.” I said quietly.

“Aren’t they firm? They’re like, hard as rocks, don’t you think?”

“Well...I...yeah.” I said, stuttering.

She gave my balls another playful slap, although the pain was a lot worse than the first slap. “You don’t have to be nervous around me. How long have we known each other? I know you’re obsessed with boobs, you always stare at mine during lunch and in class and, I mean, comeon, you’re staring at mine right now!”

Yeah it was a little embarrassing, but I was staring straight at them. And it wasn’t like my eyes were point downed her top, no my whole head was angled to stare right at them as she pressed herself against my torso.

Melissa said calmly “I should give you a giant slap across the balls for that, especially because it’s so obvious.” She took her hand out and swung it towards me with terrifying speed. I shut my eyes in fear but all I felt was a slow massage. She had stopped right before impact and slowly groped my balls. I moaned out.

“But I know my boobs give you blueballs, which hurt you a lot more than my slap would. Plus we’re friends right? You can stare at me whenever you want Jeff, but then again my permission never stopped you before did it?” She laughed, then she put her legs on top of my thighs and wrapped her arms around my shoulder to keep herself balanced on top of me. Best yet, her breasts were squeezed right up against the side of my face. My balls were boiling and my cock was pressing against the sides of the cage.

“I still haven’t told you about the game have I? I just bet you’re dying to hear about it.”

Not really.

“There are four rounds and you are scored out of sixteen. You will compete against three other boys, first place gets you four points, second place gets you three points and so on. At the end the boy with the highest score wins first place overall…understand?” She said, tilting her head.

No I didn’t understand but I nodded anyway.

“And here’s our favorite part. If you get fourth place, well” She shrugged “You get to be tortured by the winner’s mistress and your own mistress, separately and consecutively. Very few boys make it through that without passing out, we’re pretty rough on you for losing. After all it is your fault for not being horny and perverted enough to win.

“Third place isn’t so bad, you get to choose one mistress, that isn’t your own, to spend an hour with you to do whatever she wants with you.

“Second place is always fun, we give you blueballs and we strip you completely naked and introduce you to a few of our friends. You may have met them before, I’m not sure, but you’re definitely the center of attention and you’ll get plenty of it.

“And of course first place is always what you boys love the most. You get to cum anyway you like with you’re mistress and I mean anyway you like. It’s our little way of rewarding you for being in so much agony. I think that’s about it, we better get going.” We both stood up and walked towards the door.

“Um, mistress Melissa…?” I asked.

“You don’t have to call me mistress when we’re alone Jeff. Remember I like to think of you as a friend, except now you’re my friend with a big set of blueballs.”

“Melissa, what happened to Kelly’s previous slave?”

Melissa walked forward a bit to the door and turned around with a devious smile. “He got fourth place.”

We went through the door and I followed Kelly to the first event. I was still handcuffed behind my back and my cock was still hard in my cock cage. Kelly whispered into my ear. “This first one tests your endurance. A different mistress is going to tease you until you beg her to stop. The slave who lasts the longest wins.”

Names were pulled randomly and were made sure that a slave and their respective mistress weren’t paired together. I was paired with a girl named “Tina” who, as Kelly explained, loved to torment boys by giving them blueballs. And if they already had blueballs, well, then Tina made sure they turned several shades darker. Kelly explained that I was picked to endure the toughest of all the girls for the teasing event. Great, I thought to myself, cynically.

I was pulled by the plastic cage to another room by Tina. It was a bedroom. I was forced to lay down on the bed with my head on a pillow. If I had to describe Tina with one word, it would be bubbly. She always seemed to have a smile on her face and a devious look to her eye. Tina had light brown hair that was in a pony tail. She wore a green tank top that didn’t cover her midriff very well or her medium-sized breasts for that matter. She didn’t wear a bra and it was easy to see her figure and her hard nipples poking through the fabric. She wore regular jeans and her entire outfit was a dynamic contrast to the black dominatrix outfits that Kelly and Melissa wore. The effect was no different, I was transfixed by her form and I felt my cock grow in my cage. She knelt perpendicularly to me looking over my cock. She had a stop watch in one hand and a key in the other.

Tina said in a sweet voice “Remember slave, all you need to do is say stop and I will. I’ll just let your cock go, no more pain, no more ache. Just remember you can say it anytime you want.” She unlocked the cage and started the stop watch.

She gave my cock quick strokes to get it to a full erection, she wasn’t wasting any time. As I became fully erect she slowed down so I wouldn’t explode in her hands. She set the stop watch down and took my balls in the other hand. Both hands were working my cock and balls and I could feel it. Her hands were magic, they were soft to the touch and firm in strength. She was giving the perfect handjob and it was taking its toll on my aching balls. Kelly was right, Tina was an expert, a professional at giving a handjob. If it was any other setting I’d be in heaven. But right now, I felt like I was in hell. Her skilled hands made my balls feel like they were going to explode. Each touch felt incredible, a stroke was filled with an amazing amount of pleasure, better than anything I had ever experienced. Yet each stroke fell short of what I needed. It seemed like she knew exactly where my edge was and just how far she could dip me over it and still bring me back.

I groaned out in pain. My balls, I’m sure, were a very dark blue.

“Remember, all you need to say is stop. You’re balls must feel terrible.”

An understatement

“I’ll let go and this awful pain will end.” She added, constantly taunting me. Precum dripped out of my cock like a leaking faucet. Drip, drip, drip. As she continued on, it became a steady stream as it flowed down the sides of my stomach to the bedspread.

It was the worst pain I had felt all night. I wriggled in place and screamed out in pain.

“AHHHHH” I yelled out.

“You poor thing, you must be in so much pain right now. Just say stop and the pain will be over.”

Her strokes became firm and deliberate. I could feel, with each stroke, an incredible pain. Each rub seemed like it pumped more and more cum into my already-full balls. I had no idea how full they were going to get, I assumed the only reason they hadn’t exploded was the waterfall of cum globbing out of my head to relieve the pressure. There was no way I could take anymore of this awful treatment. And there was no way it was getting any better.

My torso shot upwards and I yelled out “Stop! Oh…ahhhhh, please just stop!”

She let go and my cock fell down in a pool of precum with a splash. She stopped the watch and said “See that wasn’t so hard, now was it?” She looked at the stopwatch “1:56, not bad, not bad at all. Most guy don’t even last a minute with me. This one guy had had me 3 times in a row and he just gave up in the beginning. Right as I unlocked him he yelled out ‘stop,’ oh it was so funny. Of course I didn’t let him. I covered his mouth so he couldn’t yell out stop anymore and worked his cock for the next five minutes. His precum was all over the place! He was even crying, begging me to stop. I loved it and I told him I’d only let him go if he could bring me to an orgasm. He was so eager to eat me out, he even did it twice! Of course I teased his poor cock while he ate me out. I finally let go of his cock and watched it throb like crazy afterwards.”

A knock came at the door, it was time to move on to the next event. I exhaled, glad that it was over.

Kelly met with me again. “By the way you got fourth place in that last one but don’t feel bad, no boy has ever gotten higher with Tina. Just make sure you do better on this next one. We’re going to tie weights to your balls, you’re going to have to stand upright until you can’t take it anymore.” The three other boys and myself were stood in a line with our legs spread. All of our cocks stood straight up and all of our stomach’s were covered with drying precum.

Kelly came over and tied a rope around my balls. She pulled it tight and made sure my balls were compressed. Then, cylindrical weights were attached to the bottom of the ropes. We weren’t told how heavy they were but they felt almost too much for me from the get-go. Each half-minute they added another weight to the rope. As time went on, our erect cocks went down as pain overtook pleasure. All of the mistresses laughed at us and our sinking cocks. I watched as Melissa and Kelly pointed at my falling member and laugh. I could hear all of the other boys grit their teeth and breath heavily in pain. I knew I was doing the same. What was worse was that I could relieve it any time I wanted by just kneeling. After a minute had gone by the boy next to me collapsed at the addition of another weight, screaming. The next half minute the boy at the other end of the line fell and it was just between the boy next to me and myself. My balls were being crushed down in my sack and I could feel the sting all throughout my body. Kelly walked over to me with another weight and placed it on. It was way too heavy for me. I fell to my knees and on my chest. All of the girls clapped as the boy next to me collapsed. The weights were untied and we were dragged to our feet.

Kelly took me to the kitchen with the others. There, four squares of paper towel were on the floor and on top of each were shot glasses. Kelly explained “The goal of this is to fill each glass as fast as you can with your precum. And you better do well in this Jeff or else I’m going to be very mad. Of course, you won’t be doing the stroking. You’ll be on all fours while I milk the precum out of you.”

I was uncuffed and instructed to get on my hands and knees. When Kelly said “milked” she wasn’t kidding. It reminded me of a scene from a farm, where cows are placed over pails with their utters hanging down.

Kelly sat right where a farmer would be and all of the girls got started. I imagined a piece of grass coming from her lips and a straw hat on her head. The whole scene was very demeaning to me and the other boys, used as nothing more than precum-producing animals. My erect cock being straightened to a 90 degree angle to my body wasn’t comfortable and the ache in my balls wasn’t making it any better.

I felt her hands making downward pumps on my shaft. She squeezed my balls too which wasn’t helping my comfort. I didn’t see why that was necessary to cause me so much pain either but I gritted my teeth and took it, knowing full well that squeezing my balls had nothing to do with how much precum I produced. I knew this was my only chance to get any higher than fourth place and from what Melissa told me fourth place seemed to be a fate unparalled to any pain I could fathom.

Kelly tried to increase my flow of precum “Think about my breasts Jeff, remember when you got to fondle them? Weren’t they nice and firm?” It was working, huge loads of precum shot out of my cock as I thought about her magnificent cleavage and the feel of her firm breasts. I heard screaming from the other boys and seductive taunts from the girls. A huge din filled the room and my screams added to it at every leak.

I was sweating and my body convulsed. The problem was not having me produce enough precum, that wasn’t a problem at all. It was hard for Kelly to direct it into the shot glass and it wasn’t helping that she laughed every time I screamed or giggled at the mess I was making.

Finally, she rolled me on my back. I got a look at the paper towel. It was covered with streaks of clear fluid. Some of the streaks looked like she wasn’t even trying to get the precum into the glass. There was definitely more precum on the towel than in the shotglass. The glass was filled to the brink and was spilling over. Tons of the liquid pooled around the glass and it was obvious she had milked me after the glass was filled, which explained the lengthy milking session and the terrible pain. I had gotten first place and Kelly praised me. She sat on my chest and fondled her breasts with my hands, which not only brought me pleasure but kept me from touching my aching cock. She was so turned on by my performance she couldn’t help herself but really dig in. Her hands guided mine across her glorious breasts and squeezed and fondled like the hands of a horny schoolboy’s first time. She moaned out in pleasure as she felt the stimulation and no doubt loved the fact that even after milking a gallon of precum out of my cock, she was still making me squirt and making my balls boil. The precum kept coming and my screams were matched with the other boys in the room.

Finally, after the last boy had finished, we were cuffed and ordered to stand up in our line. All of our balls were a dark blue, some were purple and I didn’t even want to look down at mine. Our cocks throbbed and some still spurted precum.

Kelly explained the last and final test. Cock-shaped icicles, or as Kelly humorously referred to them as cock-sicles, were placed on our cocks. Our cocks fit into them well and we had to try to keep them from falling to the ground. Obviously, the cold would force our cocks to go flaccid and let the ice slip off.

Kelly approached me with her cock-sicle. “Imagine me giving you a blowjob, ok? Imagine me letting you explode in my mouth.” She said, trying to encourage me to stay hard. She put the ice over my cock before I could respond. The cold was excruciating. Kelly bent over in front of me and fondled her own breasts, anything to keep me hard. It was keeping me distracted from the cold but didn’t help keeping me hard. No matter what I did I couldn’t stay hard. My cock fell steadily but so were all the other guys. I heard a thud, as ice hit the ground, then another, it was me. I had grown soft and it had slipped to the ground. Two more thuds rang in my ears as I felt the cage go over my cock again.

“It’s ok Jeff, I think you got third place overall. You did a lot better than I thought you would.” The girls laughed and discussed the results. The girl I had not met yet, Emily, had lost. Her slave was behind me by two points. Kelly whispered into my ear about Emily. She was a true ball-buster. She got an orgasm just from kicking boys in the balls. She told me a story of how she would take advantage of co-ed gym classes for her pleasure. I made a mental note to wear a cup if I ever had a class with her.

Kelly continued on giggling through the story. “So Emily nailed a guy in the balls at the net during volleyball but he was wearing a cup so...” She paused to compose herself after her laughter “She and two other girls pulled him aside at the end of class and held him down. Emily reached into his shorts, snatched the cup right out of his boxers and just nailed him with her knee while the two girls spread his legs. I forgot how many times she got him but he couldn’t walk for a week!”

I made a mental not to never have a class with Emily.

I was in third place, Tina’s slave was second and Melissa’s slave was first.

Melissa took Emily’s slave by the balls, literally, and dragged him across the floor to the stairs, all the way up the stairs, slowly and to a bedroom. All the while we could hear his screams, and laughter from the other mistresses. Melissa’s cruelty surprised me, she had always seemed so nice and not the type to drag a guy by the balls all the way up the stairs.

Emily said “I can’t wait for my turn, I just hope Melissa isn’t too rough on him. It’s no fun busting balls when the boy’s already passed out.”

Kelly said “Jeff, pick a mistress to torture you.”

“Melissa.” I said un-hesitantly.

“Sorry Jeff, she seems to be busy at the moment.” She said just as we could all hear screams from the upstairs bedroom. “You’ll have to pick between Emily and Tina.”

I looked at Tina in her green tank top and jeans and said “I’m gonna make your balls boil. They’re gonna be a nice black when I’m through with them.” She finished, putting her thumbs in her pockets.

I looked at Emily with a tight black shirt on. It buttoned down halfway and all the buttons were open, leaving her abundant cleavage quite obvious. “I just want to play with his plums.” Emily said, biting her lip and making squeezing motions with her hands. “I bet they’re nice and squishy too.”

How was I supposed to choose?
Chapter 5

Kelly rolled her eyes “Will you just pick one already!” She said impatiently.

I don’t know what I was waiting for. The choice wasn’t going to make itself. Maybe I was gambling that the world would end before I had to make a choice. It didn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

“I…don’t know.” I said unsure. I still had no idea who to choose. Tina, on one hand, was familiar. I knew what she was capable of. Or, at least I thought I knew was she was capable of. After all the teasing I had been through these past few days I don’t know how I’d be able to handle Tina’s hands on my cock.

Emily, on the other hand, was a nightmare. Listening to the story of her didn’t just scare me, it made me wish I didn’t have a pair of balls while I still lived on the same planet that she did.

Kelly took my balls firmly in her hands and squeezed, causing marginal pain “Pick one.” She said sternly and impatiently.

There was no reason to my response, at least not a conscious one. I blurted out the first girl that came to mind. Maybe it was her cheeriness that made me less afraid, or the fact that I didn’t have to suffer unimaginable pain but I uttered “Tina” in a high-pitched voice as Kelly clamped my balls.

Emily looked disappointed. Well, no, that’s a lie. I expected her to be disappointed. Her face was that of anger and it didn’t help that Tina had stuck her tongue out at her boldly. I’m sure if Tina had done any more to entice Emily, she would have nailed me in the balls right then and there.

Kelly took my key and gave it to Tina. She put it around her neck and down her tank top, between her breasts.

Tina took me by the arm giddily and pulled me towards the bedroom I was in before with her. As she pulled me I looked back. No one else noticed but me, but Emily mouthed the words “I’ll get you” as I was pulled away. My erection went down in fear, I think I made the wrong choice.

Tina put me on the bed and put my head on the pillow, just as before. I looked at her chest, where the key would be.

She giggled warmly. “You really like breasts don’t you?” She asked openly. “You’re always staring at one us, it’s so funny.”

“I…don’t…I” I mumbled.

“Oh don’t worry, we don’t mind. Or at least I don’t. I love the attention from horny boys like you.” She took my balls in her hand. “Especially when I know the more you look at me, the hornier you get and the more achy your balls get.” She said smiling.

I groaned out as she gave my balls a light squeeze. She was absolutely right. Looking at Tina’s breasts made my cock harden and I could feel my balls filling up, and yet I couldn’t look away, no matter how much I tried. It was a catch-22 of the most painful sort.

“What’s even better about horny boys like you who can’t keep their eyes off of sexy girls like us? You can’t do a thing about it whole you’re still in this cage. We can be all pretty and sexy and we don’t have to worry about you giving into your disgusting habit.

“Let’s get you out of this stuffy cage, ok?” She said thoughtfully. She moved over and sat on my thighs with spread legs. She purposely bent over so that I could look down her cleavage as she slowly pulled the key out of it. I shuttered as I watched the key slide against her breasts and over her head. She stayed bent over as she unlocked my cage and let my cock flop out, already growing to erection from its semi-hard state.

“You must hate this thing huh?” She said, discarding the cage over the side of the bed with a ‘thunk.’ “I hate them as much as you do, really. Flaccid cocks just don’t appeal to me, I just love the look of a red, aching stiffy that throbs when you touch it… and even when you don’t.” She added with a giggle.

An odd silence fell across the room as we both watched my cock enlarge. It started, as erect as the cage allowed it to be, hanging over my balls, and began to grow larger as I started down Tina’s cleavage. Tina’s hands supported her body on either side of my pelvis. Her face was right above my cock and it gave her an excellent top-down view of my growing erection.

My cock ran alongside my right thigh, ever-stiffening. It slid up my thigh and onto my stomach, almost full-size. My cock, now pointing right at me, twitched and grew rigid. A drop of precum leaked out of the head. My cock finally held still and Tina smiled.

“I love watching that. A horny cock like yours getting all stiff for me, it’s such a turn-on!”

Tina took my cock in her hand and caressed it, feeling how hard it was. She smiled as she gripped and squeezed, obviously pleased with its size and density. As she stroked, drops of precum leaked out of its head. Tina smiled.

“I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. I don’t really yield much mercy to my toys.” She stated casually. I think she meant to say “boys.” She saw the look of terror in my eyes and backtracked “Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not like the other girls. I’m not looking to cause you a lot of pain, I just like making horny boys like you even hornier and desperate, and if that involves you crying and screaming with achy blueballs…well there’s nothing I can do about that.”

It wasn’t very reassuring but I did get the feeling that Tina wasn’t all that bad. She didn’t seem to want to harm me but at the same time I doubted that she cared. I doubted even more that she would hesitate to cause me pain if I got out of line. All in all, she seemed like she just wanted to have a bit of fun despite the painful consequences.

Her amazing hands got to work on my aching cock. Suffering through the contest did a lot more than cause me temporary pain. My balls were darker than they had been all week and the pain from the weights still lingered in my loins and stomach. It was an endless cycle. The darker my balls got, the hornier I was and the hornier I was, the darker my balls got and the more pain I felt. What was worse was that I wasn’t just being teased by a girl, being brought to the edge over and over…this was Tina. Her hands felt better than a thousand hands would. She didn’t need lubrication to make my cock feel amazing and her strength and pressure seemed to be directly related to how close I was to cumming.

“Ahhhh…arghhhh.” It was the sound of me screaming in pain. She had brought me to the very edge. And when I say the very edge, I don’t mean the feeling that you know you’re going to cum, I mean the very edge. The feeling that you are cumming, but you’re really not. I felt the stimulation arise and bubble and then it slowly drift away, but not for long. She gave me another loose stroke to replace the feeling inside me. Every time she did so, another huger load of preucm shot out and landed on my chest. Soon, so much precum was on my chest it began flowing down and covering my torso with a thin layer of clear liquid.

One of her hands reached down and tugged my balls downward. Unlike the other mistresses, she didn’t squeeze, something that I was silently happy about. The tug of my taught, firm balls gave my cock an unbelievable ache. It wasn’t pain like getting kicked in the nuts, it was a throbbing twinge. My whole body twitched and shuddered at the feeling. She finally set my cock down. She was still sitting on my thighs and looking over me as she said, in amazement “Your balls are getting really dark.” I groaned out in pain, my body still shuddered.

“You must be really desperate to cum huh?” She said, taking a hold of my balls and rolling them around, and action that sent more drops of precum out of my cock. “I wonder what you would do to cum…how much ballbusting you’d take, how much embarrassment you’d endure just to feel a few seconds of pleasure?” She asked, bringing me to the very edge, reinforcing how desperate I truly was.

“That’s what I love about boys like you; I know you’d do anything for it, something so simple, all I’d have to do is give you one more touch, one more flick of your head and you’d explode all over yourself. I know you’d love it too, it would be the best orgasm in your life! You’d moan in pleasure and shutter in satisfaction and all it would take is one touch…” Her hands stroked and stroked until I was at the very edge, exactly one touch away. She smiled smartly at me, fully in control of my cock.

She giggled a bit, gave my cock a quick stroke and laughed out loud as a load of precum shot out of my cock. “You’re a lot of fun to play with, you know that?” She said, giving my shaft a break and massaged my balls. “I’ve never seen so much precum in my life and you’re just so desperate for release, it’s just so much fun.”

I’m glad she was enjoying herself.

I raised my head to look at my balls. Her hands were still rolling them around. My face scrunched and I collapsed back to a horizontal position. Tina laughed. “Concerned? Don’t worry, my slave’s balls have been darker than this before, I can’t say if it’s very healthy or not though, especially when they’re this dark.”

I moaned out. She didn’t care one way or the other what happened to me and my balls. If they exploded, I’m sure she would laugh. The idea of my balls exploding, I knew was preposterous, but it sure didn’t feel that way!

She gave me more strokes on my cock, loose enough so I could barely feel them. My balls, tight as ever, were pulled to the bottom of my sack. The motion made my entire body shudder as I felt my balls boil with ache. She laughed at my shaking body and stood my cock straight up with her right hand. My cock was covered in precum and it dripped down the shaft slowly. She blew on it. The cold sensation on my sensitive glands made my body shake again to a greater extent. She pointed my cock to a 45 degree angle and gave my cock-head the sensations to make me blow out a huge load of precum landing all over my chest.

She laughed. “That’s just so much precum.” She said in astonishment. You’re amazing! I wish I could play with you all day.” For some reason I didn’t share her opinion.

She let my cock drop to my chest in a pool of precum. “Our times about up Jeff.” She said solemnly. “Don’t worry though, I’ll see you next weekend and of course in school.”

I hoped I’d never see her again.

“Ok, now I need you soft.” She said quickly. “I’m not really into squeezing your balls…but I know someone who iiiiisss.” She said melodically.

No, not her.

“I think Emily would like to come up here and make you soft. How would you like that?” She asked, teasingly.

“No…anyone but her!”

“Aww, you don’t like Emily? I think she likes you. Even after you picked me over her, I think she’d still forgive you enough to smack your balls around.” She said with an evil smile. “I even bet she’d be nice enough to kick you in the balls a few times if you asked her politely.”

“No, you can’t, not Emily!”

I felt the cage go over my cock and click. What?

She began giggling. “Aww, that was mean wasn’t it? Scaring you into thinking big bad Emily was coming to get you. I was just trying to make you soft; I think the thoughts of Emily’s foot to your balls really did the trick huh?” She said, still laughing. I had no idea what to say.

“See Jeff, I’m not cruel, I just like to have a little fun. Otherwise I’d just squeeze your balls to get you soft like the others.” For as much as I loathed every girl in this horrible contest, she was right. If I had known Tina outside of this ordeal, she would have made a good friend.

“Now comeon, Kelly must be waiting for you.”

“Oh hey Jeff.” It was Kelly’s voice as Tina and I came down from the stairs.

“Oooh…” Kelly began. “Looks like Tina did a good job on your balls.” She said, commenting on my dark sack. Tina blushed a bit, not one to brag about her work.

Emily’s slave lay in the fetal position under Emily and Melissa. They were both talking with Kelly. I pitied Emily’s slave. Busted by two mistresses in a row and one of them was Emily. I vowed never to get 4th place.

Melissa spoke this time. “Wow, they are dark. Tina, how do you do it?”

She smiled and shrugged, modest as always. “I guess it’s just lots of practice.” She said, looking back at her own slave. All of the mistresses laughed.

“Well I guess it’s time to go.” Kelly said, putting my clothes back on.

The rest of the mistresses said farewell to each other, bringing their slaves with them. As Kelly and I got into the car, I could have sworn there was still a look of disdain on Emily’s face for me. I was afraid of what she was capable of. I couldn’t avoid her forever.

But I put that aside as We both sat down in the car. The sun had set and darkness covered the sky. The clock read 9:16, I guess time flies when you’re having fun…or being had fun with.

Kelly jostled me. “Hey are you listening to me?”

“Huh? Sorry, I was deep in thought.” I said as she furrowed her brow.

“I said, what did you think of it?” She repeated.

I had no idea what to say. If I said I liked it, well that would just be a plain lie. I didn’t want to say I didn’t like it, because I’m sure she’d go out of her way to find a reason to punish me for my negative attitude. She had a knack for difficult questions and there was no doubt in my mind she enjoyed watching me sweat.

“It was frustrating.” I said, my pitiful attempt at humor.

She laughed, although I’m sure it was more at me than what I had said. “Which girl do you think was the hottest?” She asked and then followed up with “And I want you to be completely honest.”

“You.” I said quickly. The answer seemed pretty obvious to me and anyone else who’d be put in my situation.

“Haha, you’re such a bad liar, you know that? Don’t worry I know I forced you into that one, I won’t punish you for lying this time.”

The fact was, I didn’t lie. She was by far the hottest there. I think Kelly knew I was telling the truth too but I wasn’t sure.

She started the car, turned up the radio and drove home. And to think, this was only the beginning of the night.

She pulled into her driveway next to a black sedan. The other car worried me. I didn’t feel like meeting anyone else tonight, especially not while I was wearing my skimpy attire, bike shorts and a tight T-shirt.

Yet, despite my silent objections, I followed her into her house, worried of what was inside. She fiddled with her keys and unlocked the door to an empty living room.

“Mom, I’m hoooome!” She yelled, putting her keys on a sidetable.

“Hey honey, you’re home early.” The voice said from another room. A few seconds passed and footsteps echoed throughout the house.

When I pictured Kelly’s mom, I had a general idea of a “hip” mom, one that was cool and up with the times. Maybe a little flashy in dressing but not at all like the woman standing in front of me.

“Who’s this?” Kelly’s mom asked. As she had walked through the doorway she had quickly pulled on a shirt over her bra, not expecting any company I had supposed. She looked to be in her late thirties and wore sweat pants from a college I didn’t recognize. All of that was unimportant to me at the moment. My mind glanced over her apparel and focused on her enormous breasts. They definitely ran in the family. They were larger than Kelly’s, which was to be expected and she didn’t seem to be covering them up very well.

Any normal person would have raised an eyebrow at our situation. I was wearing a tight T-shirt and bike shorts with a bulge from the cage. Kelly still had her black outfit on and the key around her neck and her mom wore a tight red T-shirt that didn’t cover her bra very well. I was transfixed on her cleavage as it flowed out of the top of her shirt. It was truly amazing, I had never seen such incredible breasts.

“This is Jeff.” Kelly said. “I met him on Wednesday.”

“So this is the boy I’ve heard so much about.” She said. Uh-oh I thought to myself. “I finally get to meet you.” She put her hand out. “You can call me Gina if you’d like, I’m not into the Ms Gaden thing.” At least I was right about her being hip. I was afraid about what I didn’t know about her.

I stuck out my hand and shook hers. She made a point of bending over to give me a view down her shirt. Under normal circumstances, I would have been put off by that. After spending time with Kelly, I was surprised by much anymore.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” I said politely. She smiled at my remark. Or maybe she smiled because I was still staring at her breasts, I wasn’t sure.

“Did I interrupt you?” Kelly asked.

“No, not at all, I think he needs a break anyway.”

I felt like saying something but decided against it.

They continued talking about things, catching up and whatever it is girls and their moms talk about. I tuned out their conversation and let my imagination travel to sexual daydreams.

“He doesn’t know about him.” Kelly said whispering. It was unnecessary since I could hear her anyway but she said it in a way like I shouldn’t know.

“You haven’t told him?” Her mother asked.

“I haven’t told him anything yet.” Great, more things I didn’t know and everything I didn’t know scared me.

“Well I’ll go get him then.” She said happily and walked back towards the bedroom. In a few seconds I heard a noise that drained the blood from my body. The noise of a male screaming in pain, a terrible, terrible pain. Kelly’s expression didn’t change but I’m sure my face went a pale white.

After the screaming stopped and a few moments went by, her mother came through the door and behind her was a limping man in his late thirties.

Gina announced “This is Steve…Steve, Jeff, Jeff, Steve.” She rattled out quickly introducing us. Steve didn’t move, he was kneeling in pain with his hands cuffed behind him. He wore a pair of boxer-shorts and a button down shirt worn like a jacket, open-buttoned and hanging loosely on his body.

“Don’t be rude Steve.” She yelled to the man in a harsh tone.

He grumbled, something that I assumed was ‘nice to meet you’, or words to that effect. I responded with the same grumble, in the same tone. We probably had a lot in common, or at least, we were in the same situation.

Gina literally dragged him back to the bedroom and shut the door. I couldn’t hear any more noise after that. Once again, anyone in any other circumstances would have found that to be very odd. It didn’t surprise me one bit.

Kelly smiled and took me by the hand to her bedroom. We sat next to each other on the bed. Kelly put her arm around me and pressed her body against me.

“You were a really good boy tonight, you know that?” She said sweetly. “I was really impressed, you didn’t do anything to get yourself punished…and you even got 3rd place! That’s very good for your first competition.” She finished, smiling with pride.

“Thanks.” I said uneasily. Even though she was complimenting me on doing a good job at being tortured, I still felt the satisfaction of winning.

“And don’t worry about getting 3rd place, you’ll get better.” She reassured. She reached into my shorts and gave my balls a little squeeze. “And these will be able to take a lot more pain after more practice.” She said giggling. “You did so well for your first time I think you deserve a little reward.”

Now you’d think I’d learn, but at the state I was in, no amount of common sense would have made me realize my hopelessness. I gave a big smile and tried to say something only to be cut off.

“No silly! I’m not going to let you cum! But I will give you the chance to be a big boy for awhile.” She said jokingly, as if my orgasm was a toy I wanted from aisle 3. “I’m going to take your cage off, without handcuffing you. But I need you to promise me you can control yourself and keep your hands off of your desperate, aching cock.” She said seriously, looking into my eyes.

“Yeah I can.” I said with false confidence.

She smiled with amusement. She pulled off my shorts and T-shirt. She took the key off of her neck and unlocked my cage, slipping it off.

I put my hands behind me on the bed to support my body. My cock grew hard as I thought about Kelly.

“Hang on, before we start, I’m going to change into something more casual. I love being the sexy bitch who gives you blueballs, but we are going out, and I don’t always want to be the bitch.” She stood up and walked to her dresser. “But of course I still want to give you blueballs!” She added, laughing.

She opened the drawer and took off her swooping black top and slipped off her skirt. She was still wearing her black bra and panties. Two loads of precum shot out of my erect cock and landed on my stomach. She turned her head. “Did you just precum?”

I hung my head in embarrassment. “Those hands are getting awfully close to your cock, Jeff.” I looked down, my hands were hovering over my thighs as my cock twitched. I took my hands away quickly, obeying her. She smiled at my obedience and turned away from me, facing the drawer.

“Don’t touch yourself” She said melodically. “I know it must be tough, especially when I bet this is one of your fantasies. Me taking off my clothes in front of you, maybe we’ll have sex later, or I’ll give you a blowjob…sound familiar?”

It sounded very familiar, an uncanny resemblance to...I was going to kill Melissa.

“Yeah Melissa told me allll about it. You have quite the imagination, I must say.” She was referring to the secrets of my sexual thoughts that I had confessed to Melissa. Secrets I trusted would never escape her lips.

She pulled a pink shirt over herself and a white skirt over her legs. She walked back towards me. Her white shirt opened at the top, where it would normally be buttoned. Her giant bust wouldn’t allow her shirt to be fully buttoned even if she tried. Of course her cleavage was extremely evident. Another load of precum leaked out as she got closer.

“How often did you fantasize about me?” She asked seductively, leaning against me.

“I don’t know, I don’t think can re-”

“Melissa tells me you fantasize about me every night.” She said, laughing out loud.

“Well…I” I stuttered.

“And even sometimes in the morning when you take your shower.” She moaned out, brushing her hand against my stiff cock. “I can just imagine you jacking off to me at night. The best part is, I can seduce you all I want and I know you can’t do anything naughty about it.” She said laughing.

She continued “…tell me something, did you ever yell out my name?”

I had done it more times than I’d like to admit. “You’re so perverted I bet you yelled out a lot more than that about me, hehe.” My face turned red.

She saw my embarrassment and said “Oh, comeon Jeff, I’m just teasing you.” She laughed “I mean…I’m just ‘kidding.’”

“Hey! Get those hands away from there!” She grabbed my wrists, getting ever-nearer to my cock, and pushed them on the bed. “Maybe I need to handcuff you…and to think I was so close to letting you feel me up.”

“No! I can control myself please!” I begged.

“Well…you were a good boy before, I guess I’ll give you another chance, you know what I’ll do to you if you try to get yourself off right?”

I didn’t want to know. Despite that I knew she would enjoy telling me just from the fantasy of it. “Well you know I can’t have a disobedient slave right? And if you can’t control yourself, I mean, why should you be allowed to ever cum again? And if you can’t cum ever again, you probably wouldn’t mind losing your balls would you?” My cock had wilted from fear. There was no telling what she was capable off. I reminisced to the story of how she popped a poor boy’s balls just for getting fourth place in the contest.

She noticed my softening cock “Oh I’m scaring you aren’t I? I’m sorry, just promise not to touch yourself ok?”

There was no way I couldn’t promise her that.

“Ok good” She said. “You’re such a sweet guy, you know that? I’m so lucky to have you.” She gave me a small peck on my lips and moved to a full kiss, rubbing her hands on my naked chest. I kissed her back and moved my hands to the sides of her stomach.

Our tongues caressed themselves as we dove into the heat of passion. I had to admit, she was one hell of a kisser. Her hands ran up and down my chest and over my back.

“Are you still nervous with me?” She whispered into my ear. She was referring to my hand placement, they were temptingly close to her breasts but were not touching them. “I’m your girlfriend…Jeff” She said impatiently, stating an obvious fact.

My hands trembled for a moment and reached over to be placed on her large, firm breasts. Without the cock cage on, I was able to be fully aroused. Being teased and denied since Wednesday made her breasts feel like a slice of heaven. I had almost forgot what they had felt like since our first date but the memories came rushing back as I rolled them around in my hand.

I could tell she was enjoying herself. I suppose I was wrong about her. Kelly wasn’t all about torturing me, she wasn’t just a dominating bitch like I had made her out to be in my mind. She was a romantic, passionate woman too, well capable of doing everything a normal couple would do together. The way she made out with me felt as if it was second nature to her. The way her hands moved across my body felt like those of a passionate angel but her firm grip on my muscles reminded me of a seductive Devil. Her hands began touching my thighs, rubbing them up and down. Although I felt my balls ache and my cock throb and twitch, the pain seemed to be whisked away by her comforting moans.

I reached down to where her shirt met the waistline of her skirt. I took both of my hands under the fabric and brought my hands to her bra. I felt her lips smile as I continually kissed her. They felt even better without the impedance of her shirt. Her bra made them feel incredibly firm as I fondled her breasts.

I felt her hands on my upper arms push on me. We slowly descended as I lay my back on the bed, and she on top of me. She pushed on the bed to put herself upright, taking my hands to either side of me.

She smiled at me and pulled her shirt over her head. I could feel a drop of precum leak out of my cock as it hit my stomach. The only thing stopping me from her amazing breasts was the tiny, black bra jiggling as the shirt uplifted.

She took her hands to her own breasts and pushed them up and played with them erotically. My body felt frozen like burning ice. My hands were paralyzed to either side of me as I stared at the magnificent beauty above me.

She supported herself by putting her hands on my shoulders and bending forward. There was nothing covering her cleavage, I got a straight look down her bra which sent shivers down my spine and covered my stomach with fluid.

She was giggling. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“I just realized something, you’ve never seen me naked, you know that? I’ve seen you buck-naked for the past few days in quite a few embarrassing moments but you haven’t even seen me without my bra.” She said, snickering.

She pushed against my shoulders and went back to her upright position. “Now all I have to decide is whether or not you deserve to see them…” She whispered softly, almost too quiet to hear. “I’d bet you’d really like to see them huh?”

I spoke with a dry mouth “Yes, please…more than anything.”

She smiled, “You mean even more than an orgasm?” She said with a wry smile.

My mind spun around for a few moments trying to find my way out of this one. “No, wait I meant…” I started but realized I hadn’t thought my words out any further than that.

“You mean you’d rather have an orgasm, if you had the choice?” She asked with a crooked eyebrow.

“Yes, that’s what I meant.” I said confidently.

She looked back at my throbbing cock, now surrounded in precum, both dry and wet and looked back to me. “Well, since I won’t be giving you an orgasm any time soon, I guess you’ll just have to imagine what my breasts look like.” She smiled as she said it, watching my face droop. “That shouldn’t be a problem though, I’m sure you’ve had lots of practice.”

“No, Kelly…I…” I said, muttering.

“What? You’d rather see my breasts now and give up an orgasm forever?” She asked with a fake sense of wonder. “Well if that’s what you want…” She trailed off, reaching around to unclip her bra.

“No!” I yelled out immediately at my fleeting chance of release “I…”

She laughed out loud and put a finger to my lips after she re-clipped her bra. “I’m being mean to you again aren’t I?” She said with pouty lips. “Especially after you’ve been such a good boy.” She stated, stroking my cheek in a comforting fashion.

“Seriously though.” Kelly began “You have been very good. This evening you really impressed me and the other girls and right now, you’re showing a lot of self-control. If you wanted to, you could bring yourself to orgasm right now.” She reminded me, it seemed like she was going to point that out as much as she could, challenging me. “So don’t worry Jeff, I’ll let you see what you’ve been transfixed on for the past few days.”

I exhaled in happiness and almost jumped up and down with glee. She reached behind her slowly as I heard the snap of each hook coming undone. Her head turned down to her left and she bit her lip. With each clasp, a felt my balls tighten, anticipating the removal of her bra. She brought her hands back to her chest and held the fabric of the garment loosely to her body. She looked at me and smiled, with what I detected was a hint of embarrassment. I didn’t blame her. I was sure she was used to a lot of attention to her chest from the guys at school. I know I, personally, hadn’t stopped staring at her since the first day of school and I was sure she was well aware of my obsession. Therefore, showing me the one thing I had longed for the most would understandably make her cheeks glow red.

She cupped her breasts through the fabric and shot me a seductive look, biting her lip. She enjoyed prolonging the moment and watched every reaction I made. She looked over her shoulder at my precumming cock as if she couldn’t have guessed that it was erupting out of frustration.

Her next move was completely unexpected. She tossed the bra forward like she was passing a basketball. The black bra shrouded my face as it landed on my eyes. So many things went through my mind at once. First of all was surprise. She went from seductive, slow movements to a toss that caught me off guard. Then, frustration, I was so close to seeing her naked breasts and now they were right in front of me yet all I could see was a blurry figure through the sheer bra.

After the initial shock I took my frozen arms and reached for the bra to pull it off my face. I wasn’t fast enough. I felt my wrists taken a hold of and pushed to either side of me. After I struggled against her surprising strength I tried to shake the bra from my face which brought laughter from Kelly. As the bra flew off my face the only thing I saw was Kelly’s face as she gave me a kiss.

“Kelly…please!” I begged.

“You promise to keeps your hands where they are?” She demanded.

“Yes, I will!” I was ready to do anything for her and she knew it.

She slowly let the pressure off of my wrists and put one hand on my eyes. She went back to an upright position.

“Please Kelly.” I repeated, desperate.

“Are you picturing what I look like right now, Jeff? I’m completely naked from the waist up.” She bent back down to give me a kiss and lingered long enough so I could really feel her breasts against my chest. Her nipples were erect and her breasts felt amazingly firm against me. I felt my cock unload precum all over myself. My balls felt incredibly tight in my sack. My breathing grew quick and hoarse as I felt the passion run through my body.

“Keep your eyes shut.” She whispered as I felt her warm breath on my lips.

She took her hand away slowly, making sure my eyes were shut. I was so close I didn’t want to botch my chances of seeing her naked.

She put her hands on either side of my stomach and waited, watching my face contort.

“Ok Jeff…you can look now.”

My eyes shot open and focused on her naked breasts. They were amazing! They were better than I had pictured, better than anything I had ever seen before. They stood firm and her nipples stood out as if drawing my eyes to her.

Immediately my body shuddered and shook as if ice cubes had been dumped all over it. My cock trembled and my balls felt like they were about to explode. Loads of precum launched from my cock as I quivered under her weight.

Her expression didn’t change from her wry smile as she watched me shake. After a few moments she looked back with wide eyes at the load of precum I had produced, a quantity I could only guess at.

Normally, I would have felt like I had been kicked in the nuts. The effect of hours of teasing was equaled to the effect her breasts had on my eyes. I’m sure my balls turned several shades darker. Yet, somehow, I didn’t feel pain. My whole body felt numb as it tingled all over. I was drunk on her, intoxicated with her persona and captivated by her sensuality. Precum continued to escape from my cock but I couldn’t tell you how much.

Her hands danced on my chest as she bent in for another kiss. My lips were still, I was too stunned to kiss back. She didn’t seem to mind as her body made humping motions on my chest. She scooted forward and pressed her breasts against my face. She knew me better than I knew myself. She held my hands down. It was a necessity because right then, I lifted my hands to bring myself to orgasm, a subconscious move I couldn’t stop myself from if I had tried with all my might.

Her breasts felt incredible on my face. And better yet was the feeling of her body rubbing itself across mine. She was incredibly horny. She took a free hand and took it down her panties, touching herself. She remedied my self-control problem by putting both my hands on her breasts. I couldn’t give you a rational reason, but my hands were glued to her breasts, fondling them with all my strength, effectively keeping me from touching myself.

She moaned out as I felt her body hump mine faster. Her warm panties against my chest made me shudder in pleasure. Her motions became faster and more forceful. She moaned out with built-up pleasure and continued to hump me throughout her orgasm and afterwards.

Her thrusts became slower as she relaxed and let the pleasure coarse through her body. She shut her eyes and absorbed the after-effects of her orgasm.

She literally had to peel my hands off of her breasts.

“That was amazing Jeff! That felt…soooooo good. You make me so horny I can’t stand it!” She exclaimed.

She collapsed on my chest and wrapped her arms around me, squeezing me. I put mine across her back and massaged her. She kissed me again and again.

She seemed to be resting on me forever until I eventually realized she had fallen asleep out of sexual pleasure. I felt my eyes grow heavy as darkness covered my vision and I had fallen asleep.
Chapter 6

My eyelids parted slowly. It took me a few moments to gain consciousness as if I had awoken from a wonderful dream. Last night felt like I had been at an all-night party and I was feeling the effects of it in the morning. I had gotten drunk on the lust that we had shared and I had overdosed on pleasure. My balls were undergoing their own form of a hangover and I didn’t think a cold shower was going to help this one.

I expected Kelly to still be on top of me but she wasn’t. I supposed I couldn’t really expect anything from her. What was worse was that she was nowhere to be found, I assumed she had left the room for breakfast or something. I lurched forward to a sitting position but was tossed back to the bed. I was restrained to the bedposts with metal handcuffs. My legs were tied to the bed with thick rope as well. Great.

I looked down at my cock, it was rock hard and desperate for attention. I squirmed out of frustration and exhaled roughly to finally let my body relax in defeat. At least when my cage was on I didn’t feel this overwhelming craving for contact.

Maybe Kelly only left for a short while. If that was true then why would she have tied me down? My situation was perplexing. I looked over to the nightstand, the digital clock read 11:32 in large red numbers. I exhaled, I had slept a very long time and there was no telling when Kelly would have left the room.

The door creaked open slowly. Good. Kelly’s back, I thought optimistically.

Even though I was tied spread-eagle to the bed and completely naked I still tried to cover myself. It was probably funny for anyone to watch as I squirmed a bit, forgetting that my limbs were still tied down.

My hairs stood on-end when I saw the figure move through the door. It was Mrs. Gaden! I struggled against the restraints. I did not want to be in the same room as her alone.

“Well hello Jeff, I’m glad we will have a chance to formally meet. I’m sorry that I was so rushed before.” She said politely moving over to the side of the bed. Her attitude didn’t suggest that my nudity had any affect on her. Nor did my aching, rock hard cock for that matter.

Of course I tried to get my cock to calm down but with the way she was dressed, there was no way I was going to be soft. Although she must have been in her late thirties to have been the mother of Kelly, she seemed like she was in her twenties. A youthful Spanish-based complexion was emphasized by her thick eyebrows other women would kill to have. Her body wasn’t that of a cheerleader but it could be described as “trim” especially compared to what I was focused on right now.

Her breasts were that of a goddess’s. They were enormous and they jiggled with every step she took. If I was a tad bit hornier I knew I would have shot out a load of precum when she first walked through the door. Fortunately for my embarrassment’s sake I didn’t. I knew it was going to happen soon, however, as I felt my cock begin to stir at the stimulation.

In my state of arousal it was impossible not to stare at her breasts. I didn’t care what impression I gave to her, I couldn’t stop myself no matter how hard I tried.

Even so, she didn’t seem to care as if I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. Then again, nothing since I had met Kelly had been “ordinary.”

Mrs. Gaden sat next to me on the bed and turned to her right to look at me. “So how long have you known Kelly?” She asked. My eyes were still on her breasts as she breathed in and out. I said “Since last Wednesday, that was our first date.” I responded with a shaky voice.

She smiled. “She really seems to like you…” She began. Her eyes moved toward my cock and balls, both of which were still dark colors despite the time they had to recover. “…a lot.” She continued with a laugh. “She usually doesn’t bring a boy home until after a few dates.” She stated.

“Well I think she needed me ready for the contest on Saturday.” I responded. What was I saying!? My tone of voice was as if it was a common idea for me. As if all girls dated guys in this fashion, imprisoning them and using them for their own pleasure. I was becoming des-sensitized to this entire ordeal. At this rate, in a week, I’m sure not having blueballs would seem odd to me.

“That makes sense.” She responded. “But trust me, she definitely sees something in you. To be frank, most guys don’t get blueballs from her until a week after they start dating her.” She said in a calm tone.

“I guess…” I responded. She set her hand down on my thigh casually. The motion made me jump a bit.

“What do you think of her?” She asked, rubbing her hand up my thigh.

“I really like her a lot.” I said. Her hand squeezed slightly.

“I bet. You don’t have to hide anything from me Jeff. You can tell me anything and it won’t leave this room.”

“But I mean it.” I said weakly.

She brushed her brown hair off the side of her head. “You mean to tell me you enjoy being teased like this?” She asked with a crooked eyebrow.


“And you mean to tell me—“ She let her hand rest on my balls, something I had no idea how to react to. “—that you enjoy that awful aching pain in your balls, let alone any physical pain that she’s given you.”

“Well…I mean…I…”

“I think I know what you mean. You think I’m going to tell Kelly what you’re saying to me. You don’t have to worry. I won’t, I just want to hear what you think, that’s all.”

She was the first person I had ever been in that situation with since Wednesday. Every person I knew was involved somehow with Kelly, even my best friend, Melissa.

“Well to be honest I hate this. My balls are killing me and I don’t think I’m ever going to get any relief.” I confessed.

“Aww, you poor thing.” She said, massaging my balls. “These must ache terribly, don’t they?” She asked sympathetically. “But you know what’s probably making them feel awful?”

“What?” I asked with cringed eyes as I felt her hands roll my aching balls around menacingly.

“The fact that you’ve been staring at my breasts since I walked in here.” She answered with a superior smile. I adverted my eyes. “Sorry.” I mumbled.

“No it’s all right, you can look at them. Trust me I’m used to it, plus I know there’s no way I could stop you even if I wanted to.” She said teasingly, still rolling my balls around. The stimulation was bringing my groin back to the awful state it had been last night. Her hand gave me two quick strokes and then went back to my balls. The stimulation brought me to the edge. My torso shot up in pain as the blueballs set in. Mrs. Gaden only laughed at me and continued her torture.

“Hurts doesn’t it?” She asked with a sense of sensuality.

“Ughhhh, yes.” I moaned out in pain as I felt my balls begin to boil.

“Mmmm, how about now?” I felt my stomach crunch and my teeth grit as her hand clamped my balls and squeezed the life out of them. I screamed in pain at the unexpected clamp and squirmed at my restraints to get free. Her hand slowly let loose and went back to my cock to give me pity strokes.

“Awww, did I hurt your poor little balls?” She gave me a stinging swat which made my body lurch into the air. “Your sensitive blueballs must be in so much pain right now huh?”

“Ahhhh, yes!” I screamed. She gave me another slap making me scream louder than before. She seemed to have a knack for delivering just the right amount of pain to make my body feel more terrible every time she struck.

She stopped at her 15th stroke. I begged her to stop and she ignored me. She took my balls roughly in her hand and squeezed hard. I screamed out in pain and wriggled in place.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I pleaded, choking on my own words.

With another slap she said “Oh I’m just having a little fun with you that’s all, now hold still, this one’s gonna hurt.”

My body tensed as I prepared myself for the strike of her hand. Instead it was the voice of Kelly. “Mom!” She yelled.

“Oh, honey, I didn’t know you would be back so soon.” Mrs. Gaden said, trying to take the blame off of herself.

“You said you wouldn’t touch this one!” Kelly whined. Most teenage girls and their moms argue about curfew or other rules but these two argued over who got to torment me.

“I just wanted to play with him a little.”

“But you promised…” Insisted Kelly. “You remember what happened to the last one.”

Mrs. Gaden sighed impatiently. “That was different. I had no idea…”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s mine.” Kelly insisted.

“Ok, ok.” Her mother started. “You can have him, I’ll keep my hands off of him.” And with that she left the room and shut the door a bit harder than she had to. Kelly rolled her eyes and came over to sit between my legs. She took my soft cock in her hands and started petting it softly as if trying to comfort it.

Despite the immense pain that her mother inflicted, Kelly’s hands felt good against my cock as it grew back to full size.

“I’m sorry about that Jeff, your poor balls must really hurt.”

I moaned in incoherent agreement. The pain left me speechless and all I could do was groan and squirm in pain. Her mom really went all-out to torture me, her hits seemed to inflict more pain than they should have, although, it could have been a combined effect of the blows and my sensitive blue balls.

“You poor balls, my mom can be really rough on them sometimes.”

I moaned out in pain, struggling against the restraints. Kelly rolled my balls around. Normally, the sensation would have felt great but my balls were so sensitive all I could feel was pain. She started to stroke my cock, trying to get me hard again. After a few minutes of strokes that I could barely feel, she took her hands away in frustration from her inability to get me erect.

“I think I know what will get you hard again…” She said seductively. She took my soft cock and held it upwards, her body bent at a slight angle which allowed me to see her for the first time since she had walked into the room. She wore a summer yellow tank top with a pair of matching yellow shorts. The top was probably meant to be worn under something as it didn’t really cover anything up.

My eyes were transfixed on her and the only thing that took them away from her gorgeous cleavage was what she did next. She stroked my cock vertically a few times and then took me into her mouth. My heart skipped a beat as I absorbed what was going on. The pleasure was instant and incredible as flowed through my body. I shuttered and moaned out while coughing. Her mouth was incredibly skilled at the art of pleasure and my body flapped like a fish on dry land as it experienced a piece of heaven. In no time, my cock rose and stiffened in her mouth. As I grew hard, she moaned out and increased both of our pleasure.

I felt my balls start to boil as the pain dissipated. She seemed to be removing the terrible ball-busting pain with expert ease however she was replacing it with a terrible ache as I felt myself reaching the edge. I couldn’t decide what was worse.

I grunted out in pleasure as I felt myself reach the edge. I expected her to take me out of her mouth. Instead, she left me in and slowed her motions. The pleasure remained and increased. I moaned out considerably and twitched and rustled against the restraints.

She kept me right on the edge for what seemed an eternity. I felt like I could cum at any second. I thrusted my hips desperately, at any chance of getting an orgasm.

She took me out of her mouth and gave my balls a little slap. The pain slithered through my body. Normally a playful slap like that would have only made me cringe. After what her mom had done to me, even the slightest touch sent me into tremors.

“Stay still.” She said with discipline in her voice and resumed her work. It was nearly impossible to remain motionless as she brought me to the edge again. I was so close I only needed a few good strokes to set me off. Just as I started to move my hips she took me out of her mouth.

“There, that did it, no more pain right?” She asked sympathetically. “And you’re hard, very, very hard.

The pain from her mom was nearly gone, so she was right in that aspect. Yet, it was only replaced by that familiar ache that I don’t think I would ever get used to. I groaned out as she gave me a painful stroke, reminding me what getting blueballs felt like.

“Good,” She said happily at my lack of pain. “I can play with you now that you’re hard.”

Great I thought to myself. I supposed it was better than being stuck with her mother. It was like being taken out of the frying pan and into the fire.

She almost immediately started stroking me after taking me out of her mouth. I was sure she wanted me to stay on the edge as long as possible. She stroked and stroked until a giant load of built-up precum shot from my cock and landed on my stomach.

She let go of my cock and straddled my legs with hers. I got an excellent view of her cleavage as her body relaxed on mine. I could feel precum drip out of my cock and form a pool of liquid underneath the head as it rested on my stomach.

She scooted up my body and put her face against mine. I could feel her firm breasts rub against my stomach and then my chest as her body moved up my chest. She gave me a small kiss on the lips and then continued to use her tongue to manipulate the inside of my mouth. I could feel her fondling her own breasts through her yellow top as she moaned out in pleasure. I struggled against the restraints to get free. I was so close and her lips against mine and the feeling of her warm body close to me was making it extremely difficult to relax.

She took her mouth from mine. She pressed her breasts against my face, making more precum leak out of my cock. Not surprisingly, her breasts felt amazing. I think the fact that I had blueballs made their eroticism that more potent. I felt her slip off her shorts and panties. I could feel the heat around my crotch increase as she pressed her pussy against my thighs. She moaned out “Mmm, Jeff, I’m so horny.”

She moved her body up and placed her hips above my head. She lowered herself on me and I felt her warmth on top of me.

“Mmmm, go ahead Jeff, lick me. I want to cum so bad!” She said making sure to use a mocking tone, using the same voice as I had used many times before.

I was desperate for her and she loved it. I was willing to do anything for her. She groaned out in pleasure and rocked back and forth. I felt her hips motion forward and back as I felt the area get warm. It was the first time I had ever given oral sex to a woman. Although I doubted my lack of skill was going to effect her orgasm. She was so turned on, nothing was going to stop her from feeling that intense pleasure I craved for.

She tasted sweet against my tongue which made my erection throb and grow. She cried out in pleasure and screamed in ecstasy. Her juices filled my face and she took her crotch off of me leisurely.

I felt her reach behind her and tug on my cock, bringing me back to the edge and covering my stomach in my own precum. She pressed her breasts against my face and rubbed her clit to orgasm. I felt her warm liquid mix with my precum on my stomach as it dripped out of her pussy. She rubbed her body and breasts across mine. The feeling of her soft breasts rubbing against my face made me moan out in pleasure and made my cock leak precum like crazy. My balls tightened but were never given that last touch. My cock and balls sat desperate below Kelly, waiting for the pleasure that would never each them. Only a few inches away was Kelly bringing herself to the second orgasm in a minute while my balls had undergone countless hours of teasing. She repeated her pleasured noises and came again then collapsed on my body in satisfaction and moaned softly.

“Oh, that felt so good Jeff! I came so hard on you.” She said passionately, resting her hands on my outstretched arms and relaxing her body on mine. “It almost makes me feel bad about leaving you with blueballs.” She said with a smile and reaching back to make sure I was still on the edge, which only took a light brush of her hand along my shaft.

She took her hands and supported herself on either side of me. My eyes were still focused directly above me at her dangling breasts.

“How are my balls holding up?” She asked with a smile. Her head bent down and looked under her body at my crotch with a smile. She was getting turned on by the swelling look of my balls and she wasn’t trying to hide it.

“They ache so much Kelly, please….let me cum.” I begged.

She giggled at me and reached under her body, grabbed my cock firmly and brought me back to the edge. The constant stimulation was making my balls dark and painful, which just made Kelly’s arousal even greater.

I was miserable. Here I was handcuffed, outstretched and helpless and Kelly just had two orgasms on top of me. I had to admit however, her body did feel wonderful lying on top of mine.

She gave me a little kiss and stroked me some more, determined that I stayed on the edge.

“Kelly…please.” I begged. My body was shaking now, twitching along with my cock. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take.

She placed her index finger across my lips. “Shhh.” She whispered. “Just relax, I know your blueballs ache and your cock’s throbbing but just try to enjoy our time together.” It was easy for her to relax after she had just cum twice.

Her words were soft and melodic but they didn’t do much to comfort me. After she had gotten over her orgasm she sat up next to me on the bed. She stripped herself of her yellow tank top and lay it down on the other side of my body. Normally this is how one of my late-night fantasies starts, except I knew this wouldn’t end the same way.

I managed to look past blurry eyes and then to her magnificent breasts. Precum shot out of my cock again and again as I watched them move slowly up and down along with her breathing. I groaned out in pain. My balls were tightening and becoming darker and her naked body next to me was making it worse.

She blushed a little. This was the first time she was completely naked in front of me. It was the first time she had ever been completely naked around me and even though she was dominant and in control, she still had modesty. I could tell she was a little embarrassed, I was moving my eyes all over her body and every time my eyes reached her nipples I launched a load of precum out.

A smile went across her face as she watched my eyes and my aching cock. She knew what she was doing to me and she liked it.

I thought I never wanted an orgasm more in my life. In fact I’d be happy with just simple relief. This pain was terrible and it wasn’t showing any signs of getting better.

Kelly put her elbow on my hip and used her other hand to caress my cock. It only took a few strokes to bring me to the edge and make my body shudder in pain. Precum flowed over the sides of my stomach and soaked into the sheets.

She rolled my balls around. A smile went across her face as I was sure she was happy that my balls felt so full and ready to burst. My eyes, fixated on her breasts, noticed that her nipples were very erect.

She took my balls in her hand slowly and began to give them little squeezes. They were so sensitive that every compression felt magnified ten times what it should have been. All of my limbs stretched the handcuffs and rattled the chains. It was an odd scene, to an outside observer, it probably only looked like she was giving my balls a light massage.

Despite the pain, my cock stayed hard and erect. Kelly stopped the squeezing momentarily to bring me back to the bitter edge and then went back to my pleasured torment.

“Ahhhh.” I yelled out as I felt her hand give my balls a long, drawn out squeeze. She giggled at my pain and increased the pressure. She was finding the whole situation hilarious.

“I’m not even squeezing hard Jeff, settle down.” She said. She kept increasing the pressure, it felt like there was a clamp on my balls and there was nothing I could do about it but scream. Tears rolled down my eyes and I whimpered in pain. Kelly rolled my balls around while still keeping the same pressure. I gritted my teeth and shut my eyes and as soon as I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped.

“Poor thing…” She said offhandedly with fake sympathy. She took her hand back to my cock and ran her finger over the red shaft. She stopped at my purple head and made circles with her finger pad. The effect quickly took me to the edge and made precum spill out like crazy.

Kelly reached off the edge of the bed and took the cock cage in her hand. “Ok I need you to be soft.” She said matter-of-factly.

I knew what that meant.

“Kelly…wait, no, you-you can’t…my balls they hurt so much!” I pleaded.

“Hehe, settle down.” She said comfortingly. “It’ll only hurt for a little bit.”

Right. I thought to myself sarcastically. In my state it was going to take twice as much pain to get me soft and I was going to feel it twice as long too. Of course I only had a few seconds to think this over until I felt the first slap.

She had brought her hand back behind her head and then back down on my balls. With good follow-through, she managed to make sweeping motions back and forth to retain momentum by using the backside of her hand on the down-slap. My body lurched upwards and fell back down in pain. She was really getting into it, laughing out loud at each of my screams and moaning out in pleasure at my suffering.

I was in too much pain to beg her to stop; all I could let out were echoing shrieks at each hit. Tears rolled down my face as I felt myself grow soft and even when I was soft she managed to give me 5 more slaps just for good measure.

Completely out of it, I could barely feel the cold plastic cover my cock. My mind swirled at the pain and I didn’t even hear the lock snap. The next thing I could remember was that the clock was an hour later and Kelly had entered the room. I must have really been out of it.

“Are you awake yet?” She asked impatiently. I realized the handcuffs were gone as I moved my hands to my throbbing head. A cold washcloth had been placed across my forehead. My balls felt numb and I could still feel a sharp pain swelling deep within them.

Kelly dragged my unresponsive body to a standing position. My legs felt wobbly as she draped my right arm over her shoulders. She led me out the door and into the living room. Her mom and Steve were watching TV and did nothing more than look up at me and then back to the TV. Kelly led me to my car and put me in the back seat. I collapsed and closed my eyes.

“Jeff…wake up, you’re home.”

I opened my eyes. She was right. I was outside of my house. I looked around. I was at my front door too. I was even dressed. I had no idea when any of this happened. The next thing I remember was me waking up in bed to a door knocking. It was my mom on the other side. “Is everything all right hon? I haven’t seen you all weekend.”

I sighed. Everything wasn’t going good at all. It had been almost a week since I had relief, my balls still hurt like all hell and I had no idea what time it was or what had happen or what was going to happen. That’s when I noticed a note on top of me. I picked it up and opened up the folds. There was a list and lots of writing; Kelly had written it.


“Everything’s fine mom…everything’s fine.”
Chapter 7

I unfolded the note. On it was writing neatly written on a piece of pink notebook paper. Any student could easily recognize what I had in my hand. Girls passed these around in class all the time and this specific piece looked no different from any of the others.

Although I doubted the notes girls passed around in class involved this kind of material.


Hey! If you’re reading this you’ve finally woken up. Your balls probably hurt like hell but they should have gotten numb by now. Anyway I wrote my screename and phone number on the back of this. I want you to call me or IM me around 8.

Also, you’ll probably have the urge to touch yourself really bad. It’s going to be tough in your cage for awhile but it has to be done and I think we both know why! Also, don’t try to touch your balls for awhile, they’re still really sensitive and even a slight nudge is going to hurt.

Love ya xoxoxo


Next to her signature was a kiss made with lipstick. I turned the paper over to see her number and screename. I made a mental note to call her.

The note was not what I was looking forward to. Everything she said was an understatement. My balls were in a lot of pain and numb didn’t even begin to describe the way they felt. My cock felt needier for attention now than it ever did.

I got to a sitting position. The clock read 5:45pm, my mom was going to be calling me for dinner soon.

Then it hit me. I reached down and took a hold of my cage. My cock was swelling inside and desperate for touch. I rubbed my hands down the plastic curve with rapid motions. The only feeling I had was the plastic running through my fingers. I needed to cum so bad. Hell any feeling would have been fine.

I moaned out loud at my frustration. It was greater than it had ever been in my life. I would have given anything for the slightest touch. I tugged on the cage and tried tearing it open. I began crying and moaning. I needed it right now!

I rubbed and rubbed as hard as I could. Rationally I knew it would do no good but I couldn’t help myself. Exhausted, I collapsed back on the bed. I could feel my cock pulsing and still aching for a simple touch.

I rolled back and forth in the fetal position and finally just gritted my teeth and tried to wait it out.

“Honey?” I heard followed by a knock to the door.

It was my mom “Yeah?” I answered with a hoarse voice.

“Are you ok? You’ve been in there awhile.” She said with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just didn’t get much sleep.” I replied. It was true too.

“Oh ok…well dinner’s ready.”

“Ok.” I replied quietly.

I heard footsteps away from the door and back down stairs. The distraction took my mind off of my cock for a moment. Of course after she left it felt even worse. I got up and tried to make myself presentable. My cage stuck out a bit from my pants but it wasn’t noticeable unless you looked for it.

I went downstairs slowly and tried to compose myself. I was still as desperate as ever and it was only made worse by the fact that I had access to my groin but was closed off by less than a centimeter or plastic.

I sat down at the table. Both my parents were talking about their day and asked me about my weekend. To be honest I can’t remember a thing about the conversation. I was too busy with thoughts of Kelly and my aching balls. After dinner we talked some more and finished talking at about 7:00.

I was excused from the table and I went back to my room. My dad offered to watch a movie with me but I said I was way too tired. It was partly true but I really just didn’t want to be around anyone in my condition.

I sat down in my chair on turned on the computer. It hummed to life as I put my hands behind my head. My Instant Messenger turns on automatically and the first thing I saw were IMs from several people.

Usually I never get any instant messages.

I clicked on the first one. I didn’t know the username. It read “Hey there!” with pink letters. I typed back “hello.”

It turned out to be Kelly. She was glad I was on so early. We talked for awhile. I was surprised the conversation didn’t first go to my condition. She asked me how I was and I replied by asking her the same. Online small talk.

It was almost as if she forgot about my blueballs. I decided to hint at it. Her words seemed to be a lot happier and upbeat now that we were talking about my suffering. She asked me detailed questions about the degree of the pain and how full they really felt. I was at a loss for words on how to describe such things. I was in more pain than I had ever been in my life. Even the slightest nudge on my balls felt like a strong slap and every moment I was thinking about sex as my cock craved contact.

Kelly just laughed at me when I told her all of this, making sure to remark how wonderful her orgasm had been both times while we were together earlier today. I can’t say I was very happy for her.

I clicked on another window. It was another of my friends asking me about an assignment and when it was due; I answered and minimized the window to read the next.

“Are you the one with blueballs?”

The window read. I sighed, how many people knew of my condition? I answered with a greeting and inquired how she knew me.

She told me she was Kelly’s friend. I went back to Kelly’s IM. She was talking about her day after I had left. I switched back to Kelly’s friend. Her name was Stephanie and I couldn’t recall ever meeting her before. We got to talking and I discovered we had the same lunch period. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. I assumed anything to do with Kelly was a bad thing.

I talked to Kelly some more about her day. She made reference to her breasts a bit too many times to be considered regular conversation. She talked about how she couldn’t decide which bra to wear and then went on about how it was tough to find shirts that fit her. It kept my cock straining against the sides of the cage, and although it made me crave contact more and made my balls ache, I couldn’t help but read everything she sent me with a drooling mouth.

I stayed online for another hour as our messages became further apart and of lesser importance. At about 8:30 I felt my eyes become heavy. I told Kelly I was tired and needed to go to bed. She agreed it was kind of late on a Sunday night and said goodbye.

“Nighty night, don’t let your balls keep you up all night.”

Was the last thing I read before I signed off and went to bed.

I washed my face, put on my pajamas and tucked myself into my sheets. Closing my eyes all I could think of was sex. Usually this would be the time to relieve myself at the end of the night. Not only was I unable to, but the urge was that much stronger. My mind kept focusing on Kelly. It didn’t help for her to tease me online with talk of her breasts as that was all I could think about.

I rolled back and forth, trying to get comfortable. The more I tried to take my mind off of the best cleavage I had ever seen in my life, the more it haunted me. Thoughts of her breasts bouncing in front of my eyes and rolling around in my hands kept my cock stiff in my cage and desperate for release.

I had no concept of time but when I awoke I felt like I hadn’t slept the entire night.

Regardless, I sat on the edge of my bed looking down at my groin. My balls felt fuller and my cock felt all the more desperate. I groaned out softly as I stood up, feeling the ache in my balls magnify.

Adjusting the faucets, I stepped into the shower and let to water run over my body. The water was necessarily frigid and I felt it calm my throbbing cock down. Even with the cold water creating goosebumbs on my body I still remained hard. No matter what I could do I don’t think I was ever going to get completely soft.

I dried myself off and got dressed. I found a loose pair of pants that needed a belt to keep them on and a dark blue shirt.

I ate breakfast alone and got into my car to drive to school.

My first period was Literature, mostly a boring class with my old teacher droning on and on about the book I blew off reading. My mind unsurprisingly wasn’t focused and I kept staring at all the girls in the class. Fortunately, I sat in the back and was able to ogle all of them without them noticing me.

Even the girls I barely gave a second-look to before were now popping out at me and captivating my imagination. I probably stared at this one girl’s breasts for a full five minutes as she wrote down notes from the board. The side-view of her breasts was minimal and I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look before.

I dreaded my math class. No, not because of the material, but because of the teacher, Miss Hart. She was in her early twenties and had a body and face of an angel. All of the guys fantasized about her. She was the focus of many locker-room rants and probably the main topic of many of the boy’s late night thoughts.

All of which was well deserved as she made no effort to be modest. I didn’t know how she got away with it but she always wore skirts that seemed just a tad too high and shirts that showed every possible curve she had to offer. I wanted to see at just the right angle. Nothing she wore broke any rules as long as she stood the right way around faculty to cover herself. But during class she seemed to walk in a different fashion and move in a seductive way that I had trouble putting my finger on.

When teachers complain about student’s “not paying attention,” Miss Hart never seemed to have that problem with the male category of the class. Although I doubt any of us were paying attention to the classroom material, we were all very focused on her “material.”

She probably knew it too. I assumed she liked all the attention from the younger men as she went about reaching all the way up to the top of the chalkboard to write and frequently dropping things on the ground to pick up.

It was going to be a tough class. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a second as she went about teaching the class.

When the period was over I couldn’t remember a thing she had said and the hour felt more like five minutes.

Biology was a lab that I couldn’t focus on. Something involving a microscope and a Petri dish. I stared down the lens and instead of seeing cocci bacteria all I could see was Kelly naked in front of me, getting on top of me for oral sex. Obviously, that period seemed to drag on as I ended up copying another person’s data.

Gym was a nightmare. Wearing gym shorts was not good at all with a cage. It protruded out of the fabric all too well and I had to do everything I could to hide it. I’m sure all of the girls in the class thought I had an erection the entire class period. I surmised that even if I wasn’t wearing the cage, the latter would have been the truth.

Speaking of the girls, all of them were driving me crazy. They all wore incredibly short shorts that just barely covered their underwear. Normally such skimpy attire would have gone against school rules but in gym not only could they get away with short shorts but most teachers couldn’t care less.

Not to mention that the girls could wear skimpy tops as well to gym. Despite the rule that everyone had to wear the school gym-uniform, girls found ways around it. Either tying the end of the shirt to make it more form-fitting or wearing a tank-top under it and removing the uniform halfway through class.

Standing in line to bat next to a scantly-clad young woman was not the best thing for me. I kept looking over to her and at her breasts. I’m sure she noticed and my face turned red as she crossed her arms over her breasts to block my eyes.

Watching the girls run around the bases was tough. Their long legs and firm asses made my cock throb in its entrapment. Not to mention bouncing breasts at every jog and girls hot and sweaty after running. All of it combined to keep me in agony.

As the girls got warmer from the activity they started shedding their layers. At the end of class all of them were in hot tank tops and short shorts making my arousal greater as time went on.

As the period ended and I went back to the locker room I had to wait for all the guys to leave before I could shower. Even then, I showered with my shorts on, too afraid to reveal my plastic cage to anyone.

As I took my shower all I could think about was the girls doing the same in their respective locker room. The thought of twenty naked girls steamy and hot all together in the same area was making my arousal painful.

I got dressed and headed for lunch. I gave a great sigh as I spotted Melissa at our table. Although the prospect of sitting with her was scary, it was heightened by the sight of two other girls sitting with her.

A chill went up my spine as I saw Melissa point to me and the other girls all look at me in unison. I sat down at the table to see all of them with big smiles on their faces. Great.

“Hey Jeff.” Melissa started. “These are just a few friends of mine. I think you know Stephanie right?” She asked with a smile. Stephanie covered her mouth with a giggle.

My eyes should have been trying to draw attention away from myself but instead I couldn’t help but stare at Stephanie. She wore a tight purple shirt that enhanced her breasts perfectly. Her skirt was probably her best feature as it clearly rode up way too far on her legs.

“And this is Michelle, she’s a Sophomore.” Michelle smiled at me politely. From what Melissa said, I assumed Stephanie was a Senior like us. I had no idea why Michelle was here or how she knew Melissa.

Stephanie piped in right away. “How do they feel?!” She asked loudly, furthering my embarrassment. There was no doubt she was referring to my balls. I wanted to be out of this situation as soon as possible.

“They hurt a lot.” I said blandly.

“Really?” She said with an elated voice. “How badly?” the whole situation was enthralling to her. She seemed extremely interested in any information about my blueballs.

I was stuck. With Melissa there I was forced to answer, and answer correctly too.

“They ache, it hurts all the time.” I stated with a wince in my eye.

Stephanie bit her lip, she was really enjoying this. “Can...can I see?” She asked hesitantly.

Absolutely not. I thought to myself. Melissa was smiling and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to say no around her. Without giving me a chance to respond, Stephanie went around the table and sat next to me on my right. She nudged herself against me and put her hands on my pant’s zipper and button.

“Whoa, hang on.” I said. “Someone’s gonna see.” I blurted.

“Don’t worry, no one’s looking.” Stephanie said. I doubted that even if she had seen someone looking that she would have stopped.

She greedily opened my pants, splitting the zipper open and looking in awe at my crotch. She was curious as to what the contraption was covering my cock.

“It’s a cock cage.” Melissa explained while still eating her lunch. “It stops him from getting a boner or jacking off.” She finished calmly, taking another bite of her sandwich.

“Wow, that’s a really good idea, but why can’t he take it off?”

“It’s locked.”

“With a key?”

“Yeah, Kelly has it, but she gave me a copy.”

I didn’t know this, and it wasn’t very comforting that Melissa had access to me. What worried me more was that Melissa seemed to have a lot of friends who could really take advantage of this situation.

Stephanie reached inside past the plastic and took my balls in her hand. The light grasp made my sensitive balls tighten and I felt pain rush through my stomach. I winced and reacted in pain. Stephanie giggled a bit, not realizing how much pain she had given me.

“They feel really big!” She exclaimed, rolling them in their hand.

“Ahhh, don’t squeeze them.” I stammered.

Melissa stepped in. “Steph, his nuts are really sensitive, don’t be rough with them.”

Stephanie giggled and it didn’t seem like she was being any gentler with me. She kept rolling my balls around. The pain made me grit my teeth and put my head against my arm on the table.

“I’ve never felt balls this full before.” Stephanie exclaimed, fondling and squeezing my balls.

“...Obviously.” Melissa remarked. “Let go of his balls now, he’s been through enough.”

With reluctance, Stephanie released he grip of my sensitive balls and took her hands away. I was left to zip myself back up.

I realized Michelle hadn’t said a word when Melissa asked “Michelle, do you want a go?”

Michelle shook her head. “It’s ok.” She said quietly, she seemed to be very shy.

Melissa talked with Stephanie for awhile. They discussed the entire idea of controlling boys for their own pleasure thoroughly. I was left sitting next to them as if I wasn’t even there. They spoke about how pathetic boys can be while I ate my lunch, still bent over a little with pain.

Michelle seemed pretty for her youth. She had a thin body with medium-sized breasts. Wearing a white blouse and pink skirt. She was soft-spoken and shy, a contrast to the girls who I had been with for the past week. I was worried by the fact that she hadn’t said anything for awhile.

The bell rang to my surprise. Stephanie groaned in disappointment “Awww, I hope I see you later Jeff.” With a wink that didn’t leave me with a good feeling.

The next few periods until Physics were a blur. All I could think about was Kelly. The thoughts compelled me to see her more than ever. My cock craved contact every time my mind went to Kelly and my balls ached when I thought of her beauty.

When the bell for 7th period rang, I almost jumped out of my seat. The trip to Physics was a blur in my mind as I raced down the hallways, running into people and squeezing past the crowds. I barely noticed Melissa sit next to me as my eyes were fixated on the doorway.

“I said ‘hi Jeff.’ Aren’t you listening to me?” Melissa said impatiently. I came out of my daze and looked to my right. Melissa had a crooked eyebrow and was resting her head on her hand.

“…Sorry.” I mumbled to her and quickly looked back at the doorway. Just as I turned back Kelly walked through. My vision went into slow motion as I watched her walk to her desk. My mouth was wide open. She wore a light blue top that came down to enhance her cleavage. I had never seen her in school with something so sexy on. Her white skirt came above the knee, according to school dress code but also conveniently rode up her leg when she walked. She brushed a hand through her hair as she set her books down.

Strutting over to my desk, she put her hands on the corners of my desk and bent over at a revealing degree. My eyes widened and I was speechless as I stared down her shirt. It was an amazing view as I almost choked at the sight of her sexy black bra pushing up on her breasts.

Kelly smiled at me, knowing full well that she was putting my sex drive into the highest gear.

“Hey Jeff, how are you?” Kelly asked softly, brushing her hand through her hair again, making sure to bend over even further.

“I’m ok.” I stuttered.

“And how are…they doing?” She asked, hesitating to find the right words for my aching balls.

My face turned red. “They hurt a lot.” I said quietly. I almost forgot about Melissa until I heard her giggle to the right of me.

Kelly bit her lip in pleasure at the thought of my aching blueballs. In a move to make my balls hurt she bent over even more so. She rested her chin on both her hands and put her elbows where her hands used to be.

“I bet they really hurt, don’t they?” She asked passionately. The unrestricted view down her shirt was making my balls boil and tighten up. I winced in pain and nodded with closed eyes. She had a huge grin on her face.

Just then, the period bell rang and Kelly giddily ran back to her seat. I watched as her white skirt rode up her legs and her breasts jiggle as she sat down. My cock strained and got as hard as it possibly could under its restraint. Just as I thought Kelly’s presence was going to make this situation unbearable, I felt Melissa’s hand slowly creep in my pants. I felt her hand rummage around until it found my balls.

It took every muscle in my body not to jump in pain as I felt her hands start to squeeze down on my aching balls. The action took me by surprise and made me jump a little. Fortunately I don’t think anyone saw me, and those that did probably assumed I was an idiot.

Melissa did an excellent job of pretending nothing was happening. With her right hand she continued to write down notes every now and then and even went as far as to raise her hand and answer a question.

I, on the other hand, could hardly keep still. With my balls aching and feeling like they were going to burst, I could barely keep a low profile.

After an hour of a grueling ache and the pain of Melissa’s hand, the period bell finally rang. I almost jumped out of my seat as I felt Melissa’s hand slowly retract from my pants.

Just as soon as she did, I ran over to Kelly. She was still sitting in her desk and packing up her stuff. Standing above her, I got a clear view down her shirt, which I’m sure she was fully aware of. I watched in silence as Kelly slowly put her folders and papers back into her binder. Just as she was about to stand up I felt Melissa’s body press up against my back.

“Oh hi Melissa.” Kelly said, looking over my shoulder. My balls felt fuller as Melissa’s breasts pressed against me and I felt her hands caress my outer arms.

Kelly giggled at my discomfort and gripped my crotch. I looked up with a red face to see the teacher leaving the room to just us. I breathed out in relief.

I looked back down to see a large grin on Kelly’s face. She massaged the area making my sensitive balls hurt like hell. Of course, my aching blueballs wouldn’t have been in so much pain if I had not been staring right down Kelly’s shirt.

“Is the cage feeling tight?” Kelly mocked. I heard Melissa giggle behind me, which made her breasts rub against my back more.

I groaned out in pain. My cage was extremely tight and my cock was demanding contact more than ever.

Kelly stood up and pressed close to me. I was sandwiched between both of them and my sex drive was in full throttle. Kelly gave me a quick kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her breasts felt amazing against my chest, firm and soft, making my cock stiff and throb.

“Comeon Jeff” Kelly started. “Follow me to my locker.”

Both girls separated themselves from me at the same time, and as if led by an invisible rope, I was pulled along by Kelly.

I followed Kelly by the hand until we got to her locker. She set her binder and other supplies on the ground and did the combination to her locker. I leaned against the locker next to hers and waited until she gathered her things. It was still warm outside, so she left her light jacket in her locker. Shutting the locker with a slam, looked behind her for a second and then back to me. Her eyes were filled with lust and she pressed herself against me too quickly for me to notice what she was looking at.

Her lips felt warm against mine as I felt her tongue feel around my mouth. Her hands touched my stomach and felt around my chest. My hands were drawn, as if they were being controlled by someone else, to her breasts. Her soft, firm, massive breasts. They filled my hands as I fondled them back and forth. I was extremely horny and it was showing, my pelvis humped her crotch uncontrollably and my hands squeezed and grabbed like a man out of prison.

“Kelly!” I heard distantly. I felt the warm body up against me peeled away quickly and pulled to my right. Randal Johanson was to my left holding Kelly on the shoulder. Randal was the Team Captain for our school’s football team. It was a well known fact that he and Kelly dated and broke up during the same summer.

“Who the hell is this!?” He screamed jealously, spitting at every word. Kelly had an outwardly innocent look on her face but as I looked closely it appeared to be more a sense of pride.

“Just a friend.” Kelly said softly, as if trying to keep a secret.

That got Randal mad, he saw the entire makeout session I was certain and now he was pissed that his former bombshell-girlfriend was making out with another guy, and it wasn’t like I was the dream of every girl in the school either.

“Friend my ass!” He yelled, spitting again. “I saw the whole thing, Kelly, who are you trying to fool, you don’t want to be with him.” He demanded.

The next move came with surprise. I felt my collar being grabbed and my body being uplifted and thrown to the ground.

“Randy, stop it!” Kelly yelled. Randal kicked me twice in the stomach. “Randy no, don’t hurt him! Stop it.”

Randal stopped and looked over at Kelly.

“Please, no.” Kelly asked. “I don’t really like him. I was just trying to make you jealous, Randy, I didn’t know you’d react this way.”

He seemed to calm down a bit after that. A sly smile went across his face, and an evil one across hers. I lay motionless on the ground, bewildered by what was going on. What did she mean she didn’t like me? She was just making out with me a second ago. Maybe the right word wasn’t “liked” but she sure seemed to enjoy torturing me!

Kelly wrapped her arms around his neck lovingly. Although literal, she looked just like a schoolgirl, obsessed with the football player.

I was too shocked to speak. Was she just playing a joke on me? She must have been, just a lie to get Randal to stop hurting me.

I suppose it didn’t make much sense that Kelly walked off with Randal and it didn’t make any more sense when she didn’t return in the next half-hour. Defeated and downtrodden I walked to my locker to get my things and headed to my car.

On the way home my cell phone rang. It was Melissa.

“Yello?” I responded.

“Hey Jeff, how is everything?”

I paused for a second, waiting at a red light. “Kelly left me.

“What? Kelly did what?” She said, astounded. “How could she do that?”

“Well she went with Randal…” I said softly.

There was silence on the other line. “Oh, you poor thing, you wanna talk about it? Come on over to my house.” She said, not waiting for my response.

Switching my turning signal I drove towards Melissa’s house. I parked on the street and walked briskly to her doorstep. Being friends for as long as we were I let myself in.

“Hey Melissa.” I said in a voice loud enough to be heard. Her parents didn’t get home until later in the evening, so I knew I could just go right up to her room as I usually did. Knocking on the door and opening it revealed the last thing I wanted to see. It was Michelle and Stephanie from lunch sitting on either side of Melissa!

“Hey Jeff.” Melissa said. I could have sworn Stephanie’s face got a lot brighter. I didn’t like where this was going. “Come sit down.”

I walked over slowly towards the bed. The girls took up the majority of the space and I was squeezed into the middle of their bodies. I wasn’t sure if I was expecting them to change their clothes or not but they all wore their same outfits from earlier today, Michelle in her white blouse and pink skirt and Stephanie in her purple shirt and black skirt that still seemed to ride up her legs.

To the left of me was Stephanie, greedily eyeing my crotch, as if seeing past the layers of khaki to my blueballs within. On my right were Melissa and Michelle. Michelle was talking to Melissa about school or something, it was too hard to listen when Stephanie’s legs were almost exposed and she made no effort to bring her skirt back down to cover her legs.

I turned to look at Melissa as I felt a hand reach down through my pants and grab a hold of my balls. Normally, the action would have just caught me by surprise. However, with Stephanie’s grip on my sensitive blueballs I felt much, much worse. I winced in pain and heard the two next to me stop their chatter to giggle at me and my grunts of pain. Stephanie chuckled and asked “Do they still hurt?”

I screamed as she compressed my balls much more and replied a faint “Yes.”

All three girls laughed at that.

“Jeff, lay down, will you? You’ll be a lot more comfortable.”

Right, I though sarcastically. I knew arguing would be pointless as Stephanie literally had me by the balls and there was no way I was going to survive around three girls if I tried to escape. Reluctantly, I let my body down on the pillow and outstretched my legs. Melissa took off my shoes and socks and Stephanie removed my shirt forcefully. Michelle, with her eyes always on mine, shyly took her hands to the zipper and button of my khakis. She slowly and hesitantly took my pants off revealing my boxers. She lowered those too, gaping at my trapped cock and swollen blueballs.

Besides my cage I was completely naked in front of three girls. What was worse was that Stephanie was tying my hands to the bedposts with some sort of rope and Melissa was wrapping my ankles with the same rope. I was trapped and there was nothing I could have done about it. Naked and exposed I shut my eyes, trying to escape my predicament.

Soon, I heard a click and I felt my cage loosen. I opened my eyes quickly, surprised.

“Where did you get a key from?” I asked.

“Kelly gave it to me, I told you that awhile ago remember?” She said matter-of-factly.

As soon as the cage was unlocked I immediately felt the blood rush to my crotch and my cock begin to harden. All of the girls were transfixed on my growing cock and watched with amusement as it plumped and stiffened. It eventually rose and rested on my stomach, now completely rock hard.

“Wow, that was fast.” Stephanie exclaimed, amazed at my growth. Michelle too looked flabbergasted with my cock. I assumed she had never seen a naked boy before, or at least, not a naked boy with blueballs and a red-hot cock that throbbed and twitched in desperateness.

Stephanie was licking her lips with desire and eventually got up the courage to ask “Can I touch it?” She said quietly talking as if I wasn’t there; she obviously wasn’t asking my permission. Melissa nodded to her and Stephanie dove in with her hand, wrapping it all around my shaft. Slowly, she began to stroke it from my aching balls all the way to my purple head.

I groaned out. I hadn’t been touched in a day and I was desperate for the contact. Finally I had received it and it was incredible! The feeling was so great I let my head relax and my eyes shut in pleasure. I moaned out over and over I was in so much ecstasy.

“Slower, slower…ok stop.” Melissa said. Stephanie had succeeded in bringing me to the edge with her hand. I gritted my teeth as I felt her hand slip away at Melissa’s command and leave me with aching blueballs. The pain rushed back like a semi-truck reminding me of the day before and the countless times I had blueballs this severe.

In pain, I groaned out and my breathing increased. Large globs of precum dribbled out of my cock and my shaft twitched and sputtered desperate for that last touch.

“Is he cumming?” Michelle asked softly. I wish! I exclaimed to myself.

Melissa smiled “No, he’s just precumming,” Melissa said emphasizing the word. “It means he really, really, REALLY wants to cum, don’t you Jeff?”

“Oh Melissa, PLEASE! I need to cum so bad!” I grunted, humping the air in frustration.

“He’s so desperate…” Michelle muttered, watching my face contort in frustration and my body scream out for release. All of the girls were enjoying my frustration and giggled at my feeble attempts to get release. Stephanie was laughing the most as I humped the air.

After a short amount of time, Stephanie touched my cock again, except much slower this time. I was being brought to the edge very slowly and I felt my balls boil and fill with cum. I humped her hand furiously as I got close but she instinctively took her hand away, leaving me to scream out in aching pain and beg for release.

“Jeff,” Melissa began “I’m trying to teach them to give a boy blueballs and I won’t tolerate you ruining their lesson by cumming. Now settle down or I’ll change the lesson plan from blueballs to teaching them how to ballbust.” She said harshly. “We won’t be trying that again will we?” Melissa asked with a crooked eyebrow.

“No…” I said, shaking my head.

“Steph slap his balls, then continue.” Melissa demanded.

Before I could object I felt an anvil drop on my balls. The pain was so intense I felt nauseous and coughed out several times in too much pain to scream. Melissa’s eyes widened as she watched Stephanie deliver such a large blow, not expecting its magnitude but also not saying anything about it. Stephanie obviously enjoyed inflicting the worst possible pain she could and continued on with my teasing.

“You’d be surprised how much control you have over a boy when you slap his balls.” Melissa commented.

Michelle bent over and put her hand on my knees to get a closer look. She revealed her cleavage to me in the process and my eyes darted down her top and between her breasts. Looking down her shirt aroused me and my cock let loose a load of precum and got to the edge much faster.

Michelle took her gaping eyes off of my precum and looked to my face to watch my reaction. As she noticed my eyes down her cleavage she sat up and covered her breasts with her hands.

“He’s looking at me…” Michelle said uncomfortably.

“Jeff.” Melissa scolded. “Don’t make Michelle uncomfortable. And Michelle, if he does anything you don’t like just give him a slap to the balls and tell him not to do it again. You’d be surprised how effective a strong slap can be!”

With that, I felt a light tap to my balls.

“No, a BIG slap!” Encouraged Melissa, taking her hand back and slapping with full force, teaching Michelle by example. The strike sent jolts of pain throughout my body as I screamed out in pain. Michelle slapped again but it still didn’t seem satisfactory, based on Melissa’s facial expressions.

“Like this Melissa?” Stephanie asked. Oh no! I yelled in my mind. Again, the anvil struck down and I felt like my balls were going to crumble under her strength. I coughed out more as I lost my breath. I choked on the pain and rolled around screaming. All the girls just laughed at me and my weakness, I felt so embarrassed and weak and there was nothing to do about it. Just when I thought the pain was over, Michelle hit me again, except this time it was just as powerful as Stephanie’s. I couldn’t take it anymore. Tears ran down my face and my body convulsed as it tried to get into the fetal position. I begged for them to stop but all it did was provoke them to laugh and poke fun at me.

“See, I don’t think he’ll be looking at your breasts for a long time will he?” Melissa said with a grin on her face. Michelle laughed in agreement and leaned over again, exposing her cleavage as if to test me.

I shut my eyes and looked toward the ceiling. My cock now much softer, Stephanie took me in her hands and gave me slow, deliberate strokes that maximized the pleasure. I moaned out as the pain lessened and the ache increased. I felt myself getting rock hard again. Stephanie let go and put her index finger on my shaft and dragged it up and down. I grunted and took sharp breathes in as the torment went on. She must have been dragging her finger over my cock for 5 minutes! My balls were tight and ached terribly and all I could do was sit there and squirm and take it. I was helpless to them and was being used as a play toy for their amusement.

Once I was at the edge she took her hand off. The amount of precum was overflowing off my stomach and onto the bed.

“That’s so much precum!” Michelle exclaimed. “He’s so desperate!” She loved my situation and was transfixed on my aching cock and balls. I spurted another load of precum as Melissa blew warm air over my needy cock. Michelle moaned out in pleasure and watched as my cock twitched all over trying to get that touch that would never come.

“Please, I gotta cum, my balls…” I yelled out and stopped myself halfway knowing there was nothing I could do or say that was going to make the situation any better.

Melissa giggled while the other two looked my tense body over. Melissa knew the pain and torment I was in and she loved it. I assumed she couldn’t control her urges, as this “educational” session seemed to end when Melissa herself put her hand on my cock and started teasing.

I moaned out in agony as I felt her soft silky hand brush over all of the sensitive areas of my aching cock. I begged, I squirmed, I yelled but nothing was going to stop her. She just loved seeing me suffer. She somehow managed to keep her hand on my cock the entire time, despite my sensitivity. When I was on the edge she brushed the underside and when I humped the air she kept her hand just far enough away to keep me keeping myself on the edge. It was the worst my balls had ever felt. I must have been literally on the edge for the next fifteen minutes and at the end she took her hand away and wiped the precum off her hand on my chest, where the more powerful spurts had landed before. My stomach was soaked with the precum and it stained the bedding underneath.

“Oh my! You’re so good at teasing Melissa!” Stephanie praised. Michelle looked in shock. “How did you get that good?”

“Practice makes perfect.” Melissa said humbly followed by a devious laugh. “And don’t worry girls; you’ll be able to get plenty of practice with him. But it’s getting late, who wants to get him soft?” Melissa asked and as soon as she did, Stephanie, not surprisingly, raised her hand eagerly.

“Go ahead Steph.” Melissa said with a smile. My face must have turned pale as I awaited the pain. It started out as a dull squeeze, but as Stephanie got into it, she really clamped down on my balls with her hands. She squeezed harder and harder until I thought my balls were going to burst. The gradual increase in pain meant I screamed quite a bit until it was too painful to do so. My mouth screamed but no noise came out. I coughed out and tears rolled from my eyes. Even now that I was soft, she still squeezed and Melissa did nothing. Now both Melissa and Michelle were laughing at my pain not caring at all for my comfort in any way. Eventually as I lay back and felt the pain subside to numbness Stephanie let go and I heard the click snap on my cage but never felt it go on. My balls were a very dark shade of blue.

I felt myself sit upright as the ropes were untied. Michelle was bobbling my balls but all I could feel was a sharp, dull pain. She was enjoying their swollen feeling and remarked on how dark they were. Melissa lay me down again and led her friends out of the house. It was about 8pm.

Melissa came up from the downstairs and sat next to me on the bed.

“How are your balls feeling?” She asked with a wry smile. I didn’t feel like answering, which of course made her smile even wider.

She put her hand on my sack and gave it a slow massage. “I bet you’re feeling pretty bummed about Kelly huh?” She said curiously.

“Bummed?” I asked. “Finally this teasing is over!” I exclaimed, still coughing out from the pain.

“Over?” She asked, worrying me. “You’re still her slave, Jeff, you’ll be kept caged and denied until she decides to permit you an orgasm, and frankly know her, that won’t be happening anytime soon.”

“Wait…what!?” I objected loudly.

“Yeah, what did you think? Just because she going out with another guy you’re off the hook?”

“Well…” I trailed off still comprehending my situation.

“It’s going to be really rough but I’m sure she’ll let you cum in a month or so.”

“A MONTH!” I practically screamed.

“Yeah, or longer, it really depends on her mood.”

“But…I…I…” I was at a loss for words, I hadn’t even gone a week and I could barely handle it, a month or more was going to be unbearable. “Wait, you have a key, don’t you Melissa. Oh please I’d do anything for--”

“No, I’m sorry Jeff but that’s not allowed, I can’t make another girl’s slave cum without her permission.” She said apologetically. “Plus that’d be weird, we’re just friends.”

“I can’t last a month!” I was getting desperate; I was willing to do anything to get myself out of this mess.

Her hand became more firm on my balls “I know it seems like a long time but don’t worry, you’ll manage. Talk to Kelly tomorrow and maybe you two can work something out.”

“But Melissa.”

“I don’t know what else to tell you Jeff, you’ll have to talk to her tomorrow, now come-on, I think I heard my parents downstairs, you can stay for dinner can’t you?” She said, changing the conversation.

I stayed for dinner but barely said much during the meal. I had eaten with her parents before so there were no surprises. At about 9:30pm I left for home and tried my best, despite my blueballs, to get to sleep.

The following day wasn’t much better than the day before. I wasn’t paying attention at all in any of my classes. At lunch, all three girls sat with me again and this time both Michelle and Stephanie were relentless with my balls, practically squeezing the life out of them during the entire period. Needless to say, I didn’t have much of an appetite.

During Physics, Kelly didn’t even bother coming over and talking with me. In fact, she didn’t look over at me once. It didn’t stop me from looking at her though. I was transfixed on her body like never before. Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t hers anymore, or maybe it was the fact that she was wearing a tight red cotton shirt that seemed like she was wearing a push-up bra underneath.

What was worse was that she kept reaching down to pull her high heels back up when the strap would fall down, showing off her legs and emphasizing her sexy footwear.

When the bell rang, Kelly walked out without looking at me again and my eyes were just focused on her ass as it followed her outside of the room. Leaving my stuff behind, I ran after her.

“Kelly.” I said out of breath.

“What do you want?”

“Melissa told me that I’d have to wait a month before I cum.” I said quickly and with an uneasy voice.

“So?” She said still walking to her locker.

“But I can’t go that long!” I complained, walking after her.

“How is that my problem?”

“But…but.” I said like a small child.

She finally stopped and then turned to look at me, rolling her eyes. “Look, I couldn’t care less whether or not you ever cum again. I usually would have just popped your nuts and left you tied up somewhere and all I hear from you is complaining.”

I was left silent. Was I supposed to thank her? It didn’t seem like I was ever going to cum again in my life!

“Nothing to say?” She said in a demeaning tone and walked back the other direction.

I was left there in the middle of the hallway, people brushing against me yelling at me to get out of the way. I was startled when Melissa came next to me with my books in her hands.

The next month was much worse than even I had expected.

My sessions with Stephanie became an almost daily routine of ballbusting and teasing. Even during school she would go out of her way to grab my balls and squeeze or give me a great view down her shirt to tease me. We always met at Melissa’s house and Stephanie was getting far too skilled at teasing for me to handle. Melissa showed her ways to keep me on the edge longer and give me blueballs like I had never felt before.

Michelle on the other hand was much shyer about everything. However when she did tease me, she did it for agonizingly long amounts of time. She teased me from literally when I got home from school until it was time to go to bed. She enjoyed it so much I couldn’t believe it.

Even Melissa took every opportunity to tease me when she could. I could remember endless nights when I would “sleepover” at her house. Of course, like most sleepovers there wasn’t much sleeping going on. She teased me the entire night only putting me back in my cage for the morning.

It was almost a month and a half later when the Semester ended and our classes changed. Kelly and I didn’t have any classes together and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I had a class with Stephanie but not with Michelle, due to our grade difference. At lunch I was left alone but I could have sworn a lot of the girls there were looking at me in a funny way, or maybe it was just my imagination.

My Gym class was absolute hell. The day we all were assigned our instructors, my heart nearly sank to the bottom of my stomach. Emily was in my class! I panicked and tried to make myself invisible. The next period I tried desperately to get my period switched…anything to get away from her!

All the counselor could do was raise her hands in the air and shake her head, there was nothing she could do for me. The next day I trotted to my Gym class afraid. The class went well until just at the end when the bell rang.

I was walking towards the locker room when I felt my body being pulled to my left and down a hallway. I was shoved into a corner and facing me was Emily herself and with two other girls behind her.

Pushed against the wall I was helpless and immobile. Emily looked into my eyes harshly. “Don’t think I haven’t forgotten you, Jeff.” She said with anger. “Everyday, I’m going to bust your balls so hard you’re gonna beg me to cut them off. Maybe I’ll be nice enough to do so.”

I whimpered and tried to collapse into the fetal position but her grip on my shoulders was too tight. “Spread your legs.” She ordered firmly. My legs shut closed out of fear. She sighed out and said “Girls.”

Suddenly my legs were split and pulled away by each of them. My balls were completely exposed and were soon taken advantage of.

She backed up and gave a swift punt to my balls, the pain so great a choked on it. Then another, and another and as soon as she seemed to stop, I felt my body being bent backwards and she ran up towards me and drove her knee into my nuts. My body lurched forward and my legs begged to be closed. The two girls seemed to be way stronger than they looked and held me not only still, but also very exposed. Two more knees to my balls and at once, they let me fall to the ground crutching my balls with my hands.

As soon as they had attacked me they left, leaving me in an awful pain and alone. I managed to regain my strength, but well after the bell had rung and I was 20 minutes late for class.

That evening Stephanie and Melissa teased me more and more. My blueballs, if you could call them that, were starting to turn a dark black color. Both girls loved to milk the precum out of me and torture my aching, discolored balls.

The next day in gym Emily and her friends constantly made fun of me. At the end of class I was forced to follow them to the same spot. As before, I was pressed against the wall and my legs spread. Emily didn’t start out with ballbusting this time.

“Jeff I think I have some good news for you.” She said forcing herself to smile.

How could she possibly have good news?

“I was talking with Kelly and she said there might be a way to relieve those aching blueballs of yours.” She proposed, with a wry smile.

Yes anything! I nearly screamed…anything.

“She said that she was going to let you be my personal slave and in doing so you’ll be given the chance to cum every Saturday.”

My elated state was turned to darkness, Emily’s slave? There was no way I could handle that. Yet, otherwise there was no way I would ever cum again.

“Don’t worry about the decision Jeff.” She said with a compromising tone. “You’ll have plenty of time to think about it when you wake up.”

That was the last thing I heard as I watched her reel her foot back.
Chapter 8
My eyes parted slowly. I could hear voices around me but couldn’t distinguish what they were saying, or whom they belonged to. I coughed out and tried to move my head and realized I couldn’t. My body felt a cold numb, and later I was to realize that it was probably for the best.
“I think he’s coming to.” I heard, most likely a female voice.

Blinking again I groaned out. My body felt stiff and I was nowhere near coherent.
“Yeah he’s moving a little, I’ll go tell Mrs. Hunter.” Said another voice.

I heard heels clicking on the floor away from me and then distant chatter. Then, two sets of heels clicking towards me.
“Is he awake?”

I groaned out.
“Guess so.”

I wasn
’t sure how long it was after that when I got my consciousness back, but I do remember seeing two teenage girls and the nurse standing over me, looking at me.
“His eyes are opening. Can you hear me Jeff?” The nurse asked. I nodded slowly and tried looking around.

One of the girls was a redhead. As I lay down, she was sitting next to me on the bed near my thighs. The other blonde girl was standing next to the blonde nurse, Mrs. Hunter.
“Jennifer, thanks for your help, you can go back to class now.” Mrs. Hunter said to the blonde next to her. ‘Jennifer’ nodded and walked off and I heard a door shutting.

As I looked around more I noticed I was in a very small room. I was on a brown plastic-covered bed and a couch was in the corner. With white walls and floor the room looked sterile and it was obvious I was in some sort of medical room. The addition of Mrs. Hunter, our school nurse meant I was probably in her office.

Looking down the bed, the redhead was a girl I
’ve never seen before, but she did have an icepack down my boxers, pressed against my balls. She looked to be maybe a junior or at the least a sophomore, either way there was no reason for me to know her.

A sharp pain echoed through my stomach. What did Emily do to me?

The redheaded girl was looking at me in pity and with raised eyebrows at my crotch. I was afraid to look down at my genitals. There was no telling what Emily had done to me and I wouldn
’t have put even the most gruesome of tortures past her.

The girl wore a tight red sweater with vertical lines sewn into it. I made notice on how they bulged and spread out as they curved around her large breasts and how far down her neckline really went.

The nurse had on a loose white jacket over a tight white t-shirt. Her breasts too were well-developed and she looked to be in her mid-twenties.
“Julie, I’m going to fill out some paperwork, you can handle it from here right?” The nurse asked.
“Sure thing, Mrs. Hunter, I’ll call you if I need anything.”

As I heard the door close I watched as Julie looked at me with a smile.
“So what happened to you, did you piss some girl off or something?” She asked whens he knew Mrs. Hunter was out of earshot.

I groaned out
“Something like that.”

She took the icepack off for a second.
“Look at them! They’re so swollen and discolored, whoever did this to you must have been really pissed. You don’t remember?”

I didn
’t have the courage to tell her I had been teased and denied for two months and most of the swelling and discoloration was a product of my blueballs and that the busting probably just enhanced the problem.

But there was something that surprised me even more than this whole situation.

Where was my cage!?

I looked down to see a flaccid cock and a pair of swollen balls under my boxers, uncaged and free. My instinct reaction was to reach down and care for my aching cock and balls. Soon, I was defeated. My strength was so diminished I could barely move any part of my body.

Julie set the icepack on the bed next to me.
“Mrs. Hunter wanted me to help you recover. You don’t mind being naked around me do you?” She asked sweetly.

Under normal circumstances I probably would have said no but with my blueballs and the fact that Julie was bending over showing me her revealing red bra, I nodded in agreement.

She eagerly peeled off my boxers and took my shirt over my head. I was now completely naked under her and barely able to move. She set her hand on my balls and slowly gave them a massage. Her warm hand on my freezing and shrunken balls felt very good. I shut my eyes and moaned in pleasure. As the numbing cold subsided, and my cock and balls warmed up, the incredible ball-busting pain returned with the power of a semi-truck.
“Ahhhh!” I yelled out in pain.
“Oh I’m sorry did I hurt you?” Julie asked concerned.

I shook my head.
“No, my balls, they hurt so much. They feel like they’ve been crushed.”
“Oh you poor thing.” She said worried. “I think I have some lotion in my purse.”

Gritting my teeth against the pain I look over to her. She reached in her purse and pulled out a bottle. Pouring a white liquid into her hand she rubbed her palms together making a squishing sound. She placed her hands on my cock slowly and wrapped them around the shaft. The cool lotion made my body shiver and I moaned in pleasure. She stroked slowly and smiled as she watched my cock stiffen and my gritting teeth loosen.
“There does that feel better?” She asked sincerely.
“Better.” I responded, coughing out.

She smiled proudly and stroked faster. It felt so good! With one hand she stroked my shaft and head. With the other, she massaged my balls gently.

I was in heaven and my facial expressions were showing it. I moaned out and kept my mouth open in pleasure. Julie giggled sweetly at every moan and stroked me with even greater pleasure. She went slowly and deliberately maximizing the sensation, she seemed to really be enjoying my reactions and watched as my stomach lifted up and down at every moan. Soon I felt my balls begin to fill again and the cum rise. I was getting very close to the edge.

I grunted out and I felt a load of precum hit my stomach.
“Oh my!” I heard Julie exclaim. “That was quite a load.”

I got closer and closer to the edge. Finally I felt my balls contract and get ready to shoot out their load. Her hand stroked smoothly and I grunted out as I felt my balls tighten and get ready to release their load.

Right as they did she let go and reached down to put more lotion on her hands. I didn
’t know if she knew how very close I was to orgasm but she had stopped right at the edge. She put more lotion into her hands and rubbed them around, spreading the liquid over her skin. Even in this short amount of time my cock had softened mostly due to the pain.

She took the lotion bottle and got on all fours above me on the bed. Although not very revealing when she was upright, bent over she revealed amazing amounts of cleavage. As she crawled over and sat beside me I got an excellent view and embarrassingly shot another load of precum on myself just from looking at her.

She crawled over and sat right next to me on the bed and turned her body towards me. Her hip was next to mine and her right breast was resting on my chest and at this angle it was more than easy to see down her shirt. Another load of precum launched out of my cock and my balls ached terribly.

She placed her well-lotioned hand on my balls and rolled them around. She massaged them slowly and giggled at she watched the precum flow out of my cock and cover my stomach. My cock wasn
’t getting any attention though and I humped the air trying to get the friction I needed.

Her eyes were focused on my face as my pleasured reaction incited smiles from her. I moaned out in pleasure from the combination of the massage and the excellent view down her shirt.
“You really like my breasts don’t you?” She asked humorously. She even positioned herself so that I could see even more of her cleavage. The combination of the improved view and the brushing of her breasts against my chest made my cock leak out more precum.
“Wow you produce quite a lot of that.” She said with wide-open eyes. “Your balls must be feeling better.”

She continued her massage. The feeling went from very pleasurable to making my balls ache from the stimulation. I finally got up the courage to mumble
“Could you, um…please…” I barely said.
“What? What is it?” She asked curiously. Although I doubted that she really didn’t know what I wanted.
“My cock, can you please touch my cock?” I asked sheepishly.
“You want me to touch your cock again? It’s ok, you can say it. I’m sure an orgasm will make your balls feel a lot better.” She said confidently. Her hands lifted off my balls and she squirted another glob of lotion on her hand. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and rubbed extremely slowly up to the head and back down again.
“Just relax.” She said softly “It’s going to feel soooo good.”

I put my head back and shut my eyes in anticipation. I felt myself get closer and closer to cumming. My balls were boiling and I felt the cum getting ready to shoot out of my cock. With each of her agonizing strokes I felt myself closer and closer to cumming. Finally, she was on her last stroke and I moaned out ready for the incredible pleasure.


The door opened and Mrs. Hunter walked in. As she did, Julie dropped my cock on my wet stomach and left it throbbing and hard to give her attention to the recent arrival.
“How’s he doing?” The nurse asked.
“He said his balls are feeling a lot better. Although I haven’t been able to get the swelling down.” Julie responded suppressing a smile.
“That’s good, his girlfriend is here to pick him up. Come with me Jeff.” The nurse said.

Girlfriend, what girlfriend?

With a sigh, Julie pulled my boxers back and handed me the rest of my clothes. She giggled when, after my boxers were up, my cock still poked through and jutted out, perpetually rock-hard.

I was led by the arm out of the room. Upon opening the door I saw to my surprise that Emily was waiting on the other side of the door.
“How is he feeling?” Emily asked. “I heard he took quite a busting.”

The nurse smiled wryly
“He’s ok. I’m sure he’s ready to go home.”

I looked at the clock, it was an hour after school had ended. I had been unconscious for hours apparently. Emily must have really abused me.

Emily grabbed me around the arm and took me with her before I had a chance to object. My knees weak from the pain in my balls, I limped with her towards the school
’s exit.

Down the halls, away from anyone
’s earshot, I asked “What happened to my cage?”
“Oh that thing? Why, you want it back on?”
“Well…no, it’s just I was curious.” I said with my head down.
“I took it off after you passed out. I don’t like keeping my slaves in those things, I’d rather have them walking around with a boner all day.” She said matter-of-factly.

I was confused about a few things. What stopped me from relieving myself during the day and didn
’t she say I was given a choice whether or not she was going to be my mistress?
“Oh by the way, I suppose I should mention something.” She said, as if reading my mind. “If you ever get the bright idea that you should jackoff, remember this pain.” With that she reached into my pants and squeezed down hard on my already-painful balls. I screamed out and collapsed on my knees. “’Cause that’s the pain you’re going to feel right before I pop your balls.” She finished sternly. I assumed I didn’t want an answer to my second question.

The cold winter air blew against my face and body as we walked to her car.
“What about my car?” I asked weakly, still holding my hands to my balls.
“You can get it tomorrow.” She said coldly.

I wasn
’t about to argue with her about it. I also didn’t have any of my academic stuff with me either. I decided to stay quiet. She drove me to an unfamiliar part of town and pulled up to, what I assumed, was her house.

It was a modest one-story building with a small garden in front. I suppose hell wasn
’t all fires and demons.

Inside, she led me to her room. We passed her mother at the table reading a magazine. Maybe I expected a feminist, sweat-shirt wearing woman who didn
’t wear any makeup. Or a lesbian with a tattoo. Instead she seemed no different than any other woman her age. A brown-red hair color like that of Emily and a smooth complexion that had quite the same resemblance. Of course, she seemed trim with sizeable breasts just like Emily’s too.
“You look a lot like your mom.” I said meekly, sitting on a bean-bag chair in her room on the ground.
“A lot of people say that.” She responded putting her things away in her closet. Her room had a dark-red bed in it with black sheets. Without all the heavy metal music posters and furniture, you could see the walls and carpet matched with the same red color.
“A lot of red.” I said, trying to soothe my sore balls.
“Yep.” She said plainly walking over to me. She seemed very distant and all of her words were said with a bland tone to them. She knelt down on the carpet in front of me and put her hands on my cross-legged knees. I got a very good view down her black tank-top which she seemed to be giving me on purpose. Even though my balls still were painful from earlier I couldn’t help but look down at her cleavage.

She smiled an evil grin.
“You like breasts don’t you. Kelly used to tell me all about your obsession for them.” She scooted her hands closer to my body and leaned forward giving me a closer look. “It’s ok, look, I don’t mind. I like making boys hard before I torture them. When your cock is stiff it gets out of the way of your aching blueballs.

My face went pale at the word
“torture.” She was looking me sternly in the face and to be completely honest, I was scared out of my life.
“Take your pants off.” She said moving away from me and kneeling in an upright position. I hurriedly undid my button and zipper and took my pants down to my knees. My boxers showed a tent in the front and a drop of precum at the tip. Emily smirked at my throbbing erection. “Your boxers too.” She said licking her lips. I complied and stripped my boxers off revealing myself to her. My erection was as stiff as iron and bobbed around desperate for attention. My balls were still a black/blue color and felt like they had been stepped on by a few rampaging elephants.
“Shirt too.”

I was completely naked in front of her and she smiled at the situation. Her hand jutted towards my balls and she gripped them too soon for my own hands to stop her. Instead, my hands wrapped around her wrist and my face turned pale as I looked into her eyes.
“Scared?” She asked in a powerful tone. “Don’t worry, I won’t squeeze them yet.” She said calmly. Although I didn’t trust her, I relaxed my hands and took them to my sides. True to her word, she instead of squeezing the life out of my balls, took them firmly and bobbled them in her hand to test their weight and size.
“These feel really full and swollen.” She murmured. She even sounded impressed. Although I wasn’t sure if she was impressed over her own work, or that of my previous captors. She rolled them around in her hand playfully. “How long has it been?” She asked with a smile. I had a feeling she just wanted to hear me say the answer.
“More than a month.” I groaned out as I felt her run her fingers over my cock.
“How much longer than a month? I know you’ve been counting. Every blueballed boy counts.” She asked with an amused tone of voice.
“…47 days.” I murmured.
“Wow! That is a really long time. No wonder these are so full and heavy” she said, bouncing my balls in her hand “and I’ve heard about Melissa and her friends, teasing you every day. That must really fill your sack, huh?

I was just about to answer when all of the sudden I felt a vice go across my balls. Her hand compressed sharply and sent pain rippling through my stomach. She smiled while she squeezed and twisted and tugged on my sack playfully as if the most precious part of my body was just her toy.
“Owww. That hurts so much!” I exclaimed in terrible pain, grabbing her wrists and trying to peel them off of my groin.
“Well that’s the idea.” She let her grip go momentarily. “But I need you to keep your hands to your side and give me room to hurt you. Of course if you can’t control yourself I’ll have to tie you up and then punish you. Trust me, you won’t like that very much.”

I weakly put my hands to my side and squinted my eyes to anticipate the pain. She smiled at me and slapped my balls from my right to my left. Then, she back-handed my balls from my left to my right. She continued this over and over bringing tears to my eyes. My hands got closer and closer to my balls and I felt like nothing was going to stop me from fighting back.

She gripped my balls again and squeezed.
“Go ahead try and stop me. I would love nothing more than to tie you up and kick your balls into your stomach.”

Her words brought me back to reality and I stuffed my hands under my thighs and kept them their. I was destined not to be tied up and punished.
“It’s amazing how much control I have over you after just a few slaps to your nuts. It’s pathetic, it really is, these two little balls which you treasure so dearly lead to your utter and complete submission to me. How does it feel, Jeff, to be controlled by me, to be tortured and hurt by a teenage girl? Does it ruin your ego? Does it make you wish you were as strong as a woman? If it doesn’t now, trust me, I will make you beg me to cut them off from so much pain.” She said cruelly. “And when you’re at that point, I’m not going to cut them off, or pop them. No, that will give you relief. I’m going to keep slapping them and squeezing them just to make you cry and writhe in pain.” She finished with a dark and serious manner.

I took a moment to quell my tears and said in a shaky voice.
“Why, why are you doing this to me?” I begged, pleaded for an answer.

She laughed. It started slow and quiet and built up to a full, hearty chuckle.
“Why? Oh how pitiful you sound. Why? Because I love seeing you suffer, Jeff. I love watching as a poor boy like you thrashes in pain and tears run down your face. It brings me to orgasm every night thinking about it. How easy it is to bring you to your knees and how easy it is to make you say ‘yes mistress.’” She finished with a smile on her face.
“The worst part for you is,” She taunted. “Is that you’re stuck. Your desperate need for orgasm keeps you under my thumb and your sensitive balls make the experience miserable for you. Guess what? I get all of the enjoyment, 100% of it. I can orgasm anytime I want, and frankly I do. I get to slap a pair of blueballs whenever I want too which gives me complete control over you. You’re forced into blind obedience and even when you obey me and do everything I ask, I still manage to find ways to punish you.”

She leaned forward again and put her hand on my cock. I was so scared by her before that my cock had considerably softened, despite my long denial. She rubbed my cock up and down. Her hands were surprisingly soft and felt incredibly good on my cock. For a ballbusting bitch, she could give one hell of a handjob!

I leaned by head back and let out a loud, long moan.
“Go ahead.” She said, “Lean back and relax.”

With that I took my hands out from my thighs and got out of my cross-legged position. I extended my legs out and put my hands behind me for support. Shutting my eyes I let the pleasure overcome my senses.

Her hand brought me to the edge quickly and I felt precum leak out of my cock. I made pleasured noises constantly and I could imagine the powerful smile Emily had on her face. I had no idea when she had stopped because the pleasure had completely taken me over. When I finally noticed her hand had left my cock, I slowly opened my eyes. I saw her on her knees, bent over, looking at me with a giant smile on her face.

I almost had time to say
“what’s so funny?” but I was interrupted by a quick jab to my balls. My arms crumbled and I fell on my back onto the beanbag. She had waited for me to open my eyes just to punch me in the balls. She laughed out loud at me as I rolled around on the beanbag chair and surrendered into the fetal position.
“Wow.” She said, trying to stop herself from laughing. “Your blueballs are really sensitive, I barely even touched you.” She crawled over my body and was on top of me. She spread my arms apart and nailed them to the ground. I was so weak from the pain I could hardly resist. I was putty in her hands and she molded me into a very vulnerable position.

I felt her kneecap rest on my balls as her leg inserted itself through my legs. I managed to mutter
“No…Emily…don’t.” pitifully. She giggled at me and pressed her knee inwards making my body shake and tremor in pain. She laughed and laughed like a schoolgirl with her best friend. She loved listening to my screams and I felt her warm pussy get wet through her pants. She was enjoying this way too much. I felt her knee press into my balls to extract screams from me. It was just a fun game to her, using my pain for her amusement. She giggled loudly every time I screamed out.

With a final thrust of her knee she laughed out loud at me and rolled over on her side uproariously. My limbs extended from my body haphazardly, my arms and legs were so weak all I could do was lay there helpless in the beanbag chair trying to cope with the pain.

’s laughter slowed down and soon I heard her moan out in pleasure. She was touching herself to orgasm, no doubt stimulated by the pain I was in. Her breathing grew heavy and I heard her make the final moans of orgasm. I looked over slowly and saw her hands feeling her breasts through her shirt and touching herself in pleasure. I watched her wriggle her toes and bite her lip.

She lay still for the next five minutes enjoying the after-effects of her orgasm. She finally rolled over to her side next to me. Her hand draped over my hip and lay carelessly over my crotch.
“You’re being such a good boy Jeff, I still haven’t had to tie you down yet.” She said soothingly, running her hand over my shaft. “I always had to tie down my old slave; he could never control his hands.”

Her hand on my cock was making it stiffen considerably. Her hand massaged my balls lightly.
“How are these feeling? I hope I didn’t squish them too badly.” She said with an amused grin. “You’re even getting hard again, that’s a good sign.” She said, massaging the head of my cock.
“Most of my slaves can’t get it up more than a few hours after I bust them.” She said with a smile. “Your balls must be really full.”

I groaned out in pain and managed to make small movements.
“You look really beat.” Emily said in a caring voice, a major difference compared to her personality. After her orgasm, her attitude seemed to change greatly. She seemed very relaxed and actually seemed to care about my safety. I could probably use that to my advantage.
“You just stay here and relax, Jeff. I’ll be right back in a few minutes, I’m just going to take a shower.”

She stood up lazily and meandered over to the door, peeling off her shirt as she left the room. I let my muscles loosen and drift away trying to escape the pain.
Chapter 9
I spent the next 25 minutes in a daze. My balls still felt like they had been hit with a hammer and my cock was still stiff and erect lying on my stomach. No matter how I tried to mentally separate myself from the situation, I couldn't escape the tremendous pain in my sack. My balls were still dark blue and precum dripped out of my cock at regular intervals.

The door to the room opened and Emily walked through wearing a towel around her body and another wrapping her hair. The towel around her body was barely adequate. It rode up her legs as she walked and I swore I saw her pussy as she strode into the room. Her breasts jiggled and looked they could spill out of the top of the towel at any moment. Although it seemed impossible, I felt my cock harden even more as I watched her breasts bounce lightly as she walked over and stood over me. At the angle she stood at, I could just barely see her crotch under her towel.

As she got on her knees and bent over me, I could easily see down her towel at her cleavage. The fabric just barely covered her nipples and looked like gravity could easily reveal them to my eyes.

"You're still horny aren't you?" She asked with a smile, looking down at my cock twitching. "I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you're staring down at my tits, does it?"

I looked up at the ceiling and tried to control my lust.

"Hehe, you don't have to do that. Go ahead stare; it's just going to make your balls achier. I might even let you feel them," She said taking my cock straight up, giving it a few strokes and letting it plop back to my stomach. "As long as you're a good boy."

I groaned out as I felt a drop of precum ooze of out my cock at her touch. My lust for her was rising to its peak and I was completely overtaken by the sight of her almost-naked body dangling in front of me.

She put her fingers on my shaft and lazily ran them up and down. The stimulation seemed to frustrate me greatly and it felt like I was always one stroke away from orgasm.

"What do you think I should wear tonight?" She asked curiously, looking at my twitching cock.

I was at a loss for words. Part of it was that I was staring at her cleavage and was, for the most part, incoherent. The other part of it was how strange it was for her to ask me that. Was she serious? Was it rhetorical?

"Well?" She asked, moving her fingers away and placing her palm over my swollen balls, rolling them around.

"I...I don't know." I muttered, barely sure what to say.

"Well, I'm going to be playing with you all night. I know you're a guy, I'm sure you've fantasized about me wearing something sexy. What is it?"

To be honest, the only thing I fantasized about Emily was for her to move to distant country.

"I guess a skirt." I said quietly, my eyes watching as the towel descended and I could see the top tan color of her nipple.

She rolled her eyes. "Well I assumed that. What kind of top do you want? I bet you would like something with a lot of cleavage. Kelly told me you like cleavage..." She paused, seeming to bend at a greater degree. "You're so quiet. You act like I'm going to pop your nuts if you answer a question."

She ran her hand over my cock. "You don't have to worry, I know I seem like a bitch but I won't pop these things if you're a good boy. I might hurt them a little bit, but seriously, why would I ruin my favorite toy?" She replied with a giant smile on her face. I'm sure she loved the fact that she had absolute power over my balls. What scared me the most was her definition of a "good boy." I had no idea where her limits were, I just hoped I would never get close to crossing them.

Plus I remembered seeing another guy at the Saturday event. What happened to him? I shuttered at the thought and the stories.

She got me to the edge and went back to a kneeling position. She undid the towel around her breasts and just as she was about to let it drop, she held it close to her body. The towel hung from her arms swaying back and forth, I could just barely make out the sides of her breasts and her thighs.

She stood up and threw the damp towel over my head, covering my vision. I heard her stand up and say "You thought you were gonna see me naked didn't you?" She said with an amused voice. I hear footsteps and then a dresser opening. My cock twitched as I imagine her strutting about the room naked.

The footsteps returned and I felt her warmth as she put her knees on either side of me. I heard her giggle lightly as she took her hand to my cock, batting it back and forth. Just the idea of her naked had brought me to the edge and her playful hands knew just when to give my cock contact to make my balls contract painfully and bring me to the edge of orgasm over and over again. She rubbed her thumb across the top of my shaft quickly and I felt a load of precum leak out of my cock. She rubbed my tight balls in her palm and giggled as my whole body shook and trembled. She was giving me an awful treatment that rivaled a kick to the nuts. Although if I had said something out loud I knew she would have been happy to challenge that rivalry.

I felt her fingers dance on my shaft, keeping me on the edge. She laughed as I struggled and squirmed on the floor desperately trying to get more contact. I could feel her hand get within reach and bring me to the edge. I humped her fingers and just as I felt my balls contract and get ready to release their load, her fingers moved away and I heard a pleasured laugh as she listened to my aching moans.

She closed her index finger and thumb around my cock and slowly, painfully slowly, stroked my cock. It was so slow and painful it kept me on the edge and I couldn't take it anymore. I thrust my hips to get more friction and she moved her hand against me to give it to me. I felt close and her hand moved closer and closer to my stomach. I had to thrust so hard my hips came off the ground to get contact and I only felt my purple, swollen head against her fingers and then nothing. I kept thrusting and every once in awhile she would move her hand in reach of my cock to bring me to the edge and then move it away.

I gritted my teeth and collapsed, exhausted from the motions. I was extremely frustrated and moaned out loudly. I knew she had a huge smile on her face. She rolled my balls around with her palm and purred softly. She clapped her hand down bringing pain to my balls and stomach and squeezed gently. Of course no matter how gently she did it I still would have screamed loud enough to shatter glass. I heard her grunt and moan and soon she brought herself to orgasm as I felt the grip become tighter and more painful.

The door opened.

"Emily, keep it down in here, I can barely hear myself think." The voice said, assumingly her mother.

"Sorry, I'll keep him quiet."

The door shut.

What kind of family was this? Her mom wasn't phased by the naked boy on the ground and her naked daughter squeezing the life out of his balls.

"Jeff, you need to keep quiet, if you scream too loud I'll have to put a gag on you. And I hate putting gags on my toys, because then I can't hear your adorable screams, and I'll be very mad if I have to silence you. Ok?"

I was about to respond but her grip on my balls cut me off. I gave a startled scream and then a repressed groan. She giggled and gave a sharp slap.

"Good boy." She said happily, squeezing my balls roughly, as if to test me.

Her hand went back to my slightly-softer cock and stroked it slowly. I was sure that no matter how much she squeezed or slapped my balls I was going to get completely soft. I'm sure she knew the same. The stimulation was welcome after the torture and I moaned out softly as I felt my cock grow back to its throbbing state. I felt the dry precum on my stomach be warmed by the newly dripping precum and my balls clenched firmly. She brought me to the edge quickly and this time, instead of dropping my cock down, she held it firmly, stroking just her thumb on the swollen head of it.

My eyes tightened and I humped the air wildly. She moved her hand along with my cock and it was left to hump frustrated as always. She giggled as she watched me try to keep my voice in and hushed me as I made yelps every time she got too close to letting me cum.

After an eternity of tight, aching balls, she finally let my cock drop down to my stomach.

"I'm going to get dressed. You keep that towel over your head." She said in a soft voice.

"...Emily." I muttered in a weak voice.

I heard a shuffling of clothes. "Yes Jeff?"

I had no idea how to say it. Even in a normal situation it would be difficult. I thought it best to just blurt it out, even though I knew it would end in a severe ball busting.

"Um, before, you said I might get to see you naked?" My eyes were still shut. There was silence for a few moments and then the slow tremor of footsteps on the carpet towards my body. A warm foot was placed on my crotch and she put some of her weigh on it.

"Did I say that" She asked in a curious voice.

"Please, Emily, I really want to see you."

Her smile was almost audible. "Well duh. I'm just trying to decide whether or not to let you."

More silence followed and finally I piped in. "Please, I'll do anything." I don't think I wanted a time machine any more than I did right then.

Her foot pressed into my balls. "Can I pop them?" She said with an elated tone of voice.

"NO! No, Emily, please, not that!" I yelled.

"Shhhh. I'm just kidding with you, hehe. Hmmm, you're good at school right?"

"...Yeah." I said, seeing where this was going.

"Well I want you to do all of my homework for me from now on. How does that sound?"

"I can do that." I said confidently. I knew Emily wasn't in as many honors classes as I was, so it wouldn't be that much of a problem.

"Great. Also, I'll have to think of a few more things this week. Although I don't know why I'm making a deal with you, since I could just make you do it." She said in an impatient tone which made me nervous. She knelt between my legs again and stroked my cock. "I don't know why I'm being so nice to you." She said sweetly, stroking me even more. Her tone of voice indicated she might let me cum right then but of course she didn't and let it drop on my stomach to throb. "Maybe it's because I like you." She said finally. I got a sense that she was a lot nicer than she wanted others to think and her honesty alleviated my fear of her but only by a little.

"Now comeon, let's get that towel off of you." She said pleasantly, tugging at the moist towel. She took it off and held it over her breasts and legs.

"Sit up." She ordered. I did, sticking my hands behind me. My cock was pointing straight upwards which amused Emily quite a bit. She smiled widely and said "Are you ready?"

"Yes, please let me see you." I muttered, entranced.

She let the towel drop down which revealed her wearing a black bra and panties. They were, of course, amazingly sexy on her but I was too upset to notice.

She laughed profusely. "You didn't think I was going to let you see me that easily did you?" She said humorously. "Aww, you really got your hopes up didn't you?" She continued happily.

I couldn't think of anything to say, all I could do was stare at her in disbelief. She must have put her underwear on when she opened the drawer before, I thought to myself.

"Obviously, your cock seems all right with just this much." She said, referring to the dark red cock covered in the precum that leaked out in the small amount of time I saw her in her skimpy underwear. She giggled again as she watched another load spurt out. My balls were really aching now and her almost nakedness wasn't helping at all.

She scooted towards me and sat cross-legged, our knees touching. She bent over to reveal her massive cleavage and my eyes followed downwards. She smiled at my lusting eyes and placed her right hand on my shaft. She gave it slow strokes and stopped at the fifth stroke to keep me on the edge. She placed her hands on my balls quickly and watched with an open-mouthed smile at my hands reach for my cock and stop at the last moment. I gritted my teeth in pain and breathed in and out at an accelerated rate.

She waited until I stopped convulsing and gave me two more painful strokes. I trembled and my cock twitched and flung around begging for release.

"Emily...Emily it hurts!" I screamed out gripping my knees tightly.

"Aww, I know it does." She said, running her knuckle over my shaft. "Your balls must be in so much pain." She finished by cupping my balls and stroking my shaft.

This process went on for another 20 minutes and at the end I couldn't take it anymore. I humped the air wildly and finally I had to stroke myself. I reached down to my cock and just as I felt the flick of my sweaty hands my wrists were grabbed, pushed against my chest and I was pushed down to my back.

She held me there for a minute or two, letting me calm down. Finally I relaxed my body, trying to keep my mind off of my aching balls and said to her "Please, Emily, I really need to cum. I can't take this anymore."

She smiled, her face was only inches from mine. "Look down at my cleavage." She instructed, lifting her chest just a little further up from my chest. I slowly looked down and when I did, I felt my balls clench. Her breasts jiggled back and forth quite nicely and they were definitely well sized from this angle.

"Wanna touch them?" She asked seductively.

Normally I would have jumped at the idea. However, my balls felt like a steam roller was flattening them and that was just from looking at her magnificent breasts.

What was I supposed to say?

"...Yes." I muttered. I felt her grip loosen on my wrists and she let me bring my hands to her bra cups. I squeezed my hands and felt her firm breasts fill my palms. They were amazing! I would have loved to moan out but the noise I made was more of an "AHHHHH."

My balls clenched even tighter and I felt a terrible pain go all over my body. I kept feeling. I couldn't help myself. The more pain I felt meant I was just getting more and more insatiable.

She was giggling at me. My teeth were clenched and my eyes shut and I was humping the air. My mind went away; all conscious thought left me when I made contact with those luscious, entrancing breasts.

Her hand reached down and she formed a circle with her fingers. She held it just above my cock and let me hump the circle with my cock. She kept her soft fingers loose and controlled my stimulation by removing her hand every time I got too close.

I let out a frustrated yelp and collapsed on the ground behind me. Emily quickly dove on top of me and held my hands on the ground. I kicked my legs like a small child and whined in a similar fashion.

I didn't care anymore. I couldn't take it. I struggled against her furiously to get to my cock. She was so strong! No matter how hard I tried I could not get free of her clutches.

"Emily!" I screamed. "I need this! I can't stand it anymore!"

My eyes were shut and all I could hear was a pleasured purr. She took me to a standing position, my body hung in her arms like deadweight. She dragged me to her bed, sat me down against the headboard.

The next thing I knew, I was handcuffed and my ankles were tied with a thick rope. My cock stuck straight up and Emily was between my stretched legs, completely naked. Her hand were rubbing my thighs frustratingly and she watched hungrily as I gave slow, methodical thrusts with my pelvis.

Her hands wrapped around my cock, very carefully and she made sure to stroke it along with my thrusts as to keep the stimulation as little as possible.

"How bad does it ache?" She taunted, running her hands across my balls.

"Emily I can't stand this anymore, please I'll do anything...anything!" I begged and pleaded.

She giggled and removed her hands. She leaned in with her body and stuck out her tongue. She just barely licked off the precum from the head of my throbbing cock. Even from such a small touch I nearly came.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I yelled as I felt my balls clench again.

"Shhh Jeff! Don't make me slap your balls. I know you won't like that."

She slapped her hand across my balls anyway. An evil smile went across her face and she slapped again watching as I screamed out at the top of my lungs. My brittle balls could barely take a small breeze and the pain she was giving me made me wish I was dead.

Her other hand touched her pussy through her panties and she brought herself to an orgasm, slapping my balls.

She stroked my cock again, keeping it on the edge.

I lost all sense of time. I couldn't see the clock. My eyes at some point went blank and it was all I could to remove myself from the torment. Hours, days, weeks later, I had no idea. It could have been five minutes for all I know but she whispered, so softly I could barely hear. "Goodnight Jeff."

I awoke to the noise of Emily's moans. I didn't have to look over to know that she was touching herself under the covers. I wanted to stay quiet but my mouth was so dry I coughed out loudly.

"Oh you're awake!" She said in an elated tone of voice. "Good you can help me."

She ripped down her side of the covers. She had a pink tank top on and the accompanying shorts were pulled down to her knees. She wore neither a bra nor panties.

"Lick me." She said with a smile. That's when I noticed that I wasn't restrained. She must have untied me as I fell asleep. As soon I began to move it hit me. Pain rippled through my body and I paused to cringe my face at the pain.

"Awwww." She cooed sympathetically "You've probably got a really bad case of morning wood, huh?" I nodded in pain and collapsed back down.

She marveled at the lump in the sheets and ran her fingers over it. "Hehe, you're so hard. Did I ever tell you how much I adore morning wood? It's my favorite. You're just so horny and stiff and you won't calm down for a very long time." She giggled, feeling the need to explain a common teenage boy's problem to me.

"It hurts so much." I moaned.

"Oh I know, your poor blueballs must feel awful." She smiled and reached under the sheets. I felt her hand grasp my balls and roll them around. She squeezed and tugged them, bringing sharp pains to my stomach. I winced and struggled.

Her hand moved to my cock and stroked it. "I bet you just jack off to morning wood don't you?" She murmured, stroking methodically over my cock. "This much be soooooooo frustrating for you." She continued, running her hand over my balls and shaft. She went on "Soooo frustrating."

"You must wake up every morning with this, don't you?" She shut her eyes and moaned for a second. "That turns me on so much."

"I'm so wet..." She moaned. "mmmm, come here Jeff." She let go of my balls and grabbed me by my shoulders, brought my head down between her legs and ordered me to lick her. I stuck my tongue out and I could feel her heat against my face. Her juices filled my mouth as I sucked and licked her clitoris. Her thighs brought a vice against my face and pushed me in farther. She moaned out loudly and I could hear her hands rubbing her breasts through her tank top.

Two orgasms and a sore tongue later I felt her thighs' grip on my head release.

"Oh Jeff, that was soooo good." She muttered, holding my head with her hands. She took a minute to recover and lazily got off of the bed. I followed in only my boxers. My cock stuck straight up, and normally walking around would have softened it up a bit, but in the state I was in, it just wobbled back and forth at full mast.

I know, the morning should have been memorable. I was living any guy's fantasy. We showered together, changed together and she made sure I was hard the whole morning. For the life of me, I could not remember anything until she said.

"Hey we'd better stop, we don't wanna be late for school."

She was teasing me on her couch at the time while her mom ate breakfast in the other room. I had blanked out to avoid the pain and her revelation took me by surprise. I had almost forgot that it was Wednesday.

"'re right." I muttered. She zipped my pants back up trapping my aching cock and brought me to her car.

At school she reluctantly left me to go to her first period class. At this point in my torture I didn't even try to concentrate. I stared at the board reading about Shakespeare or Virgil or something. My erection stabbed at my pants creating an obvious tent. I was glad we weren't doing something where we had to stand up.

Last week the class had to get into pairs. I was put with a cute girl a few seats away from me. It was so hard to focus on the assignment and she wasn't helping. She wasn't a bombshell or anything but any girl I got close to made my conscious mind turn off. I'm sure she was offended at my persistent stares but I had stopped caring about such things weeks ago.

The rest of the day went similarly until gym class. I dreaded gym class. I got changed in a stall like I always did and when I came out all of the girls seemed to have a very different attitude towards me.

We were playing volleyball and every girl seemed to have a newfound interest in my pants. They all stared at my crotch and it stayed stiff and throbbing the whole time. A few even winked at me. What had Emily told them in the locker room?

Even the teacher looked at me oddly. I couldn't tell if it was a look of pity, or interest. Maybe both. Conveniently, the teacher assigned teams and worse, she assigned me to the team that had the sluttiest girls on it. All of them teased me with their tight tank tops and extremely short shorts. They were easily breaking dress code but our teacher was very lenient. I'm sure my blueballs had nothing to do the leniency either.

At the end of class, Emily ran to me right away. Her two friends, followed as well, pushing me into a corner that the teacher couldn't see, or conveniently refused to go near.

"Spread your legs Jeff." She ordered.

"Emily, no please, I can't take that kind of pain!" I pleaded.

"Spread them." She repeated in a harsh tone.

"No, no I can't do it."

"Girls." She commanded impatiently.

The two girls around her approached me too fast for me to react. They linked their arms with mine, shoved me against the wall and spread my thighs with their other hands.

"Emily! No! Please no!" I yelled drastically.

"Girls, remove his shorts, I wanna see his nuts before I squish them."

The girls fought me and eventually got my shorts and boxers around my ankles. Here I was, two girls holding me down, naked from the waist down awaiting an unbelievable pain, screaming my head off.

Both of the girls to my sides giggled at my boner as it throbbed and stood straight up. They laughed to each other about the state of my balls, blue and swollen from more than a month of teasing.

"When he passes out I'll give you two a chance to kick at them, he won't be struggling as much." She taunted with a wry smile.

She pulled her leg back and I shut my eyes. Moments went passed and I opened them again. All three of them laughed very loudly.

"Awww, poor thing, you really thought I was gonna kick you didn't you."

I panted loudly, even with my great deal of fear, my cock still stood straight up and I couldn't take my eyes off of her top, bent at a slight degree.

"Comeon, let's have some fun with him."

The next thing I knew, I was being dragged, naked through the hall until we entered the girls' locker room. I was dragged through countless wide-eyes girls as I was thrown onto a bench, back-down.

"Is this him!?" I heard a girl question. A few others gawked at my blueballs, it was obvious they had never seen a pair so swollen and blue. Some had not even seen a naked guy before.

My hands were tied with some kind of material, clothing of some sort. My legs too, tied around the bench. I was forced to keep my head down. Hands went all across my body. My crotch got a lot of attention as hands kept me on the edge. Lots of giggling and laughing were heard, far louder than my aching screams.

All of them stopped and I felt a single hand caress my cock. It throbbed and pulsed at her touch and I could hear repressed giggles and moans as they watched precum shoot out of it as they listened to my painful screams and watched as I humped the air begging for that final touch. They took turns bringing me to the edge. Some had to be instructed when to stop, others brought me to orgasm but stopped at just the right point where I felt an incredible ache travel through my body.

The period bell rang but they continued on. My balls felt like they were about to explode. Then, the worst thing of all happened. They took turns slapping at my balls. Emily, I presumed, covered my mouth to muffle my screams as the hail of slaps came down. They started out gently, afraid of hurting me, until Emily, oh-so helpfully pointed out that I could take a lot more pain than that.

Slap after slap came and my whole body at one point was held down to prevent me from falling off. I screamed into her hand as I tried to crawl into the fetal position. They were having so much fun slapping me and I didn't see it stopping anytime soon. They continued the torture until my vision blurred. Emily informed them that I was just about to pass out. I don't think she cared about my safety one bit when she said "Hey he's gonna black out, Sandy let's do that thing you said earlier."

All of the girls converged on me and I felt the rough tip of a black marker run across my stomach. I struggled to get away but hey kept writing and giggling. I saw the flash of a camera go off several times. Two other girls kept me on the edge to hear me whine and cry out. I humped for their hands and every time I did, a flash went off.

They untied me and sat me up. There were only six, maybe seven girls left; the rest had gone back to class. Emily wrapped her hand around my eyes and I felt a million hands rub my cock. They taunted me, asking me how long it had been, what it felt like and if I really wanted to cum. I humped constantly, much to their amusement, and in doing so kept myself achingly on the edge.

Eventually, minutes later they let me go, put my clothes back on over my aching cock and sent me back to class. Needless to say, we were all very late.
Chapter 10

“Those are lookin’ kinda blue.” It was Melissa, examining my balls in her bedroom. Her two friends, Stephanie and Michelle found their own boyfriends to tease a month ago, near to my locker room encounter. It meant I was off the hook as far as that went.

“They hurt so much.” I mumbled, feeling her hands rubbing them around.

“They must, they feel so swollen and hard. I really wish I could let you cum.” She taunted repressing a smile.

“Melissa, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” I said wincing at the aching pain she was giving.

“Yeah, what’s up?” She answered calmly, still teasing me.

“Um, it’s getting close to the end of the school year and we’re gonna be graduating soon…” I said trailing off.

Her hand went to my cock and stroked it slowly. She could only give me a few strokes before getting me to the edge. “And?”

“Well, I’ve got plans for college and I’m sure you do too. What about my orgasm?” I questioned blurting it out.

“What about it?” She responded bringing me to another spine-bending edge.

“Well…am I going to be allowed to cum?” I insisted.

“Probably not, why?”

“But, but Melissa!” I complained loudly.

“Shhh, it’s tough I know but soon you’ll get used to blueballs and all the teasing. I’m sure you’ll make your future girlfriends very happy.” She giggled, tugging on my cock and bringing me to the edge.

“I can’t go that long!” I whined out, begging for release.

“I said be quiet. And yes you can go that long. Remember months ago when you claimed that you ‘couldn’t take it anymore?’” She said, raising an eyebrow and then went back to my balls. She waited for my silence and continued. “I told you, you’ll get used to the pain.” She advised, squeezing my balls for emphasis.

“And talk to Kelly tomorrow, she still has your key.”

“I haven’t talked with Kelly in forever.” I complained. “Can’t you just let me cum?”

“No, you’re still bound by her rules, she’d be really mad at me if I let you cum. Talk to her tomorrow, I’ll tell her in the morning.”

“But, but…”

“I told you, no matter what I can’t do anything that she doesn’t allow.”

”Melissa please…”

“Jeff, shhh, just sit there and ache for me, I’m trying to get myself off.” She put her other hand over my mouth to keep me quiet and continued teasing me the rest of the night.

The entire day I was very nervous, Melissa wouldn’t tell me any details about Kelly except that she was waiting for me after school. I’ve got to say, even after the past few months of pain, this day had to be the longest day of the year. I was so nervous I think I even got a little soft from time to time, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had gotten soft other than when I had to go to the bathroom.

The day finally ended and I rushed to Kelly’s locker. I had gotten there in less than a minute after the final bell had rung and was waiting on the tips of my toes against her metal locker. I was getting worried. I rarely saw her in school these days and I wouldn’t know if she was sick or not. Nevertheless I stood at her locker probably looking like a dork for a halfhour when she finally showed up.

“What do you want?” She said with a raised eyebrow and a disgusted expression on her face. She pushed me aside and opened her locker, making sure she didn’t make eye contact with me.

“Emily said I could talk to you.” I said meekly.

She took books out of her locker and replaced them with the books in her hand. She was obviously more focused on her locker than my question. I doubted that I was even going to get an answer.

She packed her backpack, slung it over her back and said “You still haven’t told me what you want.”

I followed her to the exit of the school trying to keep up with her.

“Well…I was just wondering…when am I gonna get some relief.”

She pushed the door to the school and walked through.

“Why would you want that?” She said with a wry smile, enjoying my situation much more than I was.

“Please Kelly it’s been so long.” I said trailing off, sounding very desperate.

She opened the door to her car and threw her stuff in.

“Look I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with me. I told you it’s over and I mean it.” She said firmly, opening the driver’s side door.

“But, but Kelly! I just want to cum.” I said maybe a little too loudly for the parking lot.

“So what? Like I care about your stupid balls.”

“Why can’t I just jackoff?” I begged in a low whisper.

“Ew, gross. Of course you can’t do that. I told Emily to crush your nuts if you did that. I can’t believe you even thought that was a possibility.”

“But I can’t go that long.” I was really getting desperate. “Plus…what about college, we’re graduating really soon…and I-“

“I’ll probably put you in a cock cage at the last day or somethin’ I dunno.”

“No, Kelly, you can’t, there’s no way I can go that long.” I was imagining being in college constantly horny. I couldn’t even imagine such a fate. Honestly, without any supervision I could probably find a locksmith or something. Anything really, I didn’t care I just wanted to cum!

“Poor thing.” She said with false sympathy.

She got in her car and was about to shut the door.

“Kelly! Comeon you can’t do this to me.

“I can and I will.”

“No, no I won’t let it happen, I’ll just jackoff right now!”

“No Jeff! You won’t, is that clear?” She said harshly with eyes as dark and cold as arctic stones.

I was stunned I had never seen her so frigid before.

“Look.” She started. “If you’re a good boy with Emily for the rest of the year, I’ll consider giving you some kind of orgasm, ok?”

“Yes! please anything.”

Even though she already had her sunglasses on I knew she had rolled her eyes. “Now is that all?”

“Yes Kelly.”

“What was that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Better.” And with that, she shut the door on me and pulled away.

It was only a matter of weeks until graduation. Emily and Kelly had obviously talked and she did her best to make sure every day we spent together was as terrible as possible. I seriously lost count of the times I had been brought to the edge in an hour.

Despite the pain I knew it would be over soon and as I donned my graduation outfit and walked down the aisle to get my diploma. Most of the kids were thinking about their future or were just happy High School was over. I, on the other hand, was anticipating my orgasm!

Of course there was still a few days left in the school year. Each day I was teased and tormented by every girl who knew about my predicament and even worse by the ones who knew I would cum soon.

Every girl wore their sexiest summer outfits knowing full well the staff wasn’t going to bust them on a clothing rule only a few days away form summer. It unfortunately lead to my wandering eyes everywhere and the ability for the common girl to give me blueballs just by bending over.

Finally, after many months of denial I met Kelly in the halls after our last period.

“Oh right, I almost forgot.” She giggled with a smile. “You wanna blow your load don’t you?”

“YES!” I practically yelled.

She laughed again. “Well I think you deserve it. Oh hi Randy.” She said to the tall football player who had just arrived. He was humbly hanging his head in her presence and addressing her as mistress. Kelly put her stuff in his hands and they walked with each other making me follow.

“I thought of a great idea last night, ya know, about your orgasm.”

“What?” I said, hoping she’d quiet down a bit.

“Well, I was thinking it could be a fun contest. He hasn’t cum in…how long has it been Randy?”

“Three weeks.” He mumbled.

“Three weeks, right. So it would be really fun to watch you two compete for an orgasm.” She said with a smile.

Although Randy’s head was lowered I knew we had the same reaction. I assumed Kelly had “promised” to let Randy cum as well tonight.

“But you said you’d let me cum!”

“No I said I’d consider it. Now quit arguing, or else I won’t let either of you cum.”

We all rode in the same car to her house and needless to say we were both nervous as hell.

The next few hours left me stunned. She had gotten all four girls together at her house and had organized it the same way the Saturday games had been. It had been explained to me that it was going to go in the same fashion except that it would be standardized. One of us would go at a time and neither of use would know the other’s results until the very end.

Both Kelly and Emily wore their shiny black outfits whereas Melissa and Tina wore what they had on today.

The first challenge was with Tina. She happily dragged me by my erect shaft into the bedroom and plopped me down onto the bed. She wore a tight-fitting white t-shirt with a flower or something on it. She wore loose yellow shorts that were held on with their elasticity.

“Do I need to explain the rules to you?”

“No…” I said sullenly.

“Great, hold still, I gotta tie you down.” She said with a smile.

“You didn’t tie me down last time.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, well, your balls weren’t this blue before.” She said with a light giggle. It seemed even she was amazed at the condition of my swollen balls.

I spread out my arms and legs and watched her crawl above me to tie handcuffs around my hands. She pressed her body on mine and I felt her pleasant warmth surround me. Precum leaked out and would have stained her shorts if she hadn’t skillfully raised her pelvis so it wasn’t touching my crotch. I felt the cold metal of the handcuffs grip my wrists. The clasp wasn’t too bad, at least not compared to what I was used to. She barely cuffed my ankles too, I figured I could probably get my ankles out of them if I really wanted to.

“Ready?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“…No.” I muttered.

“Goodie! Now just relax ok? I haven’t gotten to tease this thing in forever. I can’t wait.” She got started right away, wrapping her warm hand around my beating cock.

“Jeez, I can’t even touch you and you’re gonna explode.” She said taking her hand off again. She lightly let her finger drop down to the shaft and brought it slowly up and down its length. She moved her hand with my body, humping the air desperately, with delicate control.

I didn’t even know I was screaming until she put a hand over my mouth. I struggled against the handcuffs as I felt her fingers dance on my cock. How was she doing this! No girl in the past few months had been able to keep this much contact and still keep me from shooting my load. Also, I didn’t understand how I could tell her to stop with her hand over my mouth.

I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered. As I felt my cock start to engage she took her hand away and lowered her shorts. She kept my mouth covered and rubbed herself, moaning out in pleasure. Every once in awhile she would remove her hand from her pussy and give my balls either a slap or a firm squeeze to get her going. After a few minutes she was so excited I couldn’t tell when she was having an orgasm and when she wasn’t.

Finally she let her body collapse on the bed. Her wet hand now ran across my cock and balls, it seemed she wasn’t going to give me any rest.

“That felt soooo good.” She moaned out. “I can’t believe how achy these are…oh right.” She took her hand off my face insisting that I stay quiet.

“What about the competition?” I asked in a low voice.

“Oh, that. If you tell any of the other girls that I’m cheating for you I’m going to take your nuts and-”

“I won’t!”

“Good. I really want Randy to lose and plus, even I want these poor balls to get emptied, they just look so full and swollen.” She trailed off, rolling my balls in her hand.

After a few moments of painful squeezing I asked “Why do you want Randy to lose?”

“I hate him! He’s such a jerk, back in freshmen year he asked me out. After a few dates I gave him a really good handjob and he said he really liked it but then a week later he was going out with Jenny.” She said with scorn on her face. I saw her lips curve to a smile and she said with a low laugh “But now the jerk-off has blueballs. Kelly even let me kick them around a little. Do you have any idea how much I am going to enjoy teasing him after you? I can’t wait! I’m going to give him the best handjob he’s ever had…again and again and again until he can’t take it anymore!”

She moaned out again. And I could see her panties getting wet. She stripped them off of her legs and put her hips above my head. She knew she didn’t have to say anything to me to command my tongue. I stuck my tongue between her lips and licked as hard as I could. She moaned out, obviously thinking of Randy, humping my mouth until she came in only a minute.

She took herself off of me and put her panties back on and then her shorts.

“Look at the time we better get out of here.” She uncuffed me and let me wipe my face off with a towel.

I was sat in a chair outside the door with handcuffs around my two wrists. Melissa was sitting next to me playing with my cock while we all waited for Tina to finish with Randy.

Apparently Tina wasn’t giving Randy the same treatment I had been given. With his mouth uncovered we could all hear his rhythmic screams. I almost felt bad for him. The torture went on forever. I didn’t even hear him say stop and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Then I realized that Tina probably told him that I made it to some ridiculous time, or maybe she didn’t even tell him he could say stop.

Finally the door opened. Tina looked very flustered; I could only guess at how many orgasms she had had. When Randy walked out his balls looked about twice as swollen and sensitive as they were before.

Even Randy seemed surprised at his balls, I don’t think he was used to having such large and swollen testicles. Wait a few months, I whispered under my breath scornfully.

Tina gave me a cute wink as she exited behind him and I could tell she was still fantasizing about her revenge.

All of the girls got ready for the next activity. This time we were separated into the upstairs and the basement. Emily and Kelly were with me, tying my balls up in rope and getting the weights ready. My arms were tied to an overhanging pipe and it stretched me out so that I could barely feel my body’s weight on the soles of my feet. I had to take in deep breaths for air and constantly pull down on the rope to feel comfortable. The rope hung loosely from my balls, swaying back and forth. The two girls were silently tying weights to my balls making the rope feel tighter and tighter.

As they knelt down I got a very good view down at their cleavage. Kelly’s breasts were pushed out incredibly. Although her breasts, despite their enormity, stay high and firm and it looked like a push-up bra of some sort was forcing them out of her shiny black top. It didn’t help that her top formed a V and pressed her breasts even closer together making her cleavage look more amazing than I had remembered.

Precum started dripping out of my cock head and running down the shaft.

Emily wore more of a U styled outfit leaving more of her breasts exposed than Kelly. Both wore shiny skirts that looked too small for them and showed off a ridiculous amount of legs.

Emily knelt close to me and extended her body upwards. I felt her breasts run up my legs. They were on either side of my cock and she was giving me a lusting look. She took her breasts in her hands and fondled them slowly. Both of the girls giggled as precum dripped off of my balls to the ground.

She watched my aching cock throb and she blew on it sending it into tremors of pain. Precum shot out and she had to move her bust away from me and the preucm landed harmlessly on the ground. Emily giggled and pushed her breasts against my hips and held them firmly in her hands. She kept her eyes on me and pressed inwards, pushing her breasts against my crotch. I almost came but the pressure on my balls stopped me. She pressed in roughly and I felt the skin of her breasts crush my balls. This should have been a dream, having two very large breasts this close to my crotch. Instead, it was a nightmare and I was begging her to stop.

“I thought you liked tits?” She asked innocently.

“Emily please no, no more!”

She reluctantly let go. She move her face closer and gave my balls a sweet kiss. “Now it’s time for the real pain.” She said with a smile on her face.

“How much can he hold?” Emily asked. I felt more weight pull down on my balls making me cringe in pain. My eyes shut but I still caught glimpses of Kelly putting weights on my balls.

“Are you sure?” Emily asked again, a tone of worry was in her voice. More weight. A greater interval than normal was applied. I gasped for air and tried my best to take the pain.

I whimpered out slowly, it was getting to be too much. I was just about to ask how I could submit and give up as I felt a cloth go into my mouth and another tie around my head making my question sound like an incoherent array of mumbles.

The weight seemed greater than I had remembered. It had been a long time since the last event and my increased frustration could have made the pain worse.

Another weight added.

I heard Kelly giggle. A blindfold was put over my face, shrouding my vision. I struggled against the ropes surrounding my wrists. I felt like I could tear down the piping I was in so much pain. My head moved side to side and I screamed out into the cloth. I heard giggles from the two girls and I felt another weight on my balls. I couldn’t take it anymore. I struggled even harder begging them silently for release from this awful pain.

The weight was suddenly gone. Emily took the weights in her hand and held them against my crotch as she spoke. I felt Emily’s body get close and I felt her firm breast compress against me. She whispered slowly. “You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to give in?” She taunted, tugging on the rope.

“Kelly and I decided that you’re going to lose.” She gave me a very tight tug and moaned out as I screamed at her. “I know, it hurts, but we just loooove keeping your balls all achy and painful for us.” I felt a warm hand caress my cock and soon it was wrapping around it, stroking it pleasurably. Was it Kelly? I had no way of knowing. It felt good though and it was bringing me close to the edge.

Kelly smirked and Emily continued. “You’re so pathetic, even with this much weight you still have a boner, I think that just means we need to add more!”

I grunted out and struggled against the weight begging them to reconsider.

I heard the clinking of the metal weight claps around the others and then she let the whole mass drop. I thought I was gonna blackout as the weights fell, tugging on my balls with the added momentum. She let me scream out in pain as the weights bounced up and down giving me a constant throb of pain.

The hand was still rubbing my cock and I felt precum dribble down it, lubricating the strokes. Despite the pain I was still getting close to an orgasm. I begged her to give me more but she took her hand away at just the right moment.

I made the biggest mistake I could have made. I humped the air. I don’t know if it was planned by them but both girls laughed uncontrollably as they watched me thrust my torso up and watched as the weights created more tension in the rope and tugged down on my balls even more. I stopped after three thrusts and tears ran down my cheeks and stained the cloth.

They laughed harder and it fueled their sadism. Another weight was applied and I felt my whole body being tugged down by my balls. Fortunately, I couldn’t feel anything anymore. My vision was already dark and the transition was unnoticeable.

A tug to my balls woke me up. The weights were gone and the blindfold and gag were off.

“He’s awake stop!” It was Emily.

Kelly stopped tugging the rope and gave my balls a slap that brought me back to full consciousness.

Kelly wiped precum off her hand onto my stomach, and after they untied the rope around my balls, I was let go.

I was thrown on the floor roughly. Melissa and Tina were with me, standing over me ready to go. I knelt above a paper towel with a cup on it. My cock stuck straight upwards, still throbbing from the earlier treatments.

The cup was much larger than the shot glass before and my spirits lowered as I knew I had to fill the entire thing.

“Worried about that little thing?” Tina taunted, pointing at the empty cup. “Don’t worry about a thing, Jeff, I’m sure you can produce that much for us…especially with my help.” She said grinning, getting into position. Melissa got in front of me and bent over. She wore a very low-cut, red top and beneath I could see a very skimpy red lace bra. It was working. My cock instantly shot out a load of precum.

“Whoa, slow down.” Tina cautioned. “Wait till I have this thing in position first.” She grabbed hold of my cock expertly, taking care not to set it off but still give it stimulation. It was angled painfully downward and I felt the precum being milked out of me.

She forced me to get on my hands and knees and I sat there feeling like livestock as Tina milked the precum out of me.

After a few minutes Melissa asked “How’s he comin?’”

“Ok, I spose. Take your top off.” Melissa removed her shirt slowly and I watched hungrily as her breasts jiggled nicely in her very small bra.

“Hehe, it’s working.” Tina giggled behind me.

Melissa blushed a little and lowered the straps of her bra to her arms. It was indeed working as I felt precum flow out of my cock fiercely. I grunted out in pain as the ever-present ache of blueballs was magnified and always constant.

She unclipped her bra and she was holding it up with just her hands.

“Halfway there.” Tina stated.

She lowered her bra slowly and I could just barely make out her nipples.

“It’s really comin’ fast now.”

I could feel it too. My balls clenched over and over and I felt precum drip out of me, each one making my balls ache even more.

Drool fell out of my mouth a little and Melissa was showing off for me, bending over and jiggling her breasts with my hands.


Her bra dropped and instantly I felt like Tina had taken my balls and ripped them off. Blueballs like I had never felt before clenched down on my nerves and I screeched in pain as I saw my best-friend’s magnificent breasts.

“There, that’s it, he filled it to the top.” Tina sounded elated and I was still crutched over in pain. “That was fun” Tina continued. “He really filled that up fast.”

Melissa was smiling at me and putting her bra back on. Her shirt covered her again and I saw her wink at me and giggle just a bit.

I was set up with Emily and Kelly again. They took out an ice-shaped dildo that was hollow in the middle. I was handcuffed and put against the wall. They both taunted me, telling me I couldn’t do it. They wanted me to lose and I knew it. I felt the unbearable cold go over my cock and they laughed as I cringed at the pain. The ice was fitted perfectly and it slid all the way down my cock and touched my balls.

After a minute my cock had only lowered a little. My long-term denial was keeping it up. Even I couldn’t get it to go down when I was trying at home with ice and clean thoughts, there was no way this piece of ice was gonna do anything.

Alas, they came to the same conclusion as I did. Emily got close to me after a long whispering session between the two girls. She gripped my balls.

“You are going to lose.” Emily said forcefully and I felt her grip tighten around my sack, causing my pain to skyrocket. I screamed out until her hand covered my mouth.

I begged her to stop but she just looked into my eyes with pleasure, crushing my balls. My cock started to go down and even she was surprised at its slow rate of descent. She squeezed harder and finally the ice fell to the floor. Emily wasn’t done. As if punishing me for the delay, she squeezed harder getting me completely soft. She squeezed and squeezed until she moaned out. She moaned out louder and louder and she came, came from my aching pain.

Finally she let loose.

“My turn.” Kelly muttered and got closer to me.

The contest was over and we all gathered in the living room. Randy and I were on the ground facing away from each other. We were both in tremendous pain. I could not imagine what Tina did to Randy. I was used to Kelly’s and Emily’s torture and they only tortured me out of pleasure. Tina, on the other hand, tortured out of revenge and despite her bubbly exterior, she looked like someone who would not hesitate to make your life as miserable as possible if you looked at her the wrong way.

The girls were discussing the results in the other room. I could hear Randy’s accelerated breathing and I knew he was just as nervous as I was.

They came back into the room, standing around us.

“It was a tie.” Kelly stated.

Neither of us said anything. A tie could mean anything.

“So we’ve decided that both of you are cumming.” She said. I detected a hint of anger in her voice. It was obvious she didn’t like the ruling. I wanted to jump for joy! This was amazing.

Emily grabbed me by my cock and Kelly took Randy by his. We were both led to separate rooms.

I was put on a bed and tied down, my cock sticking straight out. Emily, Tina and Melissa surrounded me, getting as close as they could for the action.

Emily got close to me and let her body lay down next to my body. I couldn’t help but stare down at her cleavage, rubbing its way up on my body as she got closer. Her hands drifted across my thighs, stimulating my cock to drip out precum. I heard giggles, constant giggles the entire time as they all watched my cock shoot out precum. Emily took her hand to my balls and cupped them.

“Ready for it? This is what you’ve been waiting for all this time.” She stroked me up and down.

“Yes please, I can’t wait.”

She moaned out, stroking just my shaft. She let go and let Melissa go at it. Her hand caressed me gently and was forced to have minimal contact with my ready-to-spurt cock. She stroked slowly, ever-so slowly and brought me to the edge over and over.

She let go and Tina took her place. Tina was the worst. Again, both of the other girls could barely touch me but Tina somehow managed to get her whole hand around my cock and give me long full strokes. I struggled at the restraints and Tina was keeping me on the edge. I was on the edge for nearly two aching minutes. My mouth had been covered early on. Finally she let go. My cock throbbed for awhile as all the girls watched in pleasure.

Finally Emily touched me again. She rubbed my balls and shaft, anything to keep me stimulated.


“Emily! YES! I need it!” I yelled out.

She stroked slowly, very slowly but I was going to cum.

“Don’t worry I won’t stop when you start cumming, this is going to be the best orgasm of your life. Just relax, it’s over.” She cooed.

I let my body relax and felt the pleasure build. I was close, very close. I felt the cum getting ready to burst.

Kelly entered.

“What are you doing here?” Emily asked, letting my cock go. My balls clenched and I felt an aching pain coarse through them.

Kelly was covered. Cum was dripping off of her chin and down her breasts. Giant globs of it were all over her cleavage and you could see where the ropes of cum hit her upper chest and chin.

“I gave Randy his orgasm and I didn’t want to miss Jeff’s!” She said happily. She seemed in an oddly cheerful mood and I couldn’t explain why. She smiled at me and her eye contact made my stomach twinge.

“Fair enough.” Emily said. “Lucky girl, getting to see two sets of blueballs explode.”

Kelly giggled back and watched intently at my aching balls.

Emily put her hand on my cock again. Oh it felt so good!

“Relax Jeff.” Kelly said this time. I was relaxing and I was ready!

“Feels good doesn’t it?” She asked.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh yes it does.” I moaned out. Emily was going so slowly but I was getting there, just a few more strokes left.

“Ya know what I was thinking?” Kelly said with a big smile on her face. “Jeff’s my slave isn’t he?”

Emily responded hesitantly. “Yeah, so what?”

“Don’t you think I should bring him to orgasm?”

NO! I almost screamed out.

“Yeah I suppose.” Emily said slowly. She let my cock go on my stomach, just one stroke away.

Kelly took Emily’s place and although I was nowhere near from soft, I was slightly farther away from orgasm

I felt Kelly’s hand around my cock. It felt as amazing as I had remembered. I looked down at her cum-filled breasts.

“See all that cum? Isn’t that nice, I bet you can’t wait for that to be yours huh?” She asked, getting me to the edge.

She rubbed my balls. “These swollen balls are gonna get emptied and it’s gonna feel so goooood.”

She stroked me again and I was right on the edge. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, oh yes I need it!”

“Ready?” She repeated.

“Yes Kelly! I need it!”


I let my body go and I felt her give me the last stroke. Pain and pleasure were indistinguishable. My balls clenched tightly in my sack and a huge stream of hot cum shot above my head, covering the headboard and forming a long line of cum on my chest. I couldn’t hear or see anymore. Everything went blurry. I could see the girls moving and I knew they were talking but nothing else.

Nothing else.

My blurriness faded back to clarity and all the girls were silent. A single drop of cum was hanging by my cock head as it throbbed angrily. Kelly had stopped stroking me and nothing more had come out. She had even held my cock upwards by the very bottom of my shaft to reduce the friction from my stomach. The stream of cum and the droplet on the head was all that came out and my balls felt almost no relief. In fact, my blueballs, to my shock and horror, felt even worse. It was like slamming on your brakes going 80.

“What did you do that for!?” It was either Melissa or Tina I couldn’t tell.

“He got his orgasm.” Kelly responded sternly.

“That’s not fair! He’s been waiting so long!”

“He’s my slave and I decide how he cums.” Kelly said dominantly.

The rest of the girls hardly knew what to say.

“Comeon Kelly.” Emily said. “That’s not fair, he’s been so good.”

“I don’t care.” She said coldly. “That’s all he gets.”

Everyone was speechless. My mouth was so dry and I was so out of it from the half-orgasm that I didn’t even know what to say.

Kelly slapped my balls, my aching, denied balls. I nearly blacked out after just one slap. She squeezed and my cock grew soft. I saw her put a cage on me regardless of the other girl’s wishes.

“All of you out of my house.” She said. “And take Randy with you, I don’t want him anymore.”

The girls reluctantly left one by one. Melissa was the last to go, her eyes were very sad. She knew there was nothing she could do for me. The girls seemed very dedicated to their rules.

“I am going to have a lot of fun with you.” Kelly said to me with an evil smile. These balls are so sensitive.” She said rolling them painfully around.

“I gotta tell you something Jeff.” She said with a smile. “You’ve always been my favorite. I’m never going to let you go…ever.”

Behind Kelly’s back and just barely at my range of sight Melissa blew me a small kiss and gave me a little wink.

I hoped, you have no idea how much I hoped, that she had some way to get me out of this.

The End.

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