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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dating Lindsey Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Painful morning wood shook me from my sleep, as it had a few times during the night. My cock tried desperately to expand in its cage and I finally felt awake enough not to go back asleep. My arms were around Lindsey, whose body, dressed in just short shorts and a tank top, was curled up into mine. I held her tightly and shifted to wake her up.

“Morning Jake,” she said, sleepy, and I could feel her ass rub softly against my boxers, stimulating me further in my cage.  Struggling to get hard all night, my cock felt sore, along with my balls, still full from a long week of nothing, only made worse by the half-blowjob I got from Lindsey.

Lindsey sat up in the bed, wiping her eyes a little. She leaned over to look at the clock. 9am. “Sorry again about last night,” Lindsey said, reaching over to me. I was sitting up next to her too, and she reached over to cup my balls through my boxers. “My mom won’t leave these locked up forever.”

“When do you think I can cum?” I asked, meekly.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, but I’ll talk to her, ok?”

“Ok, Lindsey,” I said hating how I was at these two women’s mercy.

“Well, I better go take a shower. You can take one after me,” she said, getting up and crossing me, her sexy body, tempting me, her full breasts, braless under her tank top, jiggled nicely as she moved over me and then across the room. She grabbed some clothes, panties, bra, a tshirt and jeans, and winked at me as she headed out. I sighed, my nuts killing me. Not even a night’s sleep could make them feel better. But when I thought I’d have a second to relax, her mother came in to check on me.

“Well Jake, how are the family jewels?” she asked with a wry smile, making an obscene gesture with her hands, obviously enjoying herself.

“They hurt,” I said, making a face. I could feel them ache and throb. She walked over closer. She was wearing regular clothes, just a maroon tshirt, stretched across her chest and a pair of black pants. She came over, and bent over, daring me to look down her shirt at her enormous breasts.

“Tough night?” She teased, slowly pulling the sheet down from my waist as I sat there. Nearly paralyzed in fear, I didn’t move, and I felt her peel away my boxers by the elastic to peek inside. She leaned in and looked around, pushing her breasts into my face, the bare skin pushed in my cheek. “They look swollen Jake. You know you were a bad boy last night.”

I gulped, mentally hitting myself on the head to pay attention. “I’m sorry Mrs. Oran,” I said, and then felt her fingers wrap gently around my balls.

“Taking advantage of my young daughter like that. Using her mouth in such a dirty way. How degrading!” she said, emphasizing it by rubbing my balls around.

“Mrs. Oran please, she…ohhh!” I groaned as I felt her hand squeeze my balls roughly.

“Don’t you dare tell me that she wanted it! My Lindsey is not some kind of slut. I know how your young mind works, young man,” she said, squeezing and rolling my nuts around like a pair of stress balls. I could only groan and squirm, knowing she could make it a lot worse if she wanted to.

“I’m sorry…ohh…I’m sorry. You’re right. Oh stop squeezing, please!” I felt her relax her grip a little.

“There certainly won’t be any more of that any time soon,” she said, toying with my cage now. “You’ll be lucky if you even get to come out of this today,” she said sternly, and I just nodded to her.

“Good. You know, I thought our little chat last night would have put you in your place.” She crossed her arms over her breasts, probably because I was staring, and looked disappointed.

I swallowed hard. Nervous as she looked down at me. “I don’t know what got into us…I mean what got into me,” I said, meekly.

“I figured being bent over my lap, slapping your nuts around, would have taught you a thing or two about respect.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Oran. I really am.”

She paused, and looked me up and down. “Boxers off. Spread your legs.”

I gulped, but I immediately stripped them down to my ankles, my balls exposed, the cage keeping me locked up. I spread my legs slowly, whimpering a little, shutting my eyes.

Lindsey’s mom looked around the room and finally settled on grabbing a hair brush, feeling the back of it in her hand and then came back over. She leaned over, tempting me again with her cleavage, certainly on purpose, then gave me a firm whack to my balls by the flat side of the brush.

I yelped in pain, but I just felt another hit, and then another, and finally I closed my legs, holding my balls. She just harrumphed, crossing her arms. “Just three huh? Hm, I don’t get why you men are so proud of those things. Spread them again,” she said with such authority my legs moved on their own. She reached down and hit them again, twice. “All they do is make you submissive. Not that I’m complaining. You know when I was your age, women’s liberation was really kicking into gear. Equality was still a very new thing. It’s so nice seeing a young man like yourself clutching his balls in pain, submissive to me.” She slapped my nuts again, and I tried my hardest to keep my legs apart.

“You know, you’re a nice guy, Jake,” she said, and just let the backside of the brush rub my balls up and down. “But all you eighteen year old men are the same, in a second you would take advantage of a girl if you could. You would tell her ‘you have to suck me babe, I’ve got blueballs,’” she said, sounding disgusted, and took it out on my balls again.

“Please, Mrs. Oran, I wouldn’t. I’ve been really good,” I pleaded, gripping the sheets as my balls throbbed.

“Back when I was your age, I dated men who just demanded I put out for them. They thought that just because I had a big chest meant I would get on my knees and suck them off!” she said, upset, but fortunately she was going easy on my balls for the time being. “And you know the real tragedy was that I did it. I can’t believe I got on my knees after that,” she said, shaking her head. “So young, so na├»ve,” she said with a big sigh, and gently tapped my nuts.

“Mrs. Oran, please I’m sorry that guys were total jerks. But I’m really a nice guy! I’ve been really polite and…ohhh!” I yelped as another hard smack came.

“Hush,” she commanded. “Let me just tell you Jake, that it gives me nothing but pleasure to see you all worked up and needing it, and then to tell you no.” She maintained eye contact. “If only I could go back and lock those boys up, send them home with blueballs. I really am envious of Lindsey,” she said, smiling.

I just sat there, my stomach tight, balls seriously hurting, hoping she would be done soon. “Yes Mrs. Oran. Please, I’ll be good.”

“See? These little guys really settle you down don’t they? You started out making excuses and thinking you could get a blowjob, but now you’re behaving yourself, aren’t you?”

I nodded quickly. “Yes Mrs. Oran.”

“And you’ll do whatever I say because you don’t want any more ball pain, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mrs. Oran. Yes, I’ll be really well behaved.”

She smiled at this, pleased with her work. She gave them a little tap. “See, now I don’t need to slap them because you’re acting like a man should: submissive and polite. If only I had this around thirty years ago, huh?”

“Yes, Mrs. Oran.”

“Good. Now when you need to shower, come find me. You can shower with your cage off today.”

I nodded to her, and groaned to myself when she shut the door, my balls seriously hurting. What kind of crazy leftover problems did she have, taking out her high school angst on me? I had never even gotten so far with a girl, and yet somehow I was to blame for all of the jerks out there.

Lindsey came in wearing a towel, making me question why she brought clothes with her in the first place. She was totally unaware of the busting I had to go through, and I knew I couldn’t bring it up. It would just be easier to keep her in the dark and hope to keep her mom happy at the same time.

Lindsey was a good distraction from the pain, as she slipped a pair of red panties on underneath her towel, her boobs jiggling and threatening to pop out of the top.

“I don’t know why my mom doesn’t get bigger towels,” she said, tightening it over her rack. “We’ve both got big boobs,” she said, rolling her eyes. “What bra should I wear today? Black or white?” she said, holding both up for me to look at.

“Um…black” I said, my cock straining in the cage.

She turned around and lowered her towel, giving me just a hint of sideboob to satisfy me, clasped the bra around her waist and then rotated it, bringing the cups over her breasts. She adjusted it, facing me now, squeezing them together as she mushed her bra around. “I hate having big boobs sometimes,” she said, dissatisfied with how the bra fit. “Anyway, get up lazy bum and go take your shower. I think my mom is in her room,” she said plainly. Did she know that I had to go ask her mom first? I sighed to myself. Of course she did.

I got up, walking past her, and as I did she stopped me and gave me a quick kiss. The look of her in her underwear really did a number on my libido.

I found her mom’s room again, which I had visited last night. She was packing some clothes into a laundry basket. “Hello Jake. Why don’t you come with me?” I found myself in the bathroom with her. She sat on the toilet as I stood, letting her unlock me. I really tried my hardest, but the combination of my having gone a week, plus the view down her shirt as I stood there was too much, and my cock stiffened up, rising quickly. I could only blush.

She smiled, happy to see my reaction. “That’s why they call it morning wood,” she joked to herself, poking it to see it bob around. I gulped, and saw her stand to turn the water on for me. She pulled the curtain back and pointed at the tub. “Go on. Don’t think I’m going to let you shower alone. I know what boys do in there!” she said, with mirth, but she was serious. I hesitated, weighing my options, but got in the tub anyway, feeling the warm water rush over me. My erection wasn’t going down, and probably wasn’t going to anytime soon. She sat on the toilet again, and pulled up a small mirror to put lipstick on, glancing up at me from time to time.

“Go on,” she said, waving her hand dismissively. I started washing myself. I felt humiliated, rubbing soap on my body while she sat there, supervising. It was clear I wasn’t going to close the curtain. She looked me over, fixated on my cock at times. Was she enjoying it? I couldn’t tell, but the whole situation just felt degrading.

“Don’t forget that big dick,” she said jokingly. “Or do you need help with it?”

I had left it for last, for obvious reasons. And I looked down at it. I had washed myself in the cage plenty of times, but Mrs. Oran seemed intent on seeing me at full erection.

“Relax,” she said, and got closer. I felt her hand grab my shaft and start sliding it up and down. She poured some liquid soap on it, and started washing it up and down. I couldn’t help it, I moaned loudly, so horny and excited. “Mrs. Oran…” I groaned, feeling bashful as she basically jerked me off.

“Shhh,” she said, and slowly stroked me. I could feel how incredibly stiff I was. Her hands massaged my aching balls too. “You are just so hard Jake. I really am envious of Lindsey. Those days are long gone,” she said, stroking just the shaft, avoiding my sensitive head.

“Ohh…oh I’m…”

She stopped on cue. “Don’t you worry Jake. I’ve had too much experience to let you just blow like that.”

I groaned, frustrated as my balls ached from the teasing. All I could think about was cumming.

“Did you enjoy it?”

I nodded, bashfully. “Yes…”

She smiled, standing up. “Dry yourself off Jake so I can lock you back up.” As I did, and she slipped me back into that tight cage, she said. “Don’t worry, I enjoyed it too.”

I came down and Lindsey got me a bowl of cereal to eat and sat at the table with me. I ate quietly, trying to think of anything else besides the ache in my balls, resting heavily on the chair I sat on. Lindsey chatted with me, talking about a story or two from her High School days. Finally, her mom came down and stood between us, her hand on our backs.

“You’re a lucky girl Lindsey. Your boyfriend here has quite the package.”

Lindsey’s jaw dropped and she looked back. “Mom! Stoppit! You’re embarrassing us.”

“Lindsey please. It’s ok. Trust me at my age, I wish the men I knew got so stiff and rigid. I must tell Cathy about this.”

I blushed hard and Lindsey rolled her eyes. “Ugh mom. He’s eighteen. Of course he’s going to be rock hard, sheesh.”

Her mom patted her on the back. “Well just appreciate it when you’re young dear. You’ll wish you had when you grow to be my age.” Mrs. Oran turned her back and headed to the basement to do laundry. Lindsey just gave me an annoyed look.

A few moments passed when Lindsey looked over at me, somewhat peeved. “Why haven’t you gone down to help my mom with laundry yet?”

“Oh…um. I don’t know…should I have?”

“Um…yeah Jake. You’re my boyfriend. Have you seen your chore chart yet?” she asked, again like I was supposed to know what she was talking about.

“Not uh, not yet,” I said, trying to play along.

“Well, get my mom to show you it because you’ll want to get an early start.”

“Oh right. Ok sure,” I said nervously. I had to do chores? I took my last bite that I wanted from the cereal and began to head downstairs. The basement was dark, except for a single uncovered lightbulb overhead. I meandered in, watching my head. “Um, Mrs. Oran. Do you need help with the laundry?”

Mrs. Oran was piling clothes from the dryer into a basket. “Oh what a good boy you are, Jake. Why don’t you switch over this load, and then bring that basket up and fold the clothes?” She said, stopping halfway and looking at me with what I interpreted as smugness.

“Sure thing Mrs. Oran,” I said, trying to sound helpful. “Oh and Mrs. Oran?”

“Yes Jake?”

I paused, suddenly noticing the key to my cock cage dangling around her neck, nestled between her breasts. I swallowed hard, staring at it.

“Jake?” she asked, and she reached into her shirt to adjust her bra. On purpose?

“Sorry uh, Lindsey said there was a chore list or something?”

She grew a confident smile. “Well yes, Jake. Now see what a week of blueballs, and a few slaps can do? That’s very polite of you to ask. Once you finish the laundry, then Lindsey and I will discuss your chores.”

I swallowed hard and tried not to look too much at the key…or what it was hidden between. I dutifully switched the laundry for her, and brought up the basket to the livingroom, where Lindsey was now watching the tv. I set the basket down and started folding the shirts on the coffee table. Lindsey had her feet up, watching, not really paying attention to me.

As I folded, and Lindsey watched tv, her mom came by. “Well don’t stop folding just because I’m here. Chop chop,” she said, clapping her hands, as if it were a joke. “I came by to discuss your chore chart, now that we’re all together.” She sat down on the other side of me, with a piece of paper printed from a computer with my name and Lindsey’s name up top, and a line separating the two. On it were typical chores such as making the bed, cleaning the bathroom, etc. evenly distributed between us.

“Ugh mom, I’m not cleaning the bathroom,” Lindsey said immediately, looking over.

“Lindsey hush. Now these are your chores for this weekend, you two, and I expect them to be done by tomorrow night. I’ve tried to split it fairly but of course I gave you most of the heavy lifting Jake because you’re a guy.”

I just nodded, overwhelmed. Lindsey groaned. “I have to do all that? Mom come on!” she whined.

“Lindsey, you’re my daughter and as long as I’m housing you and paying for your college you’re doing chores,” she insisted while her daughter just rolled her eyes.  I gulped as I kept folding, and I got to the bras, holding one up. Her mom interjected into the chore discussion. “Jake, sort those bras by pattern and color ok? Just try to keep them together,” she said, patting my thigh.

“Yes Mrs. Oran,” I said, nodding.

“I’m sure you can tell whose is whose,” she said snickering, as I held one of Lindsey’s bras, a D cup, cute, lacy, with a black and tan mesh pattern on it, and one of her mom’s, a nude-colored pair of cups that needed quite a bit more fabric. I just blushed looking at the two, hearing her mom chuckle. Bashfully, I couldn’t help but look at her expansive chest, and then away as she noticed me, and started sorting the bras as she had asked.

Her mom made some small talk before she left and as she left earshot, her daughter laughed. “Jeez, those things are like huge, right?” she asked, looking to me. I agreed with her, as it seemed I was supposed to.

“Yeah, really big,” I confirmed. Lindsey took one of her mom’s bras, this one solid black.

“They’re not even cute,” she said. “They’re just so big-looking. She’s like two sizes bigger than me and I can wear them as a rain hat,” she said, putting it on her head jovially. I took of Lindsey’s bras, and realized I could definitely do the same, but figured against pointing this out. She seemed happy at the idea that she wasn’t quite as large as her mother. Lindsey continued. “I mean I’ve got big boobs but come on, hers are just ridiculous, right?”

Again, I nodded, agreeing with anything she might ask.

She just rolled her eyes and handed me her mom’s bra. “I can’t believe she wants me to do all these chores. Ugh, can you, like, do the bathrooms and kitchen?” she asked in a snotty voice, pointing at her side of the chart.

“Well, Lindsey I have to do all of that stuff,” I say pointing to the ten-item list on my side. She just sighed.

“Jake, what’s the point of having a boyfriend if I have to do all these chores?” she asked, bluntly. She got a little closer and put her hand across my thigh, sliding it over my crotch. “I know you’re frustrated, Jake.” She said in a sultry voice, rubbing my sore balls, pressing her breasts into my arm. “And I know you don’t want to wait another day to empty these,” she said, tapping my balls with her fingers.

“Lindsey, that’s not fair,” I complained.

“Oh, it isn’t?” she asked innocently and I felt her hand grab and squeeze my balls together, pushing them against each other. I squirmed and groaned. “Ohhh…Lindsey…my balls,” I coughed out.

“Do my chores,” she said sternly.


She squeezed harder. “Be nice to me, Jake. Be a good boyfriend,” she said girlishly, rolling my squished balls around in her hand. “And maybe you’ll get a handjob tonight.” She pinched one, and then the other, alternating the pressure. My muscles jerked as I felt shooting pain.

“Lindsey! Ahh…Ok, ok…ok ok ok,” I begged her. “I’ll do your chores.”

“All of them, Jake?”

“Yes, yes!” I agreed quickly, nodding my head and finally I felt her relinquish her grip and pat my crotch with degradation. “Good boy,” she said, smiling to herself, a minor triumph. “It’ll be nice not to have to do any of the chores then,” she said happily, with arrogance. “Thanks for agreeing to do them,” she said with a kiss to my cheek.

“Sure thing, Lindsey,” I said, defeated, rubbing my sore balls.

Lindsey’s mom came up to me as I was on my knees, cleaning her toilet, one of Lindsey’s former chores.

“It’s good to see a man on his knees once and awhile,” she said, behind me, probably smirking. “Cleaning the toilets, no less. Thirty years ago that would be absurd. I’m glad you’re not letting your male ego get in the way of getting your chores done, Jake.”

I sighed, quietly. “Yes Mrs. Oran,” was all I felt like saying.

“Now wait a minute. Wasn’t cleaning the bathrooms one of Lindsey’s chores? I could have sworn it was. I mean that is a girl’s kind of chore, isn’t it?”

I gulped. I knew Lindsey wouldn’t want me telling her mom she ballbusted me into doing it. I just hung my head, still wiping up the inner bowl with the brush. “I’m just helping Lindsey out,” I admitted.

“What a nice boyfriend you are,” she said, perhaps knowingly. “I see you have started to learn your place around here. I’m sure those aching blueballs of yours are really starting to hurt now.”

I just nodded, still facing away from her.

“Tell me how they feel, Jake. I’d like to hear.”

“They hurt a lot. All I can think about is how much I want it.”

“Awww,” she said, patronizingly. “Someone’s got a bad case of the ole blueballs, I think,” she said, snickering at her words. “But you’ve been so well behaved today, I’m thinking of letting you have a little something tonight.”

“Please Mrs. Oran. Please, please, please.” I’m turned around now, facing her, on my knees, begging. “My balls seriously ache so hard. I have to have it. I can’t go any longer!”

She looked down at me sympathetically. “Well, I really do think you’ve learned your lesson from last night. All of the denial and ballbusting have really made you submissive. Look at you. On your knees, begging me to have your release. “

I nodded, nearly sobbing, really, and looked up at her. “I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve been really respectful. I’m even doing all of Lindsey’s chores!”

She smiled, her lips curling. I hate to admit it, but even in my desperation, I was still staring at how her mounds of breast nearly obscured my view of her face. “Well Jake, I think you’ve certainly earned it. But there are just a few more things I’d recommend, if you really want to clinch the orgasm tonight.”

“Yes, Mrs. Oran?”

“Well, first, I think it would be appropriate to take your pants down as we talk, and bend over that sink,” she said, folding her arms across her chest.

I gulped, blushing at the concept, but complied. Soon my pants were off and I was bending over the sink. I could see her in the mirror, getting behind me. Sure enough, I felt her hand grasp my balls, weighing them.

“So swollen,” she commented, rolling them around. “Now let’s see. I think first, you should ask me to ballbust you to relieve your frustrated feelings.”

“Yes Mrs. Oran,” I said obediently.

“Hush!” she said, giving them a quick, and hard, squeeze. “Let me finish. You need to do this in front of Lindsey. Tell me you’ve been very frustrated and horny and you need a little cooldown,” she said, giving instructions. “Next, offer to do some more chores for me, in front of Lindsey of course. I’ll think of something fun for you to do.” She squeezed again, making eye contact with me in the mirror. “Keep your head down. Let’s see, and finally, you need to ask my permission to cum, but I’ll leave the details up to you. I’d like to see how much you’ve learned, honey, and I’d like it to be very, very submissive. But that last one I’d like it to just be you and me,” she said, pawing at my balls with ownership. “Now say, yes Mrs. Oran.”

I nodded into the sink. “Yes Mrs. Oran,” I said as submissively as possible.

She patted my balls with a “good boy,” and told me to put my pants back up. I got back to doing the bathroom.

I was dusting the livingroom, while Lindsey watched some chick flick, when Mrs. Oran came by to watch it with her. “Jake turn away!” Lindsey said, lightheartedly, as one of the girls took her shirt off. “Your balls already ache enough!” she said with a laugh. Her mom joined in, too.

“I don’t know if they can get any achier,” I said, trying to be good natured. It seemed to be winning me points and if I kept going, it was looking like a handjob was coming my way. “Speaking of which…”

“Yeah?” Lindsey asked.

“Well, my balls hurt so bad. It’s been such a long time, I’m really having trouble focusing,” I said, bullshitting as much as possible. “Maybe um, I could get some help.” Lindsey stayed quiet on this one.

Her mother chimed in. “Oh like what, honey?” she asked, her curiosity so fake I was shocked Lindsey was unfazed.

“Maybe like, when you hit them before.”

“You want some ballbusting Jake? To get that thing from getting…I mean trying to get…hard in there?” she asked, patting the spot between her and Lindsey.

I walked over. “Yes, Mrs. Oran,” I begrudgingly said. I found myself pants off soon and in between the two women, legs spread. Mrs. Oran cupped my balls.

Lindsey said, still watching the tv, “See mom. I told you he wasn’t some horny pervert,” she said matter-of-factly. “He’s just really frustrated and needy. He’s even asking you for slaps. See?”

“Yes dear. I guess you were right about him,” she said, giving me a wink and then a slap to my balls. I yelped, squirming. Then she slapped me again, and again, until finally she gave me four hard hits. I swallowed hard at it, happy to be over with it.

“Any more Jake?” her mom asked, giving me an arrogant smile, and I knew it wasn’t really a question.

“Yes…please,” I said, adding on the last bit for safety. Another slap came, and then another. I grumbled, my balls seriously in pain. Lindsey turned to me. “Feeling better?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Good! I can tell cause you didn’t look down my shirt when I asked,” she said with a giggle, tugging her neckline down to tease me. “Jake!” she said, complaining. “You looked!” and I found her hand grabbing my balls, tugging them down in the sack. “There we go. A big squeeze.” She clenched my nuts, making me grit my teeth and beg her to stop and finally she let go. “That’s it. Now no more horny feelings,” she said, pleased with herself. I just sat there, holding my balls.

Mrs. Oran smiled to me. “That’s great Jake. Anything else? Looks like dusting the livingroom was your last chore.”

“Oh, are you sure Mrs. Oran? I wouldn’t mind doing another,” I offered. I appreciated that she made the transition so easy for me.

“Hmmm…what do you think Lindsey?”

Lindsey pondered, looking down at my balls. “Make him scrub the floors like you used to make dad do,” she said, casually, looking back at the tv.

“Ohhh, wonderful idea. Back in the 80s I had him scrubbing my floors with a bad case of blueballs to support women’s rights.” She explained. “Worked like a charm. Now Jake why don’t you go over there, on your hands and knees, and scrub my floors?”

I nodded slowly. “Yes Mrs. Oran,” I said dutifully and headed over. In minutes, I found myself, pantless, wiping down the kitchen floor with a bucket and a sponge. Lindsey came over halfway through. “Don’t mind me,” she said. “I’m just getting some more popcorn. Gosh you look so submissive doing that,” she said laughing. “Seriously like, what kind of guy scrubs the floor like that, with his balls hanging down?” She came behind me and gave my hanging nuts a light kick with her bare foot. “What guys will do to cum, seriously,” she said amusing herself as I looked up to see her refill her bowl with popcorn. A few popped kernels dropped and she joked, “Get those for me or no cumming tonight,” she said with a laugh, as I scooted over quickly to clean them up.

Mrs. Oran came by to inspect my job. “Well Jake, it looks like your cleaning skills are superb. I wonder if that’s because you’re good at cleaning or if something else was motivating you.”

I gulped. I was kneeling, looking up at her. My knees were sore, and Lindsey was in the livingroom out of earshot. “Please Mrs. Oran. I’ve done everything…”

“Well, that’s not true is it?” She said, arms folded. “But yes, you’ve been extra good. I’m always impressed by just how motivated you boys are by that one little thing you want from us. You did a whole page of chores in one evening, crawled around on your knees, and even asked…ASKED for ballbusting,” she said, covering her mouth to laugh. “But I will head to the bedroom, and I expect you in there in fifteen minutes,” she said confidently, and headed back to the livingroom to tell Lindsey she was off to bed.

I went to Lindsey too, still without pants, since they were sitting next to Lindsey on the couch.

“Oh Jake, hey. Yeah, it is time for bed isn’t it? I’m gonna head up,” she said, yawning.

“I have to talk to your mom first,” I announced. She just shrugged, expecting it, and walked upstairs.

I sighed, and waited the appropriate amount of time before I went up the steps. By now, each step made my balls shake and hurt. Finally, I made it to Lindsey’s mom’s room, knocking on the door and entering. “Hey Mrs. Oran,” I said bashfully. The pants were out of the question at this point and she wanted my shirt off too, which I complied with.

She was in another nightie, one of the ones I had folded. This one was a silky white one-piece that was loose on most of her, while tightly hugging her chest, making her breasts once again unavoidable to my eyes. I knew I was on the spotlight. Mrs. Oran just turned the page in her book while I walked over. I realized this act could determine my orgasm tonight, and the pressure made my stomach twist. “Mrs. Oran?” I asked, hesitantly.

“Yes Jake?” she asked, curiously.

I sighed, and swallowed my pride. “May I lie over your lap?” I asked, shutting my eyes in shame.

“Yes you may.” She put her book down and put her hands to her sides. I slowly moved forward and laid across her lap, my balls presented to her from between my legs. I could feel her breasts against my stomach.

“Well, butter me up,” she said expectantly.

“Please hold my balls,” I asked her, and I felt her hand cup them. “Please squeeze my balls.”

“Good boy,” she said softly, assumingly, helping me through this process as I felt her fingers clench over them.  I squirmed and groaned. “Ohhh…mffff,” I let out.

“That’s it Jake. Over my lap, getting your manhood squeezed. Was it humiliating getting your balls busted in front of me and Lindsey today?”

“Yes Mrs. Oran,” I said, feeling her hand squeeze hard and then let go, then squeeze hard again.


“Ohhhh. Well, you guys bossed me around and I had to do it all cause I’m locked up.”

“Good Jake. That’s good. Tell me everything. I’m really not so bad; I just want the best boyfriend for Lindsey. Don’t you want to make her happy? She really is perfect.”

“Yes Mrs. Oran.” Her grip was loose on my balls, but still commanding. “I’ll be a really good boyfriend for her.”

“Good Jake. How does it feel to have your manhood in my hand? Though after a day like today it’s tough to call it manhood, isn’t it?”

“It’s humiliating.”

“And?” A little tap to my balls.

“Degrading.” Another tap.


“It makes me feel submissive.”

“Oh I bet it does, honey. You spent all day with blueballs, the key to your orgasm around my neck, scurrying to your girlfriend’s and my every beck and call.”

I groaned as she petted my balls.

“These are so swollen,” she commented, weighing them. “A guy your age, in his sexual and masculine prime. Biologically, you’re able to cum, twice, three times, heck, you’re eighteen, maybe even five times a day or more if you really wanted, yet you’ve kept it all locked up for your girlfriend.”

I whimpered, feeling so submissive. She got the key around her neck off and reached under me, unlocking the padlock. She flipped me over so I was on my back, my butt resting in her lap as she took me out of my cage. Neither of us was surprised at my stiffening reaction.

“I’ve got you by the balls,” she said with incredible glee. Holding them as I firmed up. My erection extending to my stomach.

“Yes Mrs. Oran.”

I felt a hard slap. “Tell me I’ve got you by the family jewels.”

“You’ve got me by the family…ahhh!” A slap hit me hard

“Now tell me who your orgasm belongs to.”

“My orgasm belongs to you Mrs. Oran,” I said desperately. I felt her stroke my cock. Her breasts pushed forward and her wrist made them jiggle, the head of my cock sliding gingerly against their skin. I emitted a pleasured, animal moan as I felt the incredibly full-body experience of her hands over my cock, stimulating my most sensitive nerves.

“Beg for it.”

“Please Mrs. Oran. Please. You’ve got my manhood in your hand. I want to cum so bad! I’ve had to go a week and I’ve been really well behaved. Please, please, please let me cum!” I pleaded.

She slapped me and I squirmed around in her lap painfully. Again, another extremely painful slap came and I begged her to stop, tears welling in my eyes. I felt so vulnerable, crooked over her lap, the position forcing my cock and balls to be the most elevated part of me. She grabbed my nuts and squeezed them. “Now submit to me, fully. Beg for my permission. Tell me who’s in charge.”

“I submit. I submit totally. You’ve got my balls. Please, please let me cum. I need it so bad!”

She ceased her squeezing and stroked me slowly. “Good, Jake. Good. You’ve come a long, long way.”

I whimpered, as she gave me pleasure, barely edging away the pain. Her breasts rested on my stomach like a table. “Now I think you’re ready to cum. Why don’t you go see Lindsey and you two have a little personal time together. But then you come right here afterwards. I’m in charge of your cum, Jake, and you will only be allowed to blow with me, understood?”

I nodded quickly. “Yes, Mrs. Oran!”

She stood me up, my erection throbbing and ready, though my balls hurt.

“Get my vibrator out of the drawer first, then come back here in twenty minutes,” she said and I dutifully rummaged through the drawer until I found her white and magenta vibrator, handing it to her. I hurried off, erection wobbling, and entered Lindsey’s room.

“Holy shit that thing is huge!” Lindsey said, staring at it as I came in. “Bring it over here!”

I came over to her and we immediately got to business. Her hand stroked me while we kissed, immediately overwhelming me with feeling. My hands jutted to her breasts, squeezing them. She was just in her tank top and panties, with no bra on, and I was happily squeezing and pawing at her breasts while we made out.

“Lindsey…wait,” I grunted as I felt the cum boil in my balls. “Your mom said she was going to make me cum.”

“I know I just wanna play with it,” she said happily, and I guess it made sense this wasn’t the first time that happened either. She stroked me more, making my balls hurt and ache so bad. Fondling her, I could barely stand it.

“I need it so bad!” I grunted, begging.

“Jake it’s only been like two minutes.”

“I can’t stand it. I need this so bad!” I say, my hands rubbing my thighs.

“Jake don’t touch yourself.”

“Lindsey please. My balls hurt. I can’t do this.”

“Jake we have to make out. I’m not going to just let you sit there with this big thing and not even let me touch it.”

“I can’t take any more teasing.”

She slapped my sensitive balls. “Well, if you jerk off, then my mom will be seriously pissed. Like, evil pissed. She gonna really take it out on your nuts, AND we will probably have to break up.”

I groaned out.  Her fingers teased my shaft.

“Let me tie you up.”


“Let me tie you up,” she said more positively. “Come on. It’ll be fun. You won’t be tempted.”


“Jake I don’t think I need to remind you who’s in charge. You’re lucky I’m asking.”

I swallowed hard and sure enough, I was getting my hands tied with fabric to the bed, quickly. I knew I’d be able to escape if I really wanted to, but that wasn’t the point. Lindsey giggled and stroked me, enjoying my helplessness.

“I’ve got you right where I want you,” she said, smiling big, sliding her hand loosely over me. “You are just soooo ready for it. Look at your balls. They’re all clenched up and swollen!”

I moaned, begging for it. She just relentlessly brought me to the edge over and over. My cock throbbing needing it, angrily. “Look at those veins,” she said, tracing her fingers over it. “I can’t wait to watch this thing pop,” she said, sliding her finger up and down the shaft.

“Lindsey…” I moaned, squirming.

“So much jizz. A whole week’s worth and it’s all gonna blow out like a volcano!”


“You must be so frustrated and needy and…oh…no Jake…”

“Lindsey! Lindsey no…no! touch it…Lindsey!” I begged but it was too late. I felt the first spurt of cum come out on my chest, then the next one was more of a dribble, oozing out as my throbbing hard cock rested against the small pool of cum.

“On no. Jake…you’re cumming,” she said, sounding depressed, watching me ooze out as I helpless struggled against the bed posts.

The feeling was horrible. My pent up orgasm lost to one stroke too many, oozing and dribbling out of my cock uselessly. “Nooo,” I groaned out, defeated, the leaking cum sapping my strength. I could no longer struggle against the fabric around my wrists even though a small tug could have set me free.

“Awww. Your orgasm got ruined,” Lindsey said, kneeling on the bed next to me, looking down at it with sadness.

A few minutes of me whimpering later, her mom came in.

“Well I figured as much. Lindsey what did you do?”

“Mom, I didn’t mean to! He just you know…started…you know…”

“He went a whole week Lindsey and he didn’t even feel a thing,” she said, sounding upset at her daughter.

“Ugh! I’m sorry! Jake I’m really sorry.”

I just groaned out, no strength left. My balls just ached with no satisfying release. The urge to cum was incredible, despite my small release.

“Well,” Mrs. Oran said, trailing off, looking at me. “We’d better clean him up and get him locked up for bed.”

I sullenly walked with Lindsey’s mom to the bathroom, across the hall, and let her wipe down the pitiful amount of cum from my stomach. The view down her top would have normally kept me rock hard and interested, but I could only give it a token glance.

“Poor thing,” Mrs. Oran consoled, wiping down the last few gobs. “I bet that wasn’t very satisfying was it? Lindsey can be so careless sometimes.”

I whimpered.

“Now don’t worry. I’m not upset or anything. Really, this just prevents a big sticky mess from getting all over my sheets,” she said. “Now don’t be mad at Lindsey. She’s just eager. Plus, this probably could have been avoided with a little more self-control huh?”

She threw away the tissues in the trash and put the cage over my cock. “I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to whack off this big cock,” she said with a giggle. “But there’s always next time. The good news is that you learned to be submissive today. Don’t worry about that all-important orgasm of yours so much. There are better lessons to be learned, honey,” she said, trying to make me feel better. I just nodded as she locked me up and she patted my butt. “Now be nice to Lindsey. Thank her for your release and tell her she’s a beautiful, wonderful girl.”

I walked slowly back to Lindsey’s room, defeated. I hadn’t had an orgasm in more than a week and now I had to go to bed in this horrible cage again, with cock struggling against it for release. I rubbed Lindsey’s back, telling her it wasn’t her fault, that I appreciated her, and that she was a great girlfriend. It didn’t take too much to get her giddy and happy with me, kissing me and letting me touch her body again before bed. As she turned out the lights, and we spooned, I tried my best not to think about when my next chance would be.

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